[Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in Vol. 13, No. 26.]

Allah (God) has ordained opposition for His Prophets, Messengers and Servants in the establishment of Divine Revelation. Although Allah (God) has allowed His Prophets to suffer at the hands of the wicked, it never was the intention of Allah (God) that the wicked would win in their struggle against Him and His Messengers, particularly the last one, Muhammad.

Prophet Muhammad of Arabia was the last Great Sign of the total victory of Islam (Truth) over all opposition. In this day and time, opposition to the establishment of Islam will be totally and completely destroyed, for this is the time of the Presence of the Great Mahdi and His Messiah.

In his final conquest of Mecca, Prophet Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him), allowed his enemies to live whether they confessed faith or not, and forgave them for their opposition to the establishment of Islam. History, however, has shown us that the hypocrites and enemies of Prophet Muhammad who lived in Mecca later produced children who manifested their hypocrisy in the Caliphate or leadership of Islam and took the Nation of Islam off the course that Prophet Muhammad intended.


This is why there is a prophecy of the coming of the Great Mahdi (The Self-Guided One) who would guide the Nation of Islam back to the straight path that it had deviated from since the deaths of the Prophet and His major companions, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali. During the rule of these four Caliphs, the seed of hypocrisy in the ranks of Islam was growing.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

The hypocrites ultimately prevailed and now the Nation of Islam that started with Prophet Muhammad, (PBUH), as its cornerstone, is now a mere shadow of what it once was, and is far away from what the Prophet intended. Allah (God) today does not intend for the opposition to prevail nor for the hypocrites to hide under their oaths or declarations or belief.

Allah (God) intends to manifest every hypocrite and enemy within and to expose every enemy without. He intends to gather them all together and destroy them, leaving them neither root nor branch. There are some who oppose the establishment of Allah’s Truth out of sincere belief. However, there are others who oppose the Truth out of hatred for that truth and fear of the loss of power, their present position of influence, and their place in that which Allah (God) is making new. 

Allah (God) teaches us in the Holy Qur’an that the wicked will try to put out the Light of Allah (God) with their mouths, but He promises that He will perfect His Light, even though the polytheists may be averse. As Allah (God) makes the Light of Islam more clear, more persons will be attracted to the beauty of its Light. Wicked ones will also be attracted, for wicked purposes.

The aim of the enemy within is always to do harm to the Cause of Islam and to weaken the true and faithful Believing men and women in the leadership. The hypocrites never spare an opportunity to bring grief to the Believer. According to the Teachings of the Holy Qur’an, to annoy a Believing person is to put the annoyer in danger of chastisement. The true Muslim followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad must be aware of the machinations and schemes of our ever watchful enemy who uses our weaknesses against us.

All Muslims in America and throughout the world must be aware that the present ruling powers do not wish to see the rise of Islam. They will use every trick, artifice, and weak one to cause Muslims to shed the blood of Muslims.

There is no group, organization, fraternity or nation that does not have trouble within its leadership. There is no group, society, organization, fraternity or nation that is not confronted with interpersonal problems among the leadership: problems in functional relationships and personality problems, which ofttimes are rooted in envy, jealousy and an inordinate desire for power, prestige and money.

The success of any organization or nation today is based on how well its leadership can manage the conflicts, conflicting agendas, personalities, and keep its leadership focused on the aims, objectives and goals of the organization and nation. These problems, if not managed properly, are destructive to the goals, objectives and aspirations of any society.

President Clinton (had) a Cabinet, Chief-of- Staff, and general staff of brilliant men and women who (did) not always agree and who (had) serious personal conflicts. The public, in general, is not privy to the in-fighting, which generally only becomes public when a major player leaves public offices and then writes a book about his or her experiences while trying to serve. However, in most of our organizations, the in-fighting becomes public to the hurt of the organization because it reveals our woes and weaknesses to our enemies.

We ofttimes reveal our woes, pains, hurt and dissatisfaction to persons whom we believe to be our friends who work for newspapers and periodicals of our enemies, who use this information, whether true or false, to exacerbate tensions, spreading rumors and accusations, thus causing Brothers and Sisters to fight and kill each other. This was the tactic of the Counterintelligence Program of the United States Government toward Black organizations and leaders of the ’60s and these tactics were still being used rather successfully, unfortunately, in the ’90s.

We must remember, and never forget, that the ultimate aim and the denial objective of the United States Government towards Black people is that we must never become effectively organized. This is why our woes, in becoming public, are usually detrimental and generally bring about the demise of our organizations.

