[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint that was published on June 6, 2006. The Final Call will continue to publish articles written by our beloved brother and friend, Minister Jabril Muhammad.]

In commissioning His prophets with His message for the people, Almighty God, Allah, always equips them with the knowledge of how to advocate, prove and defend His message.

Jews expect the Messiah to arrive when God establishes His Kingdom on earth. Establishing eternal peace on earth, God must remove Satan from the earth. Jews believe that the prophets are signs of the Messiah.

The Jews do not believe that the Messiah was here 2,000 years ago, but he is yet to come.


Christians believe the same broad sketch I gave of the Jews except that they believe that the Messiah, whom they also refer to as the Christ, appeared in the person of Jesus, who was here 2,000 years ago. They also believe he has been with God in heaven ever since. They believe that he is to return to earth to destroy Satan, while participating with God in establishing His eternal reign.

Christians believe that the prophets were signs or types of Jesus.

Muslims believe that all of the prophets of Allah, Who is God, were signs of Prophet Muhammad. They do not expect him to return to participate in erasing this evil world. They do expect the Appearance of the Great Mahdi, Whom they believe is to establish justice and equity throughout the earth. They also believe that He is to be accompanied by Jesus, whom they expect to return. Together, in short, they are to make right all that is wrong on this earth forever.

What I’ve just sketched is just that: the barest kind of sketch of the position of these three groups. However, there are certain critical areas upon which all three groups agree. They all agree that we are living under the rule of Satan. All agree that Satan’s rule is to be destroyed. All three groups believe that the Messiah is definitely involved in the destruction of this evil world and the permanent establishment of God’s Kingdom.

Increasingly, members of all these groups either already believe, or are coming to believe, that we are living at the end of Satan’s time. What compels them to believe this? It’s the correspondence between what they see and hear–and are in–of the circumstances of the inhabitants of the earth, to what was written in the scriptures in which they believe. Either they already believe, or are coming to believe, that the condition of the lives of humanity fulfills or is fulfilling what was written in the scriptures.

Furthermore, it’s easy to hear and/or read of many Jews, Christians and Muslims pointing to this or that person as being the Messiah, or in some way profoundly connected to him, if not outright representing him. Their following occupies varying degrees of respect by other Jews, Christians and Muslims who don’t follow them.

So we could spend a great deal of time studying the teachings of the leaders and their supporters of many of these groups. No doubt, they all put forth some or many truths that they believe to be the solutions to the bad circumstances of their people and of humanity. But if they, too, believe that we are at the end of this wicked world and the establishment of the Kingdom of God, then their teachings does or does not contain the ultimate solutions to the problems of humanity.

Now, if their messages contain teachings of the ultimate solution to the problems of humanity on a permanent scale, then one of their leaders would have to be either the Supreme Being or one of their leaders should have received what they are teaching from the Supreme Being. All the others who present truths on this or that aspect of the problems of humanity may be respected for their truthful insights into certain aspects of the problems with which we all are confronted, but that’s all.

It certainly does not seem that this world will remain too much longer. It would seem ridiculous to believe that he is yet to be born, grow up and go through his final preparation before presenting himself to the world. So all Jews, Christians and Muslims, so it seems, must believe he is present in the world right now.

We who follow the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, see the former as the Messiah and the latter as his National Representative. We see the former as having met the Supreme Being in Person and who was commissioned by Him to work as he did from the early 1930s until his departure in February 1975. We also see Minister Farrakhan as the divinely designated person who was/is to continue the Messiah’s work under his direct guidance, right up to the end of this world’s power to rule.

In the last two articles, we read Minister Farrakhan’s brief conception of the relationship between his mission and his teacher’s mission. It grows, in part, out of his self-concept and grasp of his teacher’s self-concept and the relation between the two. Their self-concepts are part of their teachings of God’s Self-concept and His perfect conception of the true identity of the “despised and rejected” or “a people who are no people,” as the scriptures refer to Black people of America. This also includes their teachings of God’s conception of humanity as a whole and the nature of the times in which we all live.

So, whenever God Almighty sent representatives of Himself, generally called prophets, He sent them with His teachings for the people among whom they were raised. He taught them how He wanted them to present His message. He taught them how to defend that message from every conceivable attack and how to convince even the wisest of the people that they were telling the truth.

Our position is that Minister Farrakhan has presented what God and the Messiah wanted him to present in the way he was to present it. Further, he has presented the most cogent and compelling arguments, with other forms of proofs, to the truth of that message he was given to teach. Furthermore, he has provided proofs that he has taught the truth to Black people of America, to White America and to the nations of the earth.

Finally, God and the Messiah back Minister Farrakhan.

At the end of the 45th chapter of Fall of America, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote: “God has given to me a very strong and invincible truth that will defend, protect and prevent you from falling victim to the arch-deceiver.” This is what Minister Farrakhan has taught and is teaching.

I am among those who heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad say: “It is not what we say from our mouths, but what we could prove that people should lay hold to.”

Please read the interviews I have conducted with Minister Farrakhan. These articles show something of the superb depth and range of his wisdom. They provide evidence, leading to the proof of his identity and of his Backers, of his truthfulness and the truth of his message. They also allow us to enter into the heart, to some extent, of this great lover of God, his people and humanity.

More, next issue, Allah willing.