The great trouble the people have trying to keep in good health is the enemy who is poisoning food and drinks.

HOW CAN people enjoy good health while eating poison deliberately prepared and put into their food and drinks to shorten their lives?

It is very hard to find anything like pure food and drinks which you can eat and drink without feeling that they are going to make you sick or kill you.

TAKING long intervals between eating meals makes it better for you, because long intervals between meals and drinks give the poison in the body time to weaken before a new addition of poisonous food and drinks.


They do not mind hiding their intention to use poison, for they know that it will have an effect upon your body and your enjoyment of good health.

YOU could not imagine a more wicked thing to do than for someone to take a good food for innocent people–from the cradle to old age–and poison it so that the eater and the drinker cannot enjoy good health and will be at the hospital doorstep where they will be denied immediate service (especially so-called Negroes).

I have, for years, advised you on the South Side here in Chicago to let us unite and build a hospital large enough to take care of our sick, because they surely will be sick, as long as they live in a world that specializes on how to make one sick (sometimes just for commercial purposes, so doctors can make more money and so undertakers can make more money).

MORE White and Black scientists agree that America is a very poisonous place to live today. The poisoning of food and drinks is done deliberately and there is no help coming from the government to stop such demoniac, evil freedom to maim and destroy life.

Our only hope for survival is in Allah, Who has power over the evil plans of the devil.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book Two, 1972.)