Farrakhan The Traveler

[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint and was published online on Dec. 12, 2000; and The FinalCall will continue to publish articles written by our beloved brother and friend, Minister Jabril Muhammad.]

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is obviously no average human being. The universal outpouring of love for him, as he suffers, while regaining his health, last year and now, is evidence of this fact.

Millions and millions of people love him. The millions who prayed for him last year, and now, do so because of the tremendous value they see in him. They love and value his life due to the meaning his life has for them. They are growing to see him more like God and His Christ do. And this number increases.

Recently, I read to audiences, (in two cities) their previously written definitions of love. Many wrote, “God is love.” If this is absolutely true, it follows that our ability to define God depends on our definition of love.


We love people. We love things. These loves aren’t the same. There are endless manifestations of “love,” whether of persons or for things. Here is one. Women “love” to receive flowers. What is it, in the nature of women, which stimulates this “love?” Do most women know the answer? How deep into her nature must she go to grasp this?

Among the most often used words, in the English language, are “I love you.” What do we mean?

It’s written in the scriptures that God is to come and fully reveal Himself at the end of this evil world. He is to destroy it. He is doing this now. Is He doing this only from hatred or is He doing this in the service of His love?

The Great Mahdi and the Messiah (or Christ) are present. All things are now being made new and better, as it was written in the scriptures. How is “love” involved in this change? Is our conception of love also changing? What changes can or will come from the change in our love? If so, is this change due to the direct effect of God’s wisdom and love, impacting and changing everyone and everything, one way or another? Will “love” be different in the hereafter? If so, to what extent and why?

If God is love, and God was not to come until the end of this Satan-ruled world, what was the quality of our love, before we learned of His arrival and presence?

If God is love, and His nature is Islam (complete submission to His will, the fruits of which include peace and power) and Islam is mathematics, then is love ultimately mathematics? Is love ultimately mathematical in nature? Scientists in certain fields of study seem to think so. We are moving out of the study of the theories of and into the science of everything of life; including love.

What is the quality of the love that drives this wonderful human being, Minister Farrakhan? His love is not ordinary. His power for compassion and his ability to empathize with others is part of his overall capacity for love.

The love that motivates Minister Farrakhan can only be understood by delving into the roots of his love. If you say the root of his power to love is God, what have you really said?

We who follow him bear witness that he represents God and His Christ. This short saying tells much. Here’s another way of saying the same thing. It’s a little longer. It tells more.

Dictionaries say the word “Tao” basically means “the unconditional and unknowable source and guiding principle of all reality as conceived by Taoists; the central or organizing principle of the universe, moral life, etc. the process of nature by which all things change and which is to be followed for a life of harmony.”

Dictionaries say the word “logos,” in ancient Greek philosophy, is “the intellect or reason, or in a larger sense the rational principle, or soul, which constitutes, orders, governs and controls an ever changing universe.”

Centuries later, Christian theologians redefined this term to mean, “the divine wisdom manifest in the creation, government, and redemption of the world and often identified with the second person of the Trinity; the eternal thought or word of God, made incarnate in Jesus Christ, as stated in John 1:1.”

The above definitions are examples of the limited thinking of the wise of this world. But according to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad there were much wiser scientists who lived before this world’s birth, which began a bit over 6,000 years ago. Of them, he wrote:

“The wisest of scientists have worked, studied, and searched all their life long for the actual knowledge of God and have failed to obtain it. Finally, they formed their own opinions of God.

“Many claim that there is no such one (God) and that the Creation of the Universe came by chance. Man’s creation, they say, took place from some lower form of animal life of the sea. But they were never able to prove such theories. Therefore, the people formed their own ideas of God, for they had no true knowledge of God.

“How could we know God if He kept Himself from having a true knowledge of Him? Just what was the purpose of this secret knowledge of God?

“We just could not know God unless God made Himself known to us, and there was a set time for Him to make Himself known. Why was there a set time?”

These words appear on page 61 and 62 of Our Saviour Has Arrived. He gave a part of the reason for this “set time” on page 62, which included a span of thousands of years. On other occasions he gave a fuller answer, which included a span of trillions of years. He took us to the time when God first concealed the fullness of His identity from man. That was 66 trillion years ago. I’m touching it because of its relation to the redemptive suffering of Minister Farrakhan.

As most women do not know the root of their reaction for the gift of flowers, most of us do not know the root of our love for this precious Brother, this precious man, this precious life, this precious gift: Farrakhan.

Satan’s rule has been the worst in history in terms of evil. This time period has intensified the longing in humanity for the greatest change since life first appeared in space.

Even after God concealed Himself from humanity, the people still knew that there was a supremely intelligent power governing the universe. However, they could not learn the ultimate identity of that power. Likewise, the deepest thinkers of this world have not been able to get that ultimate wisdom. The Self-revelation of God could only come from God Himself.

Now, at last, God has fully revealed Himself. So in representing the Great Mahdi and the Messiah, Minister Farrakhan represents the manifestation of that power and force humanity has longed to know and understand for 66 trillion years.

With others, Minister Farrakhan received this knowledge from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who received it directly from God. Minister Farrakhan was destined to become the chief exponent of this recently revealed wisdom, after his teacher’s departure. Why him? Could it be due to his huge capacity for love?

Think deeper into the roots of our love for Minister Farrakhan, which preceded the personal physical birth of us all. This should strengthen our resolve to fight harder for the cause that he embodies and for which he suffers.

That deeper thinking must include this and the next paragraph. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that “… wherever there is a longing or demand for a change, nature will produce that man, who will bring it about.”

Out of that longing, over the eons of time, came Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan and You too!

Now, that day, a year ago, when Minister Farrakhan first learned of his words to God, while unconscious and dying, were to him (in the words of Brother Lewis Meyers to me) “the greatest testimony of his faith.”

In awe and love for Minister Farrakhan, he said to me, “… to offer your life to God, when it appears that God has already decided to take it puts you in a different category.” He went on to speak of the greatness and the spiritual heights that the Minister had attained. We must return to this.

God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son. He agreed with God. So did the son. That’s some kind of submission! Smile.

Attorney Meyers taught law. He taught a major course in law called evidence. He said “An out of court statement offered by a person to prove the truth of the matter is considered to be hearsay. If you are not in court, under oath, that’s hearsay. And such statements are inadmissible.

“Now, but there are exceptions in the law to the hearsay rule. There are a class and category of out of court statements, which are admissible. They are called exceptions to the hearsay rule, literally.”

Due to space considerations I’m skipping some qualifying comments by the lawyer about deathbed confessions. I hope to include them next issue, Allah willing. I am doing so to get to this statement of his:

“In the law, the exceptions for the death-bed confession is admissible because a deathbed confession, based on the common law and statutory law is the highest of high, in terms of trustworthiness about it.”

Minister Farrakhan’s Administrative Assistant, Sister Saffiyyah Muhammad, told me yesterday (Nov. 18th) that in the course of a conversation with her, from his hospital bed, Minister Farrakhan expressed his hopes and prayers for “the Believers to love one another.”

More next issue, Allah willing.