Farrakhan The Traveler

[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint and was published online December 4, 2005; and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles by our beloved brother and friend, Minister Jabril Muhammad.]

In the King James Version of the Bible, there are 53 sentences containing the expression: “Moses and Aaron.” In The Holy Qur’an, there are eight sentences with this same expression: “Moses and Aaron.”

When we read these verses, in context, they should make us think that these two men were important in Allah’s sight and planning, and close to Him in terms of character—whether we’re believers in the existence of a Supreme Being or not.

Moses and Aaron were types of two future men. This should cause us to see that the two men of whom they were signs—or types—must be far greater men than Moses and Aaron were. For one thing, the two men of whom Moses and Aaron were signs, were to come and do their work at the end of the world of tyrants; at the end of the world of the wicked to rule the world.


What was it about these two men that made them so important and close to Allah? The answer to this question is found in the scriptures. The ultimate answer, of course, can only be learned from God Himself. And that has occurred for—according to the modern Moses and Aaron—we are NOT living in the time of the Coming of God, but we are in the time of the PRESENCE of God.

The proper study of the scriptures should help us see these two men and their work in our midst better than we otherwise could if we have not made such a study. Such a study also should help us better understand their motivation and their ways better than a non-study would.

That which we don’t study we don’t know.

I wrote a chapter on this subject back in 1988 in “Farrakhan: God’s Man On The Straight Path.” If it be Allah’s will, I will get this book before the public soon. (Some of the opening parts of it were published that year in The Final Call.)

The major point of that chapter was the utter unselfishness of Master Fard Muhammad. In that chapter, I delved into the subject that He is the most unselfish being who ever lived—past, present or future—and what makes Him so. The next point of that chapter was that He chose two men with hearts like His to do a work for us like, but also beyond, the work that which Moses and Aaron did for others, according to the scriptures. The third point of that chapter was that this characteristic—unselfishness—would be a major factor in the make-up of the people who would be produced from their work. There was a fourth point, which I won’t get into here.

By the time October 1967 arrived, I had already formed a view of the quality of unselfishness (generosity, magnanimity, kindness, thoughtfulness, consideration generosity and more) of Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, from personal study and experience.

On the day that the book “This Is The One” was born, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave me these words for that book:

“Master Fard Muhammad aims to raise the Lost-Found (so-called Negro) into the knowledge and wisdom—the very ideas—of the Gods of the past.

“He also aims presently to raise His people into His own ideas, in Himself, that the scriptures may be fulfilled: That those to whom He reveals Himself become the sons (and the daughters) of God—sons and daughters in the wisdom of God.

“He aims not only to reveal His ideas for the present creation of the universe, but also to give to man the nature and the creative wisdom to produce creative ideas as the Father of Civilization.

“This is what was prophesied: that God would make man like Himself. He aims to make the Nation of Righteousness, who will rule in the Hereafter, with the potential knowledge of producing and bringing into action, or existence, that which He has been able to produce. We call this ‘ideas.’ He aims to make each one into a God.”

He told me to write his words as though they were from myself. As I wrote in Volume 24, Number 48 of this newspaper, The Final Call: “These words are found in the last page of the eighth chapter of that book. After he departed in 1975, I made known that he was the author of those words.”

Those words crystallized for me Master Fard Muhammad’s and therefore the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s “unselfishness.”

Imagine One, Who is the Divine Supreme Being Himself, Whose motive is to raise us to be as close to His Own Being as He can, in terms of character, wisdom and powers? This is what is promised in the scriptures—that God would make man and woman like Himself.

Proof that this process has begun is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. There were countless lesser events that his followers experienced prior to 1975 that is evidence that this process had begun.

Then, we died.

We rose again on his return in the rise of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in 1977. The process continued, on earth, as it continued in heaven.


The quality of “unselfishness” is a key ingredient in that which enables us to get up under the quality of envy of another.

There is more to this quality than meets the surface-seer. For one thing, it involves intelligent self-sacrifice.


There is not one of us who can say that “we know” Minister Farrakhan who has not seen in him many, many instances of his “quality of unselfishness (generosity, magnanimity, kindness, thoughtfulness, consideration, generosity and more).”


While delivering a life-giving speech in Houston, Texas, Minister Farrakhan asked his listeners to get the tape and study it in group sessions. That was a life-giving request—or order.

Remember, in Surah 20, verse 90 of The Holy Qur’an, wherein Allah said of Aaron: “And Aaron indeed had said to them before: ‘O my people, you are only tried by it, and surely your Lord is the Beneficent God, so follow me and obey my order.’ ”

It was a divine order. It is the same today. It’s for our own good and future.


I ended my last article with: “Numbers 14:26, 27 reads: ‘The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, how long will this evil congregation murmur against Me?’

“God threatened to destroy His people. How did Moses and Aaron react?”

The root of God’s angry reaction was due to slander against Himself and for His people calling Him a liar!

More, next issue, Allah willing.