How To Eat To Live

We must be careful of what we put in our stomachs because what we put in our stomachs will maintain life and it will take life away.

THE WORLD THAT WE ARE now living in, as I have repeatedly written in this article, is a commercial world, which commercializes on everything on which they can make an extra dollar.

The food that we eat is robbed of its natural vitamins and proteins. Do you want some vitamins and proteins? Go to the drugstores. There, you will find them on the shelves in the drugstores in pills and in liquid form.

Now, you may eat a lot of what you used to think was good “vitamin and protein” food but those vitamins and proteins are not there in the food anymore.


When the vitamins and proteins have been taken from natural food (where nature put them and where they should be eaten) you then do not have the original pure vitamins and proteins.

When the vitamins and proteins are chemically taken out of natural foods, it makes the food less valuable. The chemicals used to take out vitamins and proteins from their natural place in food and the chemicals used to keep and preserve the vitamins and proteins make it not too safe for us to eat vitamins and proteins in pills and liquid form.

It is a pity that the good food is robbed for the sake of a commercial dollar.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book Two, 1972.)