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Story at a glance:

  • Pfizer financed consumer, medical and civil rights organizations that lobbied for COVID-19 jab mandates, thereby creating the false appearance of broad support.
  • Moderna controls the vaccine debate and influences vaccine policy by working with a third-party nongovernmental organization (NGO) called Public Good Projects (PGP), which monitors and censors online discussions about COVID-19 shots on Moderna’s behalf.
  • Moderna has also retained an online monitoring company called Talkwalker that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and flag vaccine-related conversations across 150 million websites across the globe.
  • Oftentimes the information flagged and/or censored as “misinformation” is factually accurate. It’s flagged/censored simply because it has the potential to create “vaccine hesitancy” or contradicts the “safe and effective” narrative.
  • As vaccine resistance grows, Moderna is ratcheting up its surveillance operation, with a focus on coercive or forced vaccination policies. Documents show Moderna is tracking elected officials who object to vaccine mandates, as well as new laws that restrict vaccine mandates.

In late April, investigative journalist Lee Fang published evidence showing financed consumer, medical and civil rights organizations that lobbied for COVID-19 jab mandates, thereby creating the false appearance of broad support.

Special interest groups paid by Pfizer to push for mandates and other coercive vaccine policies included the Chicago Urban League (which argued the jab mandate would benefit the Black community), the National Consumers League, the Immunization Partnership, the Advertising Council and a long list of universities and cancer, cardiology, rheumatology and medical science organizations.


The coercive measures and subsequent mandates—which have since been reversed by the courts —allowed Pfizer to become the first drug company in history to break $100 billion in annual sales.

Moderna uses NGO to censor vaccine discussions

In a Nov. 20 Unherd article cowritten with journalist Jack Poulson, Fang turns his attention to Moderna, detailing what Moderna is doing to control the vaccine debate and influence vaccine policy.

Just like the federal government has been working with the Stanford Internet Observatory and NewsGuard to circumvent First Amendment free speech rights, Moderna has been secretly working with a third-party NGO called PGP to monitor and censor online discussions about the COVID-19 shots—anything that might hurt Moderna’s bottom line.

According to documents seen by Fang and Poulson, PGP works closely with social media platforms, government agencies and news websites to identify and shut down “misinformation.”

“With PGP, Moderna is monitoring a huge range of mainstream outlets, as well as unconventional ones, such as the Steam online gaming community and Medium,” Fang and Poulson write. 

PGP has had a particularly robust influence over Twitter. Before Elon Musk bought the company, PGP had backdoor access to Twitter’s data. It also helped Twitter formulate its pandemic-related speech policies. Internal Twitter emails show PGP’s misinformation team was in frequent contact with Todd O’Boyle, then-director of Twitter’s public policy team.

“Their intention, as we have gleaned from the emails exchanged, was not only to combat misinformation, but also to affect the content and tenor of public debate,” Fang and Poulson write.

Fang and Poulson continued:

“While PGP identified some obvious falsehoods … many tweets flagged as misinformation were simply critical of vaccine passports and other policies designed to coerce vaccination.

“Moderna’s corporate intelligence and marketing team has worked closely with PGP again this year in its bid to shape the vaccine discourse as take-up drops off a cliff.

“The partnership expanded again in October with an official training program, developed by Moderna and PGP, alongside the American Board of Internal Medicine, to help healthcare workers identify medical misinformation.

“The online course, called the ‘Infodemic Training Program,’ represents an official partnership between biopharma and the NGO world. But none of PGP’s recent work with Moderna is disclosed on its website or in the Infodemic Training Program.”

Moderna uses AI to flag and erase bad PR

Moderna has also retained an online monitoring company called Talkwalker that uses AI to monitor and flag vaccine-related conversations across 150 million websites. And, as we’ve also seen with the federal government, the information flagged and/or censored on Moderna’s behalf is often factually accurate.

According to Fang and Poulson, none of the Moderna reports “makes any attempt to dispute the claims made. Rather the claims are automatically deemed ‘misinformation’ if they encourage vaccine hesitancy.”

