From left, Sister Anisah Muhammad, Brother Jabarri X and Sister Joy Muhammad

ATLANTA—Muhammad Mosque No. 15 in Atlanta, the Southern Regional headquarters of the Nation of Islam, kicked off its first monthly “Youth Sunday” with the topic, “Trials Purify.” During the Sunday mosque meeting on August 20, the spotlight was on the younger members of Mosque No. 15’s student ministry class. 

Brother Jabarri X opened up and led the congregation in prayer. Sister Joy Muhammad followed. She spoke on the Flag of Islam and being a soldier in Islam. The audience lit up as she quoted words from Minister Abdul Rahman Muhammad, also known as the “Rock of the South,” a pioneer of the Nation of Islam who passed away in 2019. The subject of “How to Eat to Live” is brought to the forefront on the rostrum of mosques and study groups around the country. Sister Tequella Muhammad graced the rostrum after Sister Joy, carrying her yellow hardcover copy of “How to Eat to Live” by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and sharing with the audience the divine dietary law.

Sister Tequella then introduced the keynote speaker for “Youth Sunday,” Sister Anisah Muhammad. Based on feedback received afterward, Sister Anisah was able to connect to the young people in the audience and “kept it real,” as she spoke on many of the trials young people are facing today, including mental health challenges, inflation and the lack of money, jobs and family and relationship problems.

“All of the trials we suffer in our personal lives, the trials we suffer as a people, we have to face what we face in order to get rid of the devil both inside and outside of self and completely remove him from power,” she concluded in her message.


“The Bible says, ‘Blessed are the pure of heart.’ We become purified through trial. We have to go through the fire and have faith in Allah that we won’t get burned, but instead, we will overcome and be triumphant.”

(L-R) Brother Jabarri X makes opening remarks during youth Sunday.; Sister Tequella Muhammad shared the importance of “How To Eat To Live” as taught by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.; Sister Joy Muhammad speaks at Mosque No. 15.; Sister Anisah Muhammad delivered the keynote message during Aug. 20 youth program at Mosque No. 15. Photos: Erick H. Muhammad
Audience stands and applauds during program. Photos: Erick H. Muhammad