The rapid spread of evil over the people is a manifestation of what is in the world that is called Christianity. The Great spread of both evil and filth is staggering in the Eyes of Allah (God) and the righteous.

The Holy Qur’an teaches us to “fear a day where evil is spreading far and wide.”

The resurrection of the mentally dead Black People brings about the anger of those (White man) who put the Black Man to mental death. Both people are angry; the Black slave and the slavemaster. The lack of justice to the Black slave is the cause of this anger.

Allah (God) Himself is bringing these things to pass because it is time that the mentally dead, so-called Negro and the Black People all over the earth should rise. The customary rule throughout history has been that the Black Man is the victim and he has been exploited most by all civilizations.


The Black man is the true owner of the earth. Now the God of Justice Has Risen up to Deliver the rule back to the Black Man and give him a place in the sun that justifies his ownership.

The Black Man of America (so-called Negro) did not know that he had fallen from a such a high place until the Coming of Allah (God), in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever. Allah (God) taught me the history of both people: the Black and the White. He has given me the truth, wherein you see that it is being made manifest. You cannot get out of it because it is liken unto the light of the sun. We cannot get out of the light of the sun. When the sun shines on us, it banishes darkness … so it is with the truth. When the truth is told, it condemns falsehood and banishes it.

The Black man has been ruled under falsehood by a false teacher (devil). His teachings are false because he did not teach the people truth. The devil himself was not made out of truth; he was made out of falsehood (Bible Jn. 8:44). Therefore, the Black People who follow the White man (their made enemy) are not following truth; they are following falsehood.

The religion of the White man (Christianity) is falsehood. The White man adds falsehood to the truth and mixes truth with falsehood. Formerly this blinded the eyes of the man who had lost the knowledge of himself (Black man of America).

The White man is now angry because Allah (God) Has Brought you and me the truth. They are despairing in their work of trying to get you to disbelieve the truth. The truth is your salvation and their damnation. They will put forth very effort to keep you from paying attention to the truth which has come to you.

Yes, the White man will offer you plenty of wealth as they are offering the invitation for you to walk into their homes and mix with their families by intermarrying with them.

They know that in the days of your ignorance, you admired them and that you always wanted to intermarry with them. They know this of you Now they throw the door wide open, giving you this freedom at a time when it will take you to hell if you intermarry with them. Think about what you are marrying. Allah (God) has uncovered them.

Certainly they hate me for teaching you. Certainly they hated all the Messengers of God (Prophets) (Iki. 19:10). The Bible teaches you their history and tells of the denunciation of them from being the killers of the Prophets of God and we see this made manifest today in my work among you.

The White man is always planning my death because they hate the truth. The truth makes manifest their evil deeds, against you. They are angry and therefore the spreading of evil is from the angry people of Christian-doom.

The devil (White man) will deceive many of you (Bible Rev. 12:9) with his soft buttered words and his love songs and with his promises to you that he never intends to fulfill (Holy Qur’an 4:120). It is written of him that he will deceive you in this way. But by having a thorough knowledge of the archdeceiver, you should not fall victim of his deceitful teaching and love-making. Any sane man who knows fire and its burn is not going to put his hand in it. So, when you know these things a surety, with experience, you should not be partakers of it.

Black People … Black men and women of intelligence and decency cannot walk the streets day or night without being tormented with the evil and filth that is practiced around them. The evildoers have no respect of decency. Robbery and murder are the order of the day here in Christian-doom. Children murder children. Children are robbing like grown-ups. No one can truth the other in such evil time.

America is the modern Sodom and Gomorrah. “Fear the day when evil is spreading far and wide.”

(Excerpt from “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” 1974.)