It is never right to seek to do harm to your Brother or Sister simply because you disagree with what they say or do. Anyone who thinks to do harm to their Brother or Sister, with whom they have a real or imagined disagreement, is a denier of the process of human redemption. There is no Black man or woman, no matter how evil or wicked they are or appear to be, who cannot be redeemed.

If we do not like what our Brother is saying or doing, then Allah (God) has given to us, in the Holy Qur’an, the best arguments and He teaches us to argue with our opponents in the best manner and to call to the way of Allah (God) with justice.

The Holy Qur’an forgives hurtful speech when it is uttered by one who feels or believes he or she has been wronged. However, we are not considered good Believers until we make Allah (God) and His Messenger the Arbitrators of our disputes. This will keep us from the ugly path of shedding each other’s precious blood.

The problem with most people who disagree is that they do not face each other squarely with truth, but speak around that person to others, thus affecting them with their disposition and attitude. This hinders others from the path of Islam and from the path of unity. There is a price for us to pay if we hinder people who would submit to Allah (God) from His Way by our misrepresentation of the Truth and by spreading our dissatisfaction over our personal hurt and pain.

No one can attempt to help our people do anything productive and constructive without feeling personal hurt, pain, loss, being evil spoken of, falsely accused, sometimes beaten, sent to prison, or even put to death. This is the path of Jesus. This is the path of Muhammad and this is the path of every sincere person who wants to see his or her people delivered from our present condition.

Among us, there are those who spread rumors, who deliberately lie, add to or take away from the Truth, thereby sowing the seeds of dissension. We must refer rumors to those in authority, who are in a position to search out the truth or falsity of the rumor.

Then, we must act on the principles of truth. This is why, in the Nation of Islam, the first lesson we are given to study is called Actual Facts, because we can never arrive at a true basis for justice without first having in our possession or grasp the actual facts.

We must look carefully into what people tell us or say to us or write concerning us. The first person we should study is not the person who is being spoken against, but the person who is bringing us the ugly news about someone else who is not present to defend themselves.

The Holy Qur’an teaches us that, when an unrighteous person brings us news, we should look carefully into it, lest we harm a person in ignorance and then be sorry for what we do.

Personal attacks on our opponents are forbidden in our representation of truth. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad warned Malcolm X, when he personally attacked the moral character of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that he should never do this again. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told Malcolm that we have every right to attack the program, philosophy and ideas of an individual, but personal attacks for those of us in the public life is not proper and will prove to be counterproductive.

Whenever we speak of the ills of our Brothers and Sisters, we should not speak in a manner that only reproves or rebukes, but we should encourage that person to better conduct, then we will not be in denial of the process of redemption that Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi, started on His Coming to North America. We have a lot to learn to keep ourselves from the fishermen’s net (Satan’s evil plans against us).

So, my dear Brothers and Sisters who believe in Islam and are following the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, under my Leadership, keep your eyes focused on the goal and do not let anything or anyone take you and your focus from the establishment of the program of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Remember, and be comforted by, the Biblical scripture which says, “No weapon formed against the righteous will prosper.” No hypocrite or devil will be allowed to get the upper hand over a True Believer.  Allah (God) alone is the Judge.

Therefore, be careful in our attempts to judge one another, lest we be in danger of being judged. Follow the laws of Islam. Carry them into practice. Your Brother in the Faith is he who respects the laws of Allah (God) and seeks to carry them into practice. Keep the brotherhood strong. Stop wanton criticism and attacks on everything that is Black owned and operated.

Stop displaying public hatred or dislike for one another. Do not give our open enemies the ammunition that they seek to use in furthering division and confusion, causing Brothers to fight and kill one another. Respect yourself and do good to yourself. Never be the aggressor. We are only permitted to fight with those who fight with us. If we do these things, we will overcome all opposition and we will be with Allah’s Apostle in Victory.

In fact, whenever your enemy writes or speaks evil against the Nation, rise up. Fight harder with the truth. Double your sales and distribution of the newspaper. Double your charity to the Cause of Islam. Double your efforts to bring Lost-Found Brothers and Sisters to the Light of Truth. Remember, all opposition to Truth is doomed to failure and complete destruction. Get on the side of Truth and Justice and stay there!

Please read this article a minimum of three times. If you carry it into practice, it will save your life.

Thank you for reading these few words.