“… There are 14 therapies that are in the world today that we can use to fight against the COVID virus.”

—Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, “The Criterion”—July 4, 2020

Dear Reader: In reviewing “The Criterion,” we must remember that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan leveled not one, but two counts of genocidal acts against the corporate-controlled U.S. Government. The first was the development of a so-called ‘vaccine’ for Covid-19. The second was the conscious and deliberate suppression of highly effective, safe and affordable treatments and therapies for the virus. One of the 14 therapies he was referring to in the excerpt above is a medicine called Ivermectin. 

Sister Ava Muhammad

Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease that can kill a person under certain circumstances; primarily where the person has what health experts call “pre-conditions” or “co-morbidities.” In other words, health problems that can, in and of themselves, take a person’s life; health problems that have compromised the person’s immune system to the point that it cannot effectively defeat the virus. These conditions include diabetes, obesity, heart and respiratory problems, advanced age and kidney disease. 

It is important to understand that Covid-19, in and of itself, is a treatable disease with an overall death rate of less than 1% of those infected. It does not legally qualify or morally justify the extreme intervention of vaccinating an entire population. The FDA is currently in violation of federal law by allowing these “vaccines” to be injected into the human population. Worse than being unnecessary, the “vaccines” being administered have already shown themselves to be harmful, and in thousands of cases, deadly. 

The only reason for preventing the American public from access to safe and effective treatments is to protect the genocidal, highly profitable, vaccine program.


In this series, we will profile some of the major treatments for COVID-19 that have proven effective in the 18 months since the virus was made known to the public. We will provide information as to what they are, what they have been shown to do and, to the extent possible, where and how they can be obtained. 

Today, we profile Ivermectin, an inexpensive, anti-parasitic drug that has been safely used in humans for decades (4 billion doses administered). It is on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medications and is already FDA approved. It stands out as a powerful weapon in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection. It works both in the initial phase of the illness where an antiviral is needed; it also works in the dangerous “hyper-inflammatory phase” of the disease. The spike protein, which is the key SARS-CoV2 entry into the human cell is “trimeric”: it has three parts. Ivermectin blocks all three parts.

Mexico City, Mexico has a population of 22 million. When their cases spiked last December, the city’s Ministry of Health created an ivermectin-based home treatment kit. It was given to persons who tested positive for COVID from an antigen test and had at least mild symptoms. Beginning December 29, 2020, researchers tracked 200,000 people. There was a reduction in hospitalization between 52% and 76% for those who took ivermectin. Covid case data from John Hopkins University just 2 days ago shows the entire country of Mexico, with a population of 127.6 million people, has had 2.57 million cases with 2.03 million recoveries! That’s around 99%. The total number of deaths is 234,000, most of which were prior to January 31, 2021. Deaths in Mexico City dropped sharply only a few weeks after ivermectin treatments began. Government findings were corroborated by Dr. Juan Chamie-Quintero, senior analyst at Colombian University. He also conducted a study in Peru, where the government approved ivermectin as a treatment for the virus in May, 2020. Deaths plummeted by 59% in 30 days, and dropped 75% after 45 days in those over the age of 60.

In closing this introductory section, note these words from the American Journal of Therapeutics, after analyzing a number of controlled treatment trials:  “the many examples of ivermectin distribution campaigns leading to rapid population-wide decreases in morbidity and mortality indicate that an oral agent effective in phases of COVID19 has been identified.”