Believers from N.O.I. Study Group No. 22 in Pittsburgh recently participated in a community clean-up along with youth in the community.

PITTSBURGH—Under the theme of going back into our neighborhood to help make it a safe and decent place to live as instructed by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Brother Jahlil Muhammad, his wife Sister Maryam Muhammad and the believers of the Nation of Islam Pittsburgh Study Group No. 22 participated in a community clean-up.

Their efforts focused on motivating and inspiring youth in the community to become involved. The believers along with family members and friends purchased cleaning products and participating youth were able to earn a little money for their work in cleaning up.

Participants picked up the trash in their surrounding area and the effort helped build relationships between the community and the followers of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The goal was to help instill a love for self, others, the community, and among the believers.

This community outing also provided the youth with another view on how to generate income other than the negative alternatives they may see or be exposed to.


The community clean-up effort was loved by the children, their parents, and their older siblings who came out and supported the work being done in their community.

—Submitted by Jahlil and Maryam Muhammad