The Fall of America

Everywhere that we look, and everything that we can think about, marks the end of this world. There never was a time in the history of the United States of America that the President goes out to try to visit the heads of all of the nations that seem to be somewhat his equal!

He is like a criminal who has committed a crime and he hopes for mercy from those whom he has committed the crime against! We cannot escape our doom when it comes, teaches the Holy Qur’an, and the Bible.

They showed no mercy at all to the Black slave. They treated the Black slave worse than any human being has ever been treated. They continue to do so, in the face of divine judgment.

They remind you of the parable of “The Rich Man and the Poor Man.” As long as the rich man enjoyed luxury, he cared nothing about luxury for his slave, Lazarus.


Then, at last the rich man fell into poverty and he was unable to get help, even for himself.

The Bible says of the poor Black slave that “none helped them.” Now the rich man gets in the place of his once slave. The rich man can witness how it feels to be a poor man.

The parable says, “At last the rich man died. And in hell he lifted up his eyes.” He saw his slave in the bosom of Abraham, in the heaven that the slave had been promised that he would get into. It was such a beautiful heaven that the poor slave was lolling around in.

The rich man cried out to the slave to share hell with him. (He asked the slave to bring him a drop of water in hell.) He knew that if the slave tried to get to hell with a drop of water, the slave would never get to heaven.

The rich man would be happy if he received a drop of water to ease his pain and torment. But if the slave could not come to him with a drop of water, then go to some of the rich man’s brothers, who the rich man knew were bound to get a taste of the same hell that the rich man was in. The rich man said, “Father Abraham, if you will not let Lazarus come to me, then send him to my brothers.” In words to say, “They are bound to get hell, too.”

So, I say to you, the time is not far off. This parable is now in the working. I say to you my Black Brother Lazarus, “Try to stay in the bosom of Abraham,” because no man came to us, as the Bible teaches us. No man came to the poor Lazarus (Lost-Found). No one aided him.

I have been begging for help to borrow money saying that we would give the extreme interest. No one has come to our aid yet. The White man has tried to prevent everyone who would give us a little help.

So Allah (God) came to help us from ourselves. May Allah (God) bless us to do his will and bless us to please Him, for Allah (God) is the only help that we have.

I do not care what interest we offered, no one wanted to loan us. They know that we are well worth the loan, but they do not want us to be helped. They figure we are going too fast as it is!

But, O rich man. O rich man! Your day has come. Your fall has come and no one will help you. They do not want to come near. They see divine destruction licking its tongue about you, on all sides. They do not want to get near to you.

Europe is standing afar, and will not come near. She does not want anything of you. Europe sees your doom and she does not want any herself.

Woe to the White slave-master. “In Hell He Lifted Up His Eyes!”

(Reprinted from “The Fall Of America, 1973.)