Eat one good meal of food a day for good health. One meal a day or every two days could spell the end of much medicine, doctor bills and the building of hospitals if we would eat the proper food and eat it only when it is necessary to eat it.

There are a lot of people who think their appetite is their God; but we, by nature, have been made to control ourselves if we want to. I have much self-experience in the way of eating. I am often experimenting as I teach you, so that I will know what happens if you go contrary to the teachings of “How To Eat To Live.” Eat one meal a day and eat the proper food in that meal, and do not be eating between meals (a little of this and a little of that). I repeat, you will not be sick (only once in a great long time).

Every meal that we put in our bodies has some poison in it. And, some of our food, as I have said in this book, takes 36 hours to digest. If we do not wait until our previous meal has been digested we add a new meal to the previous meal we have new poison, in its full strength, to aid the dying poison of the previous meal or to help it revive in strength; and we will continue to be sick.

This I have experienced. I suffered sickness a lot of times through experimenting, so that you will not come and give me the wrong answer to the teachings of “How To Eat To Live.” I have self-experimented.  I will know whether you are telling me the truth or not.  But, I will put my life on it; that if you make a habit of eating one meal every day or every two days and of eating the right food, you will not be sick (only one day out of a year or out of every two years); and some of the complaints that you have now will completely disappear.


By eating one meal a day, some chronic diseases will vanish in a few years as they fail to get the poison that will keep them alive. Sometimes, they vanish within a few months, if you eat the right foods and eat only one meal a day or every two days. Try it for yourselves.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book Two, 1972.)