Of all friendships of friends and relations, theare is no friendship that is equal to the Friendship of Allah (God). To have Allah (God) as our Friend, we have a Place of Refuge — we have a shelter from the great stormy tempest of the wicked.

The Friendship Of Allah (God) is the kind of Friendship and Refuge that the Black Man in America should seek. We, the Muslims who have submitted ourselves to the Will of Allah (God), do His Will so that Allah (God) May Be Pleased to Do For us and To Be our Friend.

Within the scope of four hundred (400) years we have not had a friend here in America. If the white man says that we are from the jungles of Africa, then we say the reptiles, the beasts, and the other wild life of the jungle are better friends to us than the civilized white slavemakers.

Now To Have The Supreme Being as our Friend and to have Him Befriend us — we could not hope for a better friend. He is worth all other friends combined.


Concerning Faith in Allah (God), the Bible teaches you and me that Allah (God) met Abraham and upon submission he was able to get the honor of being the friend of God because Abraham submitted to the Will of Allah (God). The history of Abraham is the history of all of the righteous who submit to do the Will of Allah (God) — they are successful.

From Noah to Muhammad, the righteous have triumphed over their enemies. We, the Black Man in America, are so foolish that we want to take an open enemy to be our friend instead of Allah (God) Himself.

The White race has never shown true friendship to us. When they are planning to do evil against us they offer us a false show of friendship.

The Great work that I am doing in your midst, in the Name of Him Who Has Taught Me and Who Guides Me to Do His Will, should be enough for you to know that we have Allah (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad for our Friend.

I am so happy to know that I have a Friend in Allah (God). Never before in all of my life could I say that I had a friend. The Friendship of Allah (God) is the kind of Friendship that we all should have.

Regardless to how many there are of us here on Western soil or in the Western Hemisphere, we should all seek Allah (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due forever, for Friendship.

Some Of Us, being ignorant and proud of ourselves under the false friendship of the devil, think that we are secure under the devil’s false power. There is the noise of the thunder of war clashing over the whole world of mankind and it has touched the home of the original man as well. Everybody is fighting for survival. But as I have preached to you for nearly forty years, the population of your and my Black people, our Black Nation, reaches into the billions instead of into the thousands.

The Muslim has not only the Friendship of Allah (God), but the Muslim has the friendship of all Black, Brown, Yellow, Red or whatever color people there may be other than the white people. You know and you have seen it printed in Black and white how the world of our People regardless to their color (except the white man), when it comes to the Muslims, they are our friends. This is due to Allah’s Love and Friendship for us who accept the Islamic Faith which is the religion of Abraham and the prophets. Islam is entire submission to the Will of Allah (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom Praises are Due forever.

We, the Black Man in America, have nothing — no money and no decent homes to live in. Allah (God) Is The Giver, and to reject the offer of The Friendship of Allah (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due forever, to better our condition and set us in heaven at once — for our rejection, our flesh should fry in hellfire.

I think that there are many meaningful Black professional people who could, if they would, unite with me and my Followers and the whole picture of America would change at once.

With the Help of Allah (God), we will not fail. Allah (God) Will Not Let us fail. But we need the sure Friendship of a friend that will not fail us in the time of trouble. For this is the time of trouble in which we are living.

Do Not look for the Judgment to come. You are in the Judgment now. The ‘Day of Judgment’ means the ‘Years of Judgment’. The ‘Day’ referred to does not mean “a twenty-four (24) hour day”. The Holy Qur’an refers to the ‘Judgment’ as the ‘Days of Allah (God).’ The expression ‘years’ is used to refer to days and ‘days’ refers to years.

But those days are expired now, and America is number one on Allah’s (God’s) List of countries for Him to Deal with, America is first because of her evil done and the evil which she continued to do to her Black once-slave.

We must remember that the scriptures prophesy (Bible Rev.) that in one day death and mourning came to her (America). That day is not far distant. The people are so confused here in America that there is no agreement nor trust in each other.

Believe and Obey me. And if you love Allah (God), He Will Love you. He Will Be your Friend and Protect you from the evil planning of this evil world; for they plan the destruction of the Black slave. It seems as though they should love the Black slave. It seems as though they should love the Black once-slave since the Black slave has done so much and has suffered untold misery from the hand of his white slave-master who has been so loyal in helping the white slave- master fight to the death in all of his wars for the sake of the white slavemaster.

This is the day that the white slave-master continues to kill you and me as though the Black slave has once robbed the white man of his country; and so he wants to get even with the Black slave.

But as it is written, “As she (America) has done, so shall it be done unto her.”

Take Allah (God) for your Friend, Black Man, for Allah (God) is a Sure Friend.

(Text from “Our Savious Has Arrived,” 1974.)