They continue:

“According to one report we have seen, Musk is deemed to be ‘high risk.’ Specifically, a Musk video that ridiculed media and government officials who claimed the Covid-19 vaccine was ‘100% effective’ against the virus.

“The report did not identify any false statements, but warned that his video highlighted the fact that ‘deception by health authorities and health care providers during the pandemic’ would ‘lay the groundwork to sow distrust in credible sources on vaccine safety and effectiveness.”

Basically, Moderna accurately points out that when health authorities lie and deceive, people stop trusting them. The answer Moderna comes up with, however, is not to quit lying and deceiving. Rather, it’s to bury those who point out that we’ve been lied to and deceived. That way, the liars can continue to deceive and still be held up as paragons of credibility.

What’s so particularly disturbing about this whole COVID-19 jab debacle is that our government and health authorities deceived us in order to benefit Big Pharma.

As Aaron Kheriaty, a bioethicist and fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, told Fang and Poulson:

“What often flies under the banner of combating disinformation is … nothing but corporate public relations, trying to spin public narratives in directions favorable to the corporation’s interests.

“Does anyone really want to live under a regime where their social media feed is essentially curated by government or by multinational corporate interests that stand to profit, influencing opinion on these issues?”

Email correspondence also shows Moderna provided a network of 45,000 healthcare professionals with talking points and “advice on how to respond when vaccine misinformation goes mainstream.”

Meanwhile, no one has been keeping healthcare workers abreast of the latest data on COVID-19 jab-related injuries and deaths, not even our public health agencies.

On the contrary, both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been caught hiding, manipulating and lying about those data, which when viewed with a clear eye show the COVID-19 shots are the most dangerous medical products ever released to the public.

Intelligence agencies now work with and for Big Pharma

Moderna’s information control network also includes an internal “global intelligence” division, run by Nikki Rutman, whose curriculum vitae includes 19 years as an intelligence analyst for the FBI and other intelligence agencies.

She’s also served as an adviser on terrorism to the director of National Intelligence and as a counterintelligence analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Rutman joined Moderna in March 2022. During Operation Warp Speed, she worked at the FBI’s Boston office, which held weekly “cybersecurity” meetings with Moderna.

Other former law enforcement agents have also joined the vaccine maker in the wake of Operation Warp Speed.

As noted by Fang and Poulson:

“The involvement of former law enforcement reflects a wider trend in the misinformation-space, as the Department of Homeland Security and FBI have increasingly leaned on social media platforms to shape content decisions as a national security issue.”

Indeed, factually stating that the COVID-19 shots have serious side effects and are killing people now earns you the label of “domestic terrorist,” simply because such statements might make someone else think twice about getting the jab, and getting everyone injected is a top “national security” concern.

The whole thing is ludicrous, considering COVID-19 has a lethality on par with or lower than seasonal influenza. There’s no medically valid reason to inject every man, woman and child, nor are there any valid national security reasons to do so since COVID-19 doesn’t have the ability to decimate the American population. On the contrary, the shots are doing that and most people can now see it.

Moderna ratchets up surveillance in face of growing resistance

However, even though COVID-19 booster uptake has dropped into the low single digits and childhood vaccine exceptions are at an all-time high, indicating there’s a growing resistance to the entire concept of vaccinations, Moderna is not letting up.

Instead, it’s “ratcheting up its surveillance operation,” according to Fang and Poulson.

Its primary interest now is “anything relating to policies designed to coerce vaccination.”

For example, documents show Moderna is tracking elected officials who object to vaccine mandates, as well as new laws that restrict vaccine mandates.

Fang and Poulson write:

“‘Politicians attempting to ban COVID-19 mandates—or at least claiming to—signals growing resistance to COVID-19 mitigations,’ reads one of the Moderna alerts. Given the company avoided publicly commenting on the mandate debate, this is revelatory. …

“[D]espite the growing backlash against social media censorship, the network of fact-checking nonprofits has grown at an industrial pace, providing opaque opportunities for private and public interests to take subtle control over the public discourse.

