In the past, our appetite was our God. We ate as many times a day as we could find an appetite to. We worshiped our appetite as though it was our God. This shortens our lives.

Some of us have never gone a day without eating, unless we were sick and the doctor stopped us until his drugs could aid in killing the germ that eating three or four meals a day had caused.

We think we cannot miss a meal, unless we are unable to buy the next meal. So we wear out our stomachs that could possibly live a thousand years, if cared for and protected from the enemies that will shorten and destroy our lives.

We can soon get accustomed to eating once a day and nothing between meals. After getting used to eating once a day, we can get used to eating once every two days. Our stomachs will not ask us for food–except at the time that we make a habit of putting food in them.


Surely one meal a day and eating the right kind of food at that meal will do away with much sickness and add many years to our lives. Try it for yourself.

Do not eat everything you see the Christians eat. That is why they have so many hospitals and must produce so many doctors every year.

Eat to live, and not to die, because how you eat does both–it keeps you here, and it takes you away. Do not fill up your stomach with sweets. Keep away from greasy foods.

Allah (God) has brought us this knowledge, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad. Believe in Him, obey and follow His teachings, and you will always be happy.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book One, 1967.)