[Editor’s Note: This is a repost and was published online Jan. 25, 2007; and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles by our beloved brother and friend Minister Jabril Muhammad.]

An article, written several decades ago by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad opens with: “The prophecy of the coming of the Son of Man and the days of the Son of Man is almost the whole of the Bible, scriptures, histories and prophecies. The people who read the Bible should understand these things. You should want to read and understand.”

“Should” means, “used to express obligation, duty, propriety, or desirability; used to express expectation or probability; used to express a future condition.” It also means “to plan to; to intend to; to determined or to definitely.”

Far too many of us think and or feel we “should” read our lessons, the scriptures, etc., etc., etc. But look how much time has passed by, while we think and feel that we “should,” read this and that, which we have been urged to read by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He is well aware that we have many obligations to meet. But are we not in school?


Some of us have read “Closing The Gap “twice. A few, so I am told, three times. Some have read up to page 30 or 125 or 245 or 366 or… some have not purchased a copy yet.

Recently, like many, my attention has been more intense than usual on Minister Farrakhan. I believe I am right in thinking that the attention of those who love Minister Farrakhan was focused, more than ever on him, his significance and his work.

I believe that the minds of those who love him, were riveted on him, especially as he went through major surgery. I believe, many, (or more), were unable to sleep well until we learned that the surgery was “finished” and called “successful.”

Then there were others, who do not love him. They too were aware that he was to have surgery. They were also intensely interested in what he went through.

Now that Minister Farrakhan is past the hurdle of the surgery–thanks to Allah–they are yet intensely interested in his recuperation, as are those who love him. They are also studying us too.

The most important of those interested in Minister Farrakhan’s condition were and are his Backers. Their interest goes well beyond that of observers.

As we all know, one can know a truth, but misspeak or speak or write that truth–not falsely–but poorly. This can result in miscommunication and therefore, misunderstanding.

On the other hand, we know that a person can state or write a truth, using the best or the most appropriate language that clearly expresses a certain truth, yet be misunderstood or even considered foolish. The roots of the miscommunication are different.

Nevertheless, if we really understand Minister Farrakhan and that of which he is a part, the following should not be misunderstood.

I am using the word “really” in the sense of “in reality; in fact; actually; truly or genuinely.”

With that said (or written), Minister Farrakhan represents the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who, in fact, met and was taught in person by the man the Bible refers to, or prophesies of, as the Son of Man.

This truth, Minister Farrakhan’s teacher taught that we, “should want to read and understand.” We are in the time of the judgment of this world. And we are being judged on how well we understand what God Himself brought to and taught to Minister Farrakhan’s teacher–whom he represents.

One of the main things we must know and understand of Minister Farrakhan, is that he has and is being used divinely as Aaron was. God chose Moses to represent Him. He used Aaron to speak the message He gave Moses, when He brought Moses back to Himself for the next lesson.

The very learned of this world’s wicked scientists have and continue to do everything in their power to either outright blind or confuse or make hazy or vague the truth of Minister Farrakhan’s identity.

They are doing this evil work right in the face of the fact that God is plaguing America, just as He plagued Egypt, before He finally destroyed her. These wicked people defy God. They are something like an extraordinarily wicked person, who has kidnapped someone’s children and when absolutely exposed and trapped, “I’m taking your children into hellfire or total destruction with me.”

They continue to deceive the children, into believing that they are really the best of those who care or can do for them.

The television is one of the primary places–right in our homes– where we could see this evil drama going on all around us, in every sector of America. I say, “drama” because Minister Farrakhan is fighting them with his teacher’s wisdom and is being backed by Them.

For about twenty-nine and a half years, absent the physical presence of his teacher, Minister Farrakhan has worked at what might be called an inhuman pace to spread the only key or instrument or teaching that will save the lives of Black people, in particular, and the poor, mistreated and deceived of this land in general.

And now, he is in the process of summoning his considerable powers that the Almighty has blessed him with, from a hospital bed, to meet us in Detroit, Mich., where he intends to deliver “THE FINAL CALL.”

In so doing, Minister Farrakhan is demonstrating, (what he has taught to us all), that which is the only attitude that will enable any of us to cope with or manage or deal with these days of the closing down of Satan’s world. We’re in the wrap up of this world. We’ve entered the most troublesome times humans have ever faced or experienced since time began. By the help of Allah, we hope to be delivered from it. But having the right attitude or the only attitude that is pleasing to Allah is critical.

That attitude was summarized by Paul, in Philippians 4: 11-12, “… I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation … .” (New International Version)

These words are amplified by Minister Farrakhan in “Closing The Gap” wherein, we clearly read what constitutes the perfect attitude. Minister Farrakhan’s attitude is the model after which we should pattern ours, who, regardless to the situation, condition and circumstance, remains the example for us to follow.

As Minister Farrakhan is fulfilling that which was written of him, as he continues to cast an exceedingly clear and bright light on what we too, are fulfilling; in our persons; on that which surrounds us, throughout America and the world–because of his teacher’s wisdom and the unequal guidance of the Great Mahdi–which he accepts 100%, 100% of the time.

Let’s end this article with this. What does the word “attitude” mean? Can you define it right now? Why not, since we use this word very often.

Among the most important words Jesus spoke to his disciples, during what was called the Last Supper were: “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.” And“… love one another as I have loved you. (John 15:9, 12)

To what extent does this define Minister Farrakhan’s attitude? Can you prove it? How? Can we improve on our attitude? When?

More next issue Allah willing.