Dr. Christina X Parks is a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology. She is an educator, researcher and scientist who gained widespread recognition following her appearance before the Michigan State Legislature on August 19, 2021, where she forcefully challenged the COVID-19 policies.  She shared her thoughts and analysis in a phone interview with Final Call National Correspondent Sister Charlene Muhammad, about reports of new COVID variants, another vaccine, the vaccinated and unvaccinated, mask-wearing and what people can do to protect themselves. 

Dr. Christina X Parks
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Final Call Newspaper (FC):  Would you address recent reports of new coronavirus variants?

Dr. Christina X (CX):  The question is how scientifically warranted is it?  I’m just going to go to what I think is happening scientifically. It takes time to generate data to really say how big an outbreak is or something, so I can’t say at this time. We are seeing increases, in cases of coronavirus, but the variants they’re saying are so horrible are different. So, the next question is, are these variants really as bad as they say they are? And, the answer is yes, and no.  It’s a trick question.  

They are bad in the vaccinated.  A recent paper just came out showing that with every dose of vaccine that you get, it increases your risk of getting coronavirus.  Now, that is because it has mis-trained your immune system in a way that says, if you’ve been vaccinated more than once, or possibly even once, you are not seeing the virus. Your body is not seeing the virus, and so what happens, then, is the virus is replicating, unchecked.  


Usually, you have your innate immune defenses, and those will hop right in and start destroying virally infected cells before you even get to this antibody response. Those who took the vaccines have really shifted their immunity in really complicated ways that we’re still trying to tease out.  But the result has been, and they actually have a study, and it’s a clear dose response.  Every time you get vaccinated, your chance of getting the virus goes up significantly. So, you do not want to get another vaccine or booster. 

Interestingly, a new paper just came out and Tony Fauci (Dr. Anthony Fauci) is the last author on it, called, “Rethinking next-generation vaccines for coronaviruses, influenza viruses, and other respiratory viruses.” And in this review, basically, they say we are not able to develop a vaccine for respiratory viruses.  And then they go through all of the reasons why, and these are the same reasons that I have testified to again and again in court cases because they don’t produce mucosal immunity and because they mis-train the immune system.  

So, he’s basically admitting we were right, but nobody’s putting that on the front-page news. This contradicts what Tony Fauci’s been saying in the public. So, they know that these vaccines like the flu vaccine and the coronavirus vaccine does not provide immunity.

I was listening to a scientist reviewing some data, and specifically, he was saying that in places like Papua, New Guinea, some of these places with populations that weren’t vaccinated, were not seeing outbreaks of coronavirus, because they have natural immunity.  Now, that doesn’t mean nobody’s getting sick.  It just means enough people have enough natural immunity that the virus just can’t really penetrate into the population, and so you just see a sporadic person getting it, here or there. 

We are going to see the highly vaccinated getting sick in large numbers.  Their viral replication is going to be off the charts, because their immune system isn’t seeing and attacking the virus or the virally infected cells. So, they’re going to have huge amounts of virus. That means they’re going to be shedding huge amounts of virus. That means if you’re sitting next to them on a plane, or whatever, you’re going to be getting a lot of virus. 

If you’re exposed to them, you need to really be thinking about your health, too, because obviously, the more virus they’re shedding on you, the more likely you’re going to get sick.  Are you going to get severely ill?  Unlikely, if you have not been vaccinated and you have strong natural immunity and not a lot of co-morbid conditions.  

There was a paper out of Qatar that showed that those who’ve had coronavirus before, that aren’t vaccinated, that it protects about 97-98% against severe illness and death.  So, you might get sick, but you’re not going to land in a hospital.  Now, this is statistically.  Obviously, there’s always exceptions.

FC:   What are some ways that we can protect our health?

CX:  Consider getting a prescription for Ivermectin or talking with a practitioner about taking Quercetin and Zinc daily, and there are other anti-virals. All of those things would help prevent, and boost the immune system to a degree it reduces inflammation so it doesn’t spiral out of control, and Ivermectin actually prevents binding the spike protein, and so some of those are going to prevent infection.  

