Student Regional M.G.T. Captain Kamisha Muhammad, Student Protocol Director Arlene Muhammad and Student Regional Minister Rodney Muhammad at the celebratory banquet.

PHILADELPHIA—Muhammad Mosque No. 12 was recently elegantly transformed into a stunning banquet hall by Sister Linda Muhammad, serving as the perfect venue to honor and celebrate its newest members. The celebration was conceived by Delaware Valley Student Regional Minister Rodney Muhammad which brought together newly registered members of the Nation of Islam from many corners of the Delaware Valley Region, creating a truly memorable gathering.

“The purpose of the dinner today was for Minister Rodney to introduce himself to some of the new brothers and sisters who joined during the pandemic. Unfortunately, due to location constraints, it has been challenging to gather together. However, it was a pleasure to have participants from Philadelphia, with 12 individuals present, as well as representatives from other cities, making a total of approximately 15 to 20 attendees,” said Student Regional M.G.T. Captain Kamisha Muhammad.

“It was a valuable opportunity for me to connect with those who recently joined the Nation of Islam through Mosque No. 12. I had never had the chance to sit down and share a meal with them, getting to know one another,” Student Regional Minister Rodney Muhammad told The Final Call.

“It’s important to mention that some of them possess remarkable skill sets that could be of great help in our efforts towards the general outreach of the resurrection of our people.”


One of the esteemed presenters for the evening was Sister Jamesetta Muhammad, a dedicated and longstanding member of Mosque No. 12.

“My advice to the new converts is to remain committed and resilient. In this journey, you might encounter challenges and opposition but do not allow anyone to drive you away from your goals. Stay determined and let your perseverance be your strength,” she said.