From left: Student Minister Quran; Student Minister Donnell Muhammad; Sister Stephanie, wife of Student Min. Quran; Sister Shirley, wife of Student Min. Donnell; Sister Jaqueline and her husband Student Min. Roland at an awards event and celebration held in Akron, Ohio, on Sept. 9.

AKRON, Ohio—“Out of all the events commemorating my service, this one means the most to me,” shared Student Minister Donnell Muhammad, a longtime Nation of Islam pioneer and helper. He shared these sentiments as he received a lifetime of service award at a celebration held in Akron, Ohio. Believers and friends gathered from around the state on September 9 to recognize the 55 years Brother Donnell has served in this great work.

The event was broken into three parts. The first part included a video documentary titled, “Preparing for the Ascension of the Minister,” featuring Believers from three generations (ages eight through 80) reflecting on 1975 and taking notes from those who have learned the lessons of the extreme difficulty from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s departure. Part two featured a colorful rainbow dinner and lastly, an awards celebration concluded the night. 

While several Nation of Islam Student Ministers from the state were in attendance, Student Minister Donnell was the highlight, having the most longevity with over fifty-five years of service and 50 years of marriage to his wife Sister Shirley Muhammad. He serves as the Student Minister of Mosque No. 43 in Columbus.

Recently in Columbus, Student Minister Donnell and Sister Shirley renewed their vows and enjoyed a ceremony facilitated by Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, the National Assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.


Minister Donnell has been a fine example and representative of the Nation of Islam. When the floor opened up for comments and observations, nothing but love and respect was offered for his friendship, support, and brotherhood!

Student Minster Louis, formerly of Youngstown, Ohio; Student Minster Roland, Minister Emeritus of Cleveland and Student Minister Quran X, the current minister of Mosque No. 18 were all in attendance to share in the day’s events.  Student Minister Stephen Muhammad and the Believers of Akron worked hard to make everyone feel at home.

With the Holy Day of Atonement approaching, this celebration is helping Believers in the state of Ohio focus on the value of family, belief and the treasures we have in those we work with every day.  Minister Farrakhan has repeatedly asked that we love one another, as he has loved us. The love of the brotherhood and sisterhood is growing in Ohio, “The heart of it all!”

—Article and photos submitted by Student Minister Stephen Muhammad