“Such sophistication in blending public-health messaging and corporate advertising should concern anyone with an interest in how government controls free speech. ‘This is an interesting peek behind the disinformation industry, what it actually does,’ said Kheriaty, the bioethicist.

“‘It’s about controlling a narrative, controlling the flow of information, controlling how people think about public policy, like the vaccine mandate, and how people think about a particular product that a corporation is profiting from,’ he added. ‘It’s deeply disturbing.’”

Big Pharma PR company funds biased speech police

Big Pharma is also manipulating and censoring public discourse via another third party — the PR firm Publicis. The Publicis Groupe is one of the world’s largest communications groups. It represents most major drug companies and tech firms.

Publicis is a partner of and the largest corporate investor in NewsGuard, which rates websites on criteria of credibility and trustworthiness, ostensibly to guide viewers to the “most reliable” sources of news and information.

NewsGuard has influential connections to The Paley Center for Media, which is composed of every major media in the world. NewsGuard is also partnered with the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Defense and the World Health Organization.

Publicis, meanwhile, is partnered with Google, which allows it the ability to bury undesirable views that might hurt its clientele, and the World Economic Forum that is leading the call for a “reset” of the global economy and a complete overhaul of our way of life.

One of NewsGuard’s CEOs, Louis Gordon Crovitz, is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), yet another key player behind The Great Reset. Since its inception, the CFR’s goal has been to undermine U.S. sovereignty and national independence to usher in an all-powerful one-world government.

Over time, it’s become quite clear that NewsGuard’s role in The Great Reset is not only to barricade unpopular truth and differences of opinion behind closed gates but also to force alternative media out of business.

They do that by rating sites as “fake news” and drying up ad revenue by putting them on the BrandGuard exclusion list that Publicis shares with all its advertising clients.

Publishers such as myself, who are critical of the drug industry, have a particularly large target on our backs, even when the information we share is backed up by published research and expert analyses.

The fact that NewsGuard is funded by Publicis makes its low ratings of alternative health sites highly suspect. Basically, Publicis is using NewsGuard to blacklist competitors to Big Pharma (its clients) with the intent to bankrupt them. Conversely, NewsGuard props up those willing to unquestioningly regurgitate drug industry PR.

WebMD is but one example. In February 2021, WebMD and Medscape (a division of WebMD Health Corp.) joined HealthGuard’s VaxFacts campaign “to identify and counter misleading vaccine information.”

HealthGuard is the health- and medicine-specific version of NewsGuard. It makes you wonder how much Publicis might be paying WebMD—one of the largest health websites in the world —to “guard you” from anyone with a differing opinion about how to get and stay healthy.

Transparency is the answer

The sad reality is that those who disagree with the mainstream narrative have now become “terrorists” that must be eradicated, lest the plan for the global technocracy’s control over the population—body, mind and soul—get pushed off-track by an unwilling public.

The answer to this situation is transparency. We must expose the machinations that allow this agenda to be pushed forward. Part of that exposure is looking at the role big PR companies like Publicis play in this scheme.

Another part is exposing how the censorship industry is being restructured into a “middleware model” where “content curation” (censorship) is simply outsourced to third-party organizations.

This way, a “legal” disinformation compliance market is created while governments and big industries alike can claim they have nothing to do with the control of information.

As previously reported, what we’re looking at is the emergence of organized corporate censorship where AI will scour the internet for undesirable views, down to the least-read blog.

Soon, the internet will be completely homogenized, and you simply won’t be able to find information that conflicts with or provides any nuance to the official narrative on a given topic.

To have any chance of thwarting this plan, we must continue to push back against any and all efforts to legalize, standardize and normalize censorship. To vocally object, to refuse to use middleware like NewsGuard, and to boycott any company or organization that uses middleware or engages in censorship of any kind.

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