(Excerpt from Torchlight for America pages 138-140 from the chapter titled, “Ending the Health-Care Crisis”)

According to the Rand Corporation, in a statement published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, “one-fourth of hospital days, one-fourth of procedures, and two-fifths of medications could be done without [at that time].” I want you to think about this. Because it should be no secret that when there’s a profit to be made, regardless to its adverse effects on human life, there are always those who will choose wealth over the health of the American people. 

Medical care is big business. Three quarters of a trillion dollars [now $4.3 trillion], or 12% [now 18%] of the gross national product of this country is spent on health care expenditures. 

In many respects America has become a pill society. Billions are spent each year on over-the-counter drugs. Americans spend $1.5 billion [now $24.5 billion] a year on cholesterol-lowering drugs instead of eating properly. Merchants of death have a vested interest in keeping you ignorant and perpetually sick. 


 Over $160 billion [now over $237 billion] is spent each year on cancer and heart disease treatments, and there is no guarantee that with surgery or with another of the various forms of treatment you’ll be free of the disease. Treatments, including surgery, tend to further traumatize the body and depress the body’s immunological systems. For example, one of the treatments of cancer is chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is literally germ warfare on the body. The treatment is a by-product of W.W. II chemical and biological warfare research. Chemotherapy works by attacking cells within the body, killing normal cells in its efforts to kill the cancerous cells.

The result is a weakened body with no guarantee that you are cured of cancer. I am only pointing out the disadvantages of cur­rent treatments. I am not suggesting that you should not take the treatments prescribed by your doctor when your cancer or disease has progressed so far along that surgery or chemotherapy is the only option available. 

 The food industry is a $400 billion industry [now an estimated $1.5 trillion], based on promoting death-dealing overly processed foods. America’s diet of three meals a day with three snacks in between each meal is unhealthy. It is unhealthy because it consists largely of fast food and food that is overly processed in America’s food factories.

The foods get defibered, degerminated, defatted, refatted, and manipulated in countless ways other than how food is intended for us to eat. It’s no coincidence that the first heart attack reported in America was in 1896, the same time our diets began changing from a rural-based local supply of food to the national food supply chains of highly processed foods.” 

It is now being proven by scientists that what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught on how to eat to live-—one meal a day, no snacks in between meals, and to eat only the best foods—is absolutely correct and good for the body. 

 By our not having the knowledge of chemistry, we do not understand the effects from how the food industry injects hormones into chickens, beef, lamb and pork to fatten these animals up to get them to the market quicker to make a quicker dollar. We do not understand that as we ingest these meats, our bodies react to the hormones. As a result, our girls, at 9, are developing breasts and having their menses. Our young men are prematurely developing sexually.

These hormones stimulate sexual development. When you add this to the degenerative kind of display of nakedness and filth in movies, television, songs, books and magazines, no wonder teenage sex and teenage pregnancy and teenage violence is greater now than it ever was. This is a vicious circle of death dealing for the sake of profit. And who is the loser? The American people, especially Black people and particularly Black men. 

 How do we break this vicious cycle? How do we get out of this cycle of death? First, we must go back to Him who gave us the gift of life and Who is the Best Knower of how to protect, develop and properly care for and nurture the life that He has given. And that is Allah (God), the Creator Himself.