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[Section Editor’s Note: The following contains excerpts from the Minister’s message from The Time and What Must Be Done, Part 31 which originally aired Saturday, August 10, 2013.]

Good organic food that is never “genetically modified,” and is free of hormones, chemicals and other impurities is the type of food you should eat, because it is the best that there is! And that can only come from farmers who know, love and respect The Value of The Earth.

You would never have to go to the drug store or the health food store again if we grow the food properly. And from the farmland, you set up a food industry that also deals with the proper way of raising and slaughtering the creatures of God that you intend to eat.

Brothers and sisters, you don’t run around after a chicken with an axe in your hand—the poor chicken’s scared to death… When you get “scared,” you release hormones that give you the power of “fight” or “flight.” Well, the chicken is running, because you’re running after it with an axe in your hand; and when you finally get the chicken and hit it, and you have to hit it twice:


Then when you eat the meat it’s tough because you’re eating “the milk of fear.” No wonder you “scratch” when you don’t itch! No wonder you’re “shaking” in front of your Enemy…

You have to eat food that you know how to kill what God has given you authority over! You kill it “In The Name of God,” you kill it in peace: You slaughter it so quick, that it doesn’t even know it is dead! Then that steak would “fall apart” in your mouth—if you know how to cook. My dear sisters: When a woman really knows what “cooking” is, which is “The Science of Food,” then the woman who is in the kitchen is either your doctor or your killer.

Farmers’ market Photo: MGN Online

Whatever problem that you have, it can be fixed with food; so if you don’t want to be a “killer” of your husband and your children, understand that a wife, or the person that is in the kitchen, is your doctor, your nurse and your nutritionist “all in one.” You don’t teach women “how to cook” by just telling them, “Throw this in and fry it up,” because “cooking” is an art and a science. 

Sisters: Do know how lovely and beautiful you are? Well, you know how much time you spend “studying yourself” in the mirror? Imagine if you just spend a little time studying “food,” The Science of Food! See, you would never really be “obese”; you’ll be so pretty, so shapely, so appealing, so healthy, just from learning the science of “cooking food” and the science of “how to choose”

The food that you are going to cook, for every illness can be cured with the proper intake of properly-raised food! That is why we have to own land; that is why the land that we get: We have to purify that land from all the poisons and chemicals that the former landowner put in it. And that can be done because The Science of “how to do it” is with us!

Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said: “Let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food.” Once you know what to do with that kitchen, you’ll stay away from clinics and hospitals, and you’ll “hold off” the undertaker. Those who are in the “undertaking business”: They’re making money today, because of the madness that’s going on in our communities.

Today, you have “health insurance,” but when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was here we didn’t have any “health insurance.” We thought Muslims didn’t die, because we never saw a lot of funerals in The Nation; one man could go throughout the whole country burying our dead. Our “health insurance” was “How To Eat To Live” by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad!

This does not mean that sometimes an accident would take place, and you need your hospital, you need your doctor… But my mother also knew what to do in that “bush”! [Anytime my brother and I became sick, my mother would go and get a bush (i.e. “something natural”) and make a tea remedy].

You know how Southern folk had that knowledge; and White folk will tell you, “Well, these are witch doctors”? Well, you’ll know “which” doctor we’re going to choose! The one that knows The Science of Food is the right doctor in your life!