Those specifically, people who have been vaccinated, really need to be on something really targeted beforehand at preventing infection.  Because when they get it, it could quickly spiral out of control.  If they do get sick, they need to be right on top of it, and doing some of these things that I’m going to mention for everybody, but they just need to be right on top of doing it!  Not like, “Oh, I’ll get to it tomorrow. I don’t feel good now.” No. If you’re starting to feel sick, you might want to take off from the office and go home and do some of these other things.

For those of us who are not vaccinated, we need to make sure that we are doing things that are anti-inflammatory. We don’t need to be on Ivermectin or whatever.  So, that means if we’re supposed to be fasting, we need to be fasting, right?  Taking our three-day fasts (Nation of Islam Three-Day National Fast), that is really clearing the crap out of your body that is causing inflammation.  We also need to be eating right – not a lot of sugar – all of those things that we know we need to be doing, staying hydrated.  

One of the things you can do, even before you get ill, after seeking advice from a practitioner, is some nasal sprays. I know there’s one called Cofix.  And some of these have iodine in them. You shoot it in, and basically, the Iodine and the Zinc prevent the virus from getting into your cells and kill it.  

If you’re going to be traveling in the airport, get you one of those and squirt it before you go. Maybe rinse your nose before you get to your hotel and give another squirt.  … The more you kill that virus, the less symptomatic your infection is going to be, the milder your symptoms are.  

I took Ivermectin, and I took a little more zinc than I normally would.  This also goes for everybody, for people who have been vaccinated, unvaccinated.  Make sure that your Vitamin D levels are sufficient, and your Zinc levels are sufficient.  Now, you don’t want to take more than about 35 milligrams of Zinc per day, unless you’re actually ill.  

But can make sure that you do take that or that it’s included in your multivitamin or maybe you take it every other day.  If you’re highly inflammatory and you use up Vitamin D and Zinc quickly, which happens when we’re infected, so then you can take much more. If you’re having some issues, then work with your practitioner and see what treatment regime that’s right for you.  

For everybody, I would say make sure your Vitamin D and your Zinc levels are sufficient.  For some of us, we can still go out and get the morning sun, so that’s a good way to increase your Vitamin D, or I usually like a fermented cod liver oil supplement, but there are other brands.  If you do take a Vitamin D supplement consistently, it’s best that it has Vitamin K in it and it’s also good to take with a Magnesium supplement.  Many of us are deficient in Magnesium, so that’s a good thing to take anyway.

If you’re ill and you just need something, just go to the store and get the Vitamin D.  You don’t need to be taking two days to shop around.  Get some Vitamin D. It’s short term.  It’s not going to matter exactly what form you’re taking.  You just need to get some in your body.  Also, high dose Vitamin C is a good thing to take if you’re ill or if you think you’ve been exposed.

FC: What are your concluding thoughts on the reports of a re-emergence of COVID-19, and the new variants?

CX:   I will be coming out pretty soon with an article on your emergency medicine cabinet, what you need to have in there.  Because you don’t want to wait until you’re really, really ill, and then you’ve got to go to the hospital, because you’re on the brink of death, and then they don’t really do anything for you.  

You want to have all of these tools right on the outset so that you have sort of a breather to make those decisions on how well you are, how well is this progressing, and “Oh.  I got this. I thought this might get really bad, but now I’m okay.”

We really want to have that emergency medicine cabinet with things like Ivermectin, which is broadly anti-viral, broadly anti-bacterial, helps with cancer; things like Hydroxychloroquine, same thing; things like high dose Vitamin C, even binders like activated charcoal so that if you get ill with something, even food poisoning, you can use something like that.  

All of those are things you should have on hand and I’ll be talking more about those, even maybe some basic antibiotics that you would take overseas with you, so that if you get sick overseas, you don’t have to run to the hospital.

This is the time to get prepared and to stock up.  There are so many people that I know knew better and didn’t do it. 

FC:  Thank you!


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