I told you, “Do not take that vaccine.” Wait a minute. Before the vaccine was made, I warned us in the Name of Allah that this was a death plot. And before I went there, I told you of a National Security memo by the former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger that they had to kill or cull two to three billion people from the earth, and Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. The way to get rid of two to three billion people was to offer you a vaccine. You want to know what I think? I am glad you came out. 

You have never seen such a masterful public relations effort to get us to take the jab. It got so bad they know you love joints, so they offered you a joint for a jab. They have never talked to the medical community of our doctors, our medical practitioners, about the comorbidity problem that exists in the community. Never, never, never. They have never come in the Black community to tell us, “You got to watch the salt intake. You got to watch the kind of food that is being fed to you in the Black community. You’re suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, stress.” Look at you. Nobody comes to tell you how to get out from those comorbidities, underlying problems associated with the coronavirus. But a vaccine came after a pathogen that found a host in us. Now they call our doctors. Doctors write us a letter saying they love us. I’m sure you do but it’s time for the B.S. to end. You don’t love us enough. 

You don’t want to make a sacrifice for the good of your people. You are afraid you’re going to lose a job. That is what the White man gave you when you got here … a job. “Well, I better go and take the jab because I’ll lose my job.” You don’t even think about losing your life. Do you know how long they have been working on Black people in a genocidal birth control plot and plan? Look at all the devices they have for your sex drive. Intrauterine device, diaphragm, pills. These are poisons interfering with your menstrual cycle. And you are such a sex-crazy people, “ain’t nothing going to interfere with my sex.” Yeah, baby death is going to interfere with your sex. Let me see you have sex in that damn casket. I told you I was going to call your number. But I am your brother and I love you. 

How much money do you think they give doctors now? Not to curb your diabetes, not to curb your high blood pressure, not to curb your obesity but to encourage you to take the shot. See the Bible ends with the wars and rumors of wars but before that and after there’s betrayal. You’re being betrayed by those who love you, but their love is not deep enough. Take the jab, take the shot. And our wonderful president is the chief inviter to death for you. His voice got soft, “take the shot, take the shot.” President Biden laid it out here then he got mad. “You all are interfering with us, with that negative talk.” 


They took me off all my social media platforms. They said I was saying bad things by defending my position against inoculation. Is Brother Ben X here? Brother Ben has a heck of a program. Lots of people are listening to Brother Ben and Ben tells them about the Minister. Is Rizza Islam here? Rizza, you are lighting them up. I guess Rizza is so tough out there he’s on that ‘Bad Nigger List.’ “How dare you stop these people from getting the jab!” The Nation of Islam is on the opposite side of the government of the United States of America. 

I went to the Alhambra Palace restaurant to host a dinner for most of you today. Alhambra is a beautiful restaurant. We bought out the whole restaurant. Nice vegetarian dishes, those who love lamb, those who love chicken, those who do not love any of that but love good. Guess who showed up? The police and the city administration. I heard someone told them we carry guns. I do not know the truth of that. I just heard it. But we bought the restaurant out and there is a provision for those who have religious exemptions that we would have the whole place. We put down thousands of dollars so we could eat together as brothers and sisters, and I might be able to come among you and tell you I love you. Then I have to get ready, my time is come. Not my time to die. Happy Saviours’ Day! 

Photo: MGN Online

The vaccine has divided families. Those who took it and those who didn’t. Then the media comes out saying, “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated” and “it is these people that will not be vaccinated, they are the ones that keep us from achieving herd immunity.” And along came the Amish. The Amish people did not take the shot. They caught covid and they beat it. They beat it and have achieved herd immunity among themselves. I am so glad to see you all so close to each other. I’m going to ask Allah (God) right now, dear Allah these are our people. They came to hear your servant. A pathogen is not too small to escape your power. I’m asking that you keep those who came this day listening for a Swan Song from your servant from becoming sick because of their visit. But if you do get sick you call us. We have the therapy. 

Thank you, Brother Rizza Islam, thank you Brother Ben X. Keep up the good works. Where is Brother Wesley Muhammad? Brother, that research of yours, they are killing us by zip code. Have you noticed our brother, “Dynamite!” Jimmy “J.J.” Walker, on the television commercial for government insurance, “all we have to do is tell them your zip code?” What does that have to do with you getting some help? It zeros into what your community is, who you are. I have some brothers in here that take the flu shot. I never took it, but they go in a neighborhood where White folks and Jewish people get the shot and so far, they haven’t gotten sick. Now beloved here we are at the end. 

We were all in the National House in Phoenix, we all caught the coronavirus. Mother Khadijah Farrakhan was sick on the plane. We had our masks on but all of a sudden, she was getting sick. By the time we got to Phoenix she was sick. We took the test; she tested positive. My daughter came out there, and she knew the treatment with monoclonal antibodies. She had just finished helping her mother-in-law survive with that. So, she came out, Mother Khadijah got the monoclonal antibodies; then I came down with it. After all these years I was trying to be nice, then I got it. Everybody in the house had it. The cooks got it, so they stopped cooking. I said, “let me get the hell out of here.” Smile. Next thing I knew they had it. And guess what we were trying out monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin and other therapies. Only one person went in the hospital. So, if you think that by our being unvaccinated, we’re prone to hospital time … wrong. 

We have survived. I want to thank Dr. Safiyya Shabazz. I want to thank Dr. Darnita. I want to thank all of those who are helping us to survive. Now we made it. I mean Khadijah had the needle to get the anti-monoclonal antibodies in her. I received the monoclonal treatment, but I had my pills to the side in case I did not get over it with the monoclonal. I got over it so fast it scared me. Sister Student M.G.T. Captain Naeemah Muhammad has a book that the M.G.T. is putting out and they give it away free, but it has all the information in it if you want to survive this. 

You do not have to take a shot. Well now we are persona on grata: “Have you gotten your shot?” People tell you quickly, “Well you cannot come to this party or this gathering, you have not been shot.” All right. The last thing I am going to say. I do not want us to get weak because the propaganda is so strong it will make you think if you do not have the shot, you did something wrong. No. Look at Kyrie Irving, the NBA basketball player. Kyrie said, “Respect my right of choice.” And they jumped on him, “Man we ain’t going to get no championship.” Kyrie did not sign up for no damn shot. He signed up to play basketball. He kept his body healthy. He was not putting dope in himself. Why would he need your poison? 

Now they have taken all our leaders: “Stand up and tell them there is nothing wrong with the shot.” “I took it.” “You did?” Hey, did they tell you once you take this shot and you get the second shot you got it made? Wait, wait, wait. What is this I hear? The shot that we took is waning, losing its power to do what you told us it would do. So now you need a booster shot.

[Section Editor’s Note: The following excerpt is from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s nearly five-hour Saviours’ Day 2022 presentation commemorated in Chicago at Mosque Maryam, the National Center of the Nation of Islam. His subject was “The Swan Song.”]