[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint and was published online on February 5, 2013; and The Final Call will continue to publish articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

And We indeed gave Moses the Book–so doubt not the meeting with Him–and We made it a guide for the Children of Israel. And we made from among them leaders to guide by Our command when they were patient. And they were certain of Our messages. Surely thy Lord will judge between them on the day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differed.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 32, verses 23-25

As I continue this ongoing series of articles on Genghis Khan and his founding of the Mongol Nation, there are many striking comparisons to be made between the code of ethics and moral principles he followed in establishing his nation which can be compared to the founding of the Nation of Islam in America by Master W. F. Muhammad, the Great Mahdi. We will note that two principle genealogies embodies the birth of Master Fard Muhammad, the one on his father’s side and the other on his mother’s side.

Photo of Dr. P. Davaanyam and Mother Tynnetta Muhammad when she visited Mongolia in 2003.

We are taught by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that this genealogy of both parents combined produced the special characteristics and preparation for his Coming and Finding of his Father’s lost people in America. His father’s name is Alphonso and he is a Black man from the Original Nation. His mother was chosen from among the Caucasian or White Race living in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia. Her name is Bebi-G, or perhaps is spelled as Baba-G, which we pronounced as Baby-G. According to our Divine Teachings on this history of the birth of the Great Mahdi, we find prophetic pictures of his Great Divine Work in the scriptures of both Bible and Holy Qur’an under the history and sign of Israel, who was guided by God to become a great nation having power and dominion over all the earth and all its people.


Under the name Israel or the Jewish people, they were given a set period of time to master the original man which would last 6,000 years. Jesus was the last prophet sent to instruct and guide Israel to bring about their reform until he realized that he came 2,000 years before the end of their rule. It was revealed to him that their real father was the Devil and the works of their father they would do. According to the Divine Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, this hurt Jesus so much that he gave his life because he was 2,000 years in advance of their time to rule.

In the Holy Qur’an, this history of rebelliousness to God is identified with the person of Iblis who is hidden among the righteous and the angels and ultimately reveals himself as Satan, the arch deceiver and opponent to God. Iblis challenges God’s Authority and promised to lead all man and mankind astray from the straight path of divine worship of the One God, whose proper Name is Allah. Almighty God Allah allowed Iblis to carry out his diabolical plan as Satan, the arch deceiver, until the end of the time given for his rule.

Group Photo of Believers with Mother Tynnetta Muhammad attending the Genghis Khan exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 3, 2012.

The sad part of this story is that when we trace the bloodline of our descent that took place in the grafting process of the White Race, the root cause for this rebellion state lies in the life germ of the Original Black man who contains all people, from Black to White, including all colors in between that was produced in the grafting process from the brown germ. All colors from Brown to Yellow to White are termed as races and have all consistently come to power as rulers over the Original Black people and fathers of civilization.

Now, we have come to the end of this period of opposition and rebellion to God so that as it is prophesied, God has come Himself in person after thousands of years to reclaim his own and setup a government of peace. The Nation of Islam founded by our Saviour and Redeemer, the Great Mahdi, has taken hold to this greatest of truth now being revealed for the first time to the public since the beginning of time. He has chosen the root people of the original nation, Tribe of Shabazz, to teach and guide them himself into the making of a new heaven and a new earth under His complete Authority and Command.

Born of an original Black father and a White mother (the original man and the made man) to set aright our differences and misunderstandings and establish Truth and Justice to global humanity. Coming to America under a disguise, the Great Mahdi, comes to bring justice to both people, Black and White, in establishing His Eternal Government of Peace. Studying the Mongol Nation and its founder, Genghis Khan, his history and genealogy of his Golden Family, I have been further inspired with ever-evolving truths of its meaning since my first vision in 1984 during meditation in Africa, in the ancient land of Ethiopia.

It was in East Africa, formerly called Asia, where our foreparents under our father, Shabazz, settled us after leaving Egypt with his family to live in the jungle conquering the wild beasts for a long sojourn of 50,000 years. In the current genealogical studies of our DNA and the development of the Genome Map, geneticists are revealing man’s origin from an African Tribe in East Africa who migrated from there to Eurasia, Central Asia, and other parts of the world, co-mingling with the bloodlines of other races, including Mongolian and Turkish tribes, and all others.

This is most exemplified by the conquering armies of Genghis Khan and his Golden Family who dominated all parts of Central Asia, Russia, Siberia, the Himalayas, the Ural Mountains and the Caucasus Mountains, including the known world. The picture emerges eight hundred years ago that a drop of blood from the Y chromosome which only men have is traced back to Africa and then to all parts of the world. Because of the enormous conquests of the Mongolian armies under Genghis Khan, they become the carriers of this Y chromosome which gave birth to a child named Timujin. He was raised by God with a Divine Decree as a punishment and a warning to religious bodies of people and nations who were acting in rebellion to God. So, too, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is warning rebel people and nations on “The Time and What Must Be Done,” to avoid the Divine Wrath of Almighty God Allah.

Quoting from one of the books written by the Founder of the Academy of Genghis Khan, P. Davaanyam whom I met in Mongolia, we read: “Millennium Man, Chingges Ready to Return.” “Many Mongolians would argue that Chingges Khaan, 13th-century founder of the Mongol Empire, should be named the man of the last Millennium. According to the Academy of Chingges Khaan, he’s likely to be the man of the next millennium as well. The rebirth of the king of all the Mongols was predicted by the Sixteenth Century French astrologer, Nostradamus, who saw it as a sign of impending apocalypse.”

“It is not clear to them, how many of the generations, in whose abodes they go about, We destroyed before them? Surely there are signs in this. Will they not then hear?” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 32, verses 26

To be continued.