Elite 50 squad members present scholarship check. (From Left): Lionel Muhammad, Kevin 12X, Barney Muhammad, Ronald 7 Muhammad, Berve Power, Sa’ad Alim Muhammad and Haroon Rajaee.

The second annual Lt. Khalil Muhammad Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Muhammad University of Islam graduate Berve Muhammad, July 16 following Sunday services at Mosque Maryam.

The $1,000 award is presented to a graduating senior at M.U.I. who exemplifies characteristics of the late Lt. Khalil Muhammad, the former lieutenant over the men of the Elite 50 squad of the Fruit of Islam (F.O.I., the men in the Nation of Islam).

Brother Abdul Akbar (Kurt) Muhammad

“I am overjoyed to receive the scholarship,” said Bro. Berve. “Even though Bro. Khalil was older in age, he was still soldiering and leading. It’s a true and honest privilege to represent someone as great as he was.”

Berve Muhammad is the son of Brother Sa’ad Alim Muhammad and Sister Tameka Muhammad. Bro. Sa’ad is the Student National Secretary of the Nation of Islam. During the Sunday service, Bro. Berve thanked the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for rebuilding the Nation of Islam and reestablishing M.U.I., “which helps cultivate Black youth into their full potential, which is gods.”


“I remember my first day at M.U.I. I felt surrounded by people who loved me and pushed me to be the best. I plan to take the educational foundation I received at M.U.I. to the next level as I start my journey at Indiana State University where I will be majoring in construction management,” he told the Sunday audience. “The Messenger wanted us to have our own neighborhoods, hospitals, schools and supermarkets, among other things. We can’t wait around for others to hand us what we want on a silver platter. We must go out and do for ourselves, as the Messenger said.”

The idea of an annual scholarship honoring Bro. Khalil came during his janazah (funeral) service when members of the Elite 50 squad presented a resolution calling for a yearly commemoration of Lt. Khalil. During the presentation, Min. Farrakhan called for an enhancement of the yearly commemoration with a scholarship in the name of Brother Lieutenant Khalil Muhammad. He also described Brother Khalil as “a glimpse of walking with God.”

Brother James G. Muhammad

During a follow-up telephone conversation with Brother Barney Muhammad, Min. Farrakhan committed to give the first $10,000 towards the scholarship and during the first week of January 2022, the scholarship fund was established. Brother Abdul Akbar Muhammad (aka Kurt X) was so inspired that he immediately matched it with his own $10,000 contribution.

“It’s very important for us to secure our future, and anything I’m able to do to share in a level of commitment to the financial success of M.U.I. is not only my duty, but my responsibility,” commented Bro. Akbar, a Chicago businessman. “I had the opportunity to sit down with Bro. Khalil and his advice was beneficial in my life. He inspired me to continue to have a financial impact to our communities, especially those around The National Center.”

“We are forever grateful to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for his love of us and his desire for a scholarship to be established. Bro. Khalil himself emphasized the importance of our future through being the top seller of Nation of Islam bean pies, the proceeds of which go to fund our Muhammad University of Islam,” said Bro. Barney, secretary of the Elite 50 Supportive Services Commission.

In 1991, Min. Farrakhan placed Bro. Khalil in charge of the then newly commissioned Elite 50 Plus squad. Bro. Khalil’s work and dedication were demonstrated in his consistent lead in being the top seller of The Final Call newspaper, Nation-produced bean pies, water, books, tapes/CDs and other products of the Nation of Islam. The Lt. Khalil Muhammad Memorial Scholarship is available to graduating male seniors from any Muhammad University in the Nation of Islam. The class of 2024 male high school graduates can apply for next year’s scholarship by visiting www.muichicago.org to submit a request for application or via email at [email protected]. —The Final Call