I repeat, the main thing in “How to Eat to Live” is to eat only once a day or once every other day. This will take care of everything. You cannot go an over the earth trying to eat everything that people say is good to eat. But give what you do eat time to get out of the way for the next meal and the effect that it probably would cause. Brothers and sisters, let your stomachs rest. Stop trying to eat three meals a day and all in between. That is enough to kill chickens and hogs.

Anyone who eats all the time has a very short life. Our greatest trouble, when it comes to sickness, is due to staying at the table, eating too much and too often. You have no regularity about your eating at all.

“Eat any time,” they will tell you. One of the gravest wrongs you could do is to eat when you do not want to. They say behind that, “Eat before you get hungry,” which is one of the silliest things of all.***image2***

If your stomachs are not asking you for food, please, brothers and sisters, do not put any in. The stomach will let you know. Wait until you are really hungry. Do not act like a pig and want food every time you see it.


Nature did not make the hog and bird with any regularity in eating. Although hogs will stop eating when they get enough, the foolish pig will never stop eating until he is sick and all but ready to drop dead. The horse will stop eating and the house cat will stop eating when it has enough, but people will not. It is just as the old saying goes, “We dig our own graves with our teeth.”

We drive many impurities out of our bloodstream if we do not fill our stomachs with food two and three times a day. Some Christians never fast until their doctor tells them to do so. They know nothing about stopping their eating for even one day, let alone for over three or four days.

The majority of them are afraid to miss even a single meal. They think they will be sick from missing a meal. This is very ignorant. A dog will stop eating if he gets sick, but not some people. The doctors have to force them to stop eating so that their medicines can give good results.

Your main trouble is eating too often and eating the wrong kinds of food. Time and again I have warned you against eating that rotten, stinking pig with millions of worms in his flesh. He is the ugliest and most stinking animal. Even his house and everything about him stinks. If you cook him, he stinks. With his ugly, muddy, reddish eyes, his ugly mouth, and his ugly ears, he is just ugly. He is the silliest and most brazen animal.

The devil certainly did a 100 percent job in turning the people against everything that God said “Thou Shall Not Do.” He has made the words say in works, “I shall do.” Allah said that these ugly animals (the pig) take away your beauty appearance.

Live right, think right, eat right, and do right. You will not have to die to go to heaven to be like angels; you will be like them while you live.

(Text from “How To Eat To Live,” Book One, 1967.)