The 25th of December is the birthday of Nimrod, the evil demon of the White race, who was born in the last 300 years of the civilization of Moses (17th Century B.C.).

From Moses to Jesus, there were many minor prophets and there were many wicked rulers. Jesus came, warning the White race that if they did not accept the truth of their coming doom, it would come to them in a day that they would not be aware of.

The deceitful theologians and writers of Christianity along with their chief, the Pope of Rome, know the truth; but yet have deceived the people as to the knowledge of the truth by deceiving them to worship an evil demon like Nimrod. They have the history of Nimrod with them and they use him under the name of Jesus to deceive the people to make them believe that the 25th of December was Jesus’ birthday. And, in this way, they would have the world worshipping this wicked evil demon, Nimrod, for the all but perfect prophet, Jesus.

But Jesus was not born in December. God in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, has taught me that his birthday took place between the first and second weeks of September, and that no one knows exactly what day he was born, for it was a secret kept between Joseph and Mary to save them both from being murdered by getting a baby out of wedlock.


The real truth that the Christians hate to confess is that Joseph had gotten the child, Jesus, by Mary while he was married to another woman and at that time had six children by the first marriage. So Master Fard Muhammad (God in Person) has taught me.

The Christians portray Joseph as someone taking care of a pregnant woman while he had nothing to do with the pregnancy of Mary. But let us think sanely, as the Bible teaches us that Mary was put in the care of Joseph.

How could the theologians of the Bible write that the woman met Joseph to assure him that he does not have to fear taking Mary into marriage for that which she is pregnant with is not from man; it is from God, the Holy Ghost?

And, how could Joseph accept such an excuse for Mary’s pregnancy when he had not the knowledge of any woman in the history of man being found pregnant with a Holy Ghost’s son? For ghost means something that does not exist.

Instead, the theologians who wrote the history of Jesus and Mary should have used such words as: The child that Mary is pregnant with is a Holy child or a Prophet and you, Joseph, are the father of this Prophet and you should not fear accepting her and accepting the truth that you are the father of the child that Mary is pregnant with because the child will be the last Prophet to the White race (Jews). This would have made sense. Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises are Due forever, had taught me that this woman, whom the Bible mentions, told Joseph to his face that he was the father of the child that she was pregnant with and not the false teachings of the Bible that Jesus was something of a Holy Ghost and not flesh and blood.

The theologians got this from the Jews who also accused Joseph of being the father of the child and that he made Mary pregnant by visiting her under the cover of darkness (the Jews charged him with acting like a ghost and visiting her under the cover of darkness and making Mary pregnant).

Joseph and Mary had promised to marry when they were going to school at the age of 6 and they were separated. Since Joseph was a poor man and Mary’s father was a rich man, he refused to give Mary over to Joseph when he became a man and Joseph went and married another woman and had been married to her for six years and had six children by this wife. When the opportunity came that he could visit Mary (as she called him and told him of the opportunity), he made good of it.

Then the love they had for each other when they were little sprang anew again while they were alone together in the absence of Mary’s father and this act took place. So Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due forever, taught me

(Text  from “Our Saviour has Arrived,” 1974.)