We are living in a Great Day of God and Man. Allah (God) now Desires to take for Himself to Reign over the nations of the earth.

There are two Gods. One god is the god of the evil and the Other is the God of Righteousness and Justice. The nature of the two Gods is so much different from the other that it makes it impossible for one God to yield to the other God because of their nature.

Unrighteousness and injustice have triumphed over the people for the past six thousand (6,000) years. The unjust god was not one to give up his place for the God of Justice. Well, we cannot blame him since by nature he was made a god; a ruler. But his time is out and his rule is up. He is now in the time of the other God—the God of Righteousness, Freedom, Justice, and Equality.

So this is a Great Day—the passing away of one world and the coming in of another world. We have suffered under the evil that the devil was made for. Up until this very minute he wants to do all the evil that he can do regardless to the Bible and the Holy Qur’an teaching that Allah (God) Will Reward him and me for every good act or good work.


Everything is being changed from the old to a new thing. We must Qualify for the new.

(Reprinted from “Our Saviour has Arrived,” 1974.)