GREENVILLE, N.C.—The believers worked together and hosted a phenomenal meet and greet in the Mid-Atlantic Region at the Greenville Recreation Center.

The purpose of the event was to bond with non-Muslim sisters in Greenville and Rocky Mount, N.C., and the surrounding areas.

The gathering was held on October 28.

We all sat together in a sister unity circle with so much love for each other and expressed how we all came up as children living our lives as Christians.


It was so easy for us to relate to each other since we shared similar beginnings, growing up as Christians.

We thank Sister Valerie Muhammad for such a great passion that Allah (God) put in her heart to help start the event and for putting together the gift bags that were given to each guest.

We also thank Student M.G.T. Captain Nancy Muhammad from Durham, N.C., for the wonderful message she delivered to the sisters who were present.

Three Nation of Islam pioneer sisters were also present: Sister Edna Muhammad who became a registered Muslim in 1967; Sister Geneva Muhammad, who was born in the Nation; and this writer, Wanda Muhammad, who came up the ranks in 1971 and turned 70 on Nov. 6.We are all so grateful as pioneers to Almighty God Allah who has kept us amongst the living.

—Submitted by Wanda Muhammad