Adam and Eve (the father and mother of the White race–(Yakub is the real name) refused the religion of Islam (peace) because of the nature in which they were made. This makes it impossible for the White race to submit to Allah and obey His law of righteousness. This, the lost-found members of the Asiatic nation from the Tribe of Shabazz must learn of the White race: that it is a waste of time to seek mercy and justice from a people who by nature do not have it for each other. They talk and preach the goodness of God and His prophets only to deceive you, who by nature are of the God of Righteousness, into following them away from our God to a god who does not exist.

Our future is at stake, and 99 percent of us do not know it. With ever-evil snoopers around you seeking an excuse to do their worst to you makes it hard for the 99 percent ignorant to ever know the truth. Their greatest desire is to prevent you from ever accepting the truth. They claim the truth to be subversive and hate teachings. They seek any kind of charge to place against us to get revenge for our teaching the truth. They tap our telephones, eavesdrop and follow us around from place to place, and use tape recording machines; and the hypocrites and stool pigeons among us keep them up to date on what we say and do. They are bold enough to even ask your own relatives to help them to do you evil; and due to fear and ignorance on the part of my poor people, the enemies hire them to destroy themselves. Truth hurts the guilty. Will persecuting and murdering the truth bearer help the evil doers in this late hour of the day (the end of their time)?

Our problem must be solved, saith Allah, the God of Righteousness, Who is with you and me to raise us up, the poor lost and found members of the Original Owners of the Planet Earth (the tribe of Shabazz). A good solution is as follows:

Stop opposing the spread of Islam (peace) among us. Let us go back to our God, Allah, and our religion of Islam (peace). Since you will not give us (the so-called Negroes) equal justice, and do not want social mixing with your free slaves because of degrading and lowering your own status in the eyes of the world, help us to go for ourselves, either out or in your country.


For 400 years, we have served you with our labor, sweat and blood, the lash of your whip, your killings, lynching and burning of our innocent Black flesh, without even a hearing in a court of justice, nor even our murderers being punished. Although we are marched before your enemies, and there we pour out our lives for the freedom of your lives, children and your country, we return home to meet an even worse enemy. We are hated and kicked out in certain places like an “unwanted dog” who has caught the game but was not given a taste of it (only that which the hunter could not and should not eat himself). The dog, being too ignorant to recognize the injustice done to him by his master, will jump to his feet again at the call of his master to offer his life for his master’s life. This we have and still are doing for you.

We are not wanted in your better neighborhoods. In many places we have to be guarded and protected by your armed forces in order to live in a house which one of your kind has sold to us. Yet, we are the most peaceful and humblest of the population. We are taxed equally and perhaps more than those of our own kind who are the real citizens and owners of this country, America, though our labor and the labor of our fathers made and built it for you.

Think it over–millions of us working, fighting and dying at your hand and others for four hundred years without a home which we can call our own–not being allowed to worship our God, religion, nor have unity among self and our kind without being charged with the worst of crimes: subversiveness, sedition, treason and seeking to overthrow the government by force (though we have no arms to do such) just to have and excuse for your persecuting and seeking to kill the same poor four hundred year old slave.

(Excerpt from “The Fall of America,” 1973.)