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Dr. Christina X Parks is a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology. She is an educator, researcher and scientist who gained widespread recognition following her appearance before the Michigan State Legislature on August 19, 2021, where she forcefully challenged the COVID-19 policies. She shared her thoughts and analysis in a phone interview with Final Call National Correspondent Sister Charlene Muhammad, about reports of new Covid variants, another vaccine, the vaccinated and unvaccinated, mask wearing and what people can do to protect themselves. This is part 2 of the interview. Read part 1 in Final Call Vol. 42 No. 48.

One-on-one interview with Dr. Christina X Parks

Final Call Newspaper (FC): Let’s talk about masking. Some foresee a return to masking. Do masks work?

Dr. Christina X (CX): No. At first, they told you masks didn’t work. And then they told you use grandma’s t-shirt, it’s fine; your little kid’s underwear, it’s fine. No. All these cloth masks aren’t working at all. It’s psychological. Now, there’s some people, it’s psychologically like you’re going to have an anxiety attack if you don’t have a mask. Well, that’s your personal choice. But most masks are not preventing transmission and there are several studies that have been done to show that, but they already knew that, because the viruses are too small.

Let’s say you have water flowing out of your hose and you put your finger on it. Generally, does that block the whole stream or does it just make the stream smaller, and it shoots out further, right? It’s hard to block the pressure altogether. It just starts shooting out harder and further, when you put your thumb on the end of the hose. So, the mask is the same way.


You have cracks in the mask around your cheeks and maybe under your chin or wherever, and so it’s just blowing that air out, because you’re still breathing and it’s shooting it further and it’s going to hit people further away. Likewise, when you breathe in, it’s sucking the air in harder, so it’s sucking air from further away. So, if there’s someone across the aisle from you in the airplane that has Covid, you’re sucking in the air from farther away. So, it’s really not an effective technique.

The only masks that would work are the N95s, and those are usually electrostatic, so they’re only going to work from like 20 minutes to 2 hours and then they’re going to lose their electrostatic charge, which prevents the virus from getting on them, and stop working. So, you can’t even use those N95 masks repeatedly.

Now, if you are severely immunocompromised, and you want to wear a mask, fine. An N95, tightly fitted, may be of some marginal benefit, but one of my concerns is, however, once you get whether it’s the flu or coronavirus or a cold, and you still have that mask on, guess what? You’re rebreathing those viral particles, and so you’re reinfecting yourself. It’s like sitting next to someone who’s breathing Covid all over you.

You’re reinfecting yourself continually. If you didn’t have a mask on, you’d breathe out the few viral particles, and so the infection would set in slower. If you’re wearing a mask, you’re constantly rebreathing the viral particles that you’d be breathing out and so you’re giving yourself a more severe infection. Whereas a better way of dealing with it is let’s say, you’re doing some of the hygiene techniques that I told you.

If you are at school or if you have some control over the space that you’re in, you’re the pastor of a church or at a mosque or wherever it is, you can increase your air flow, so that dilutes the virus and makes it less likely that people are going to come in contact with it. You can open windows to get more air flow, hold events outside, and really encourage hand washing.

I would really like to see UV (ultraviolet) lights in the bathrooms. I would like to see covers on the toilet seats, because when you flush those high-volume toilets, you are aerosolizing virus everywhere! Bathrooms are a place where it’s spread. You can even have someone come with a mister in the bathroom or set one in the stalls, saying please mist your area with this alcohol solution when you leave.

Those are some things that would be actually effective. That’s the kind of things I would like to see in terms of viral prevention. But again, I believe everyone is responsible for their own health, so we shouldn’t have to have everybody wrap themselves with a plastic bag around their head to prevent us from getting sick.

FC: What health challenges can wearing masks cause?

CX: Here’s what masking can cause. What it does is you are not breathing properly. And your body measures whether you are getting enough oxygen by how much CO2 (carbon dioxide) you have. And so, when you start having too much carbon dioxide, it actually tells your body to breathe harder. So, you start breathing harder. Are you getting any more air? No! Because you have a mask on. And so, it actually increases your cardiac output. It dilates your blood vessels.

It gets your body to start working really hard to get oxygen to the tissues, because it’s getting a signal that you’re not getting enough. And so, that puts the body under significant stress. If you have any sort of cardiovascular disease, or you’re a little bit older, or you have hypertension, any of these things, that could cause you to have a heart attack or a stroke, if you put all of that stress on the system.

Now, if you’re 18, maybe that’s not so bad. But the other thing is the carbon dioxide that you’re breathing actually ends up acidifying your blood, and that just throws off your whole pH balance. And so, when you’re talking about our children doing this all day, every day, one, they’re going to not be getting enough oxygen, and they may actually have some cells in their brain die because of it. And they’re putting their body under acute stress.

They’re young, so they can deal with that stress, but some of that stress may be causing, I would say, sub-clinical long-term harm. So, it may reduce their IQ points for the rest of their life, but we’ll never know, right?! But what it’s also doing is this acidic environment in the body is permissive for cancer. And it’s immunosuppressive. So, wearing a mask suppresses the immune system in the midst of a pandemic.

So, we’ve suppressed our immune system, and your immune system is what destroys cancer in your body. So, when we have these kids who are wearing masks for 6-8 hours a day, we suppress their immune system, and if they had, like a small tumor, maybe their immune system would have destroyed it and gotten rid of it, and they would have never even known they had cancer. But, because now they’re immunosuppressed, and their bodies’ acidified, that cancer, probably now, is in a permissive environment to grow.

There’s also a lot of data showing that because of the oxygen deprivation and the high CO2, just the metabolic imbalances of the body, this can cause neurological deficits and neurological damage, some of which can be permanent. It’s going to be in most people at a fairly low level, unless you’re running in a mask. Then, you could actually have a cardiac arrest or something, which could then cause not enough oxygen, which could cause serious long-term harm or death.

If you’re chronically wearing a mask—now we’re not talking about 15 minutes to run into a store and get some eggs, we’re talking about at work or something like that—you are probably destroying some of your fertility, making it more likely that you’ll have imbalances and that you would get cancer. So, these are not insignificant risks, especially in our kids, where we were seeing them masked for the whole school year. Absolutely inexcusable!

Thankfully, God is Merciful, Gracious, and a lot of people’s bodies were able to deal with this high level of stress that they were under. And sometimes we won’t see the adverse events until later, but in other people, their body was able to compensate, thankfully. But I think, because it really doesn’t prevent viral transmission, it’s not a risk worth taking.

FC: Thank you!