[Editor’s Note: This article was published online on April 1, 2003.]

My article in last week’s issue of The Final Call ended with an indication of the profoundest kind of love displayed by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the early 1930s for his people.

The fact that continuous demonstrations had to be made to prove to us that Allah is in love with us, shows what a terrible crime was committed against us during slavery. And we’re still being deceived by our enemies.

God Himself had to personally visit and produce the two Messiahs from among us, for us to learn what divine love really is. (This will be proven.)


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad demonstrated the love in God in his teachings and work for us right up to the time of his departure.

Now, if you have no sense of the love of Allah in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for you, because you don’t know him, then look at the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He loves you with the love that is in the hearts of God, Himself and his teacher!

Minister Farrakhan stated in his speech that President Bush is spiritually blind. America’s media is also spiritually blind. That’s why, in part, the media hid the truth of Minister Farrakhan’s speech. It was far more than an anti-war speech.

America’s media lies; spreads unfounded rumors; spreads possibilities as realities; commits non-stop gossip and libel. (Hypocrites do, too.) Real soon, however, they will bear witness that Minister Farrakhan taught the truth.

Unless we see and hear Minister Farrakhan with our spiritual faculties (powers) we don’t really see nor hear him. (This holds true for all else that we see/hear.) Nevertheless, none has an excuse for claiming ignorance of what he has taught, or for their rejection or procrastination in accepting him and his message of salvation.

He has proven to be exactly what his teacher said he was: a star without equal. More on this later, Allah willing.

The first time I was blessed (with others) to meet the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in a personal way was in July 1956. Among the many wonderful things he expressed that night was his determination to develop the spirit of family among his people. He said he was going to get us all calling each other Brothers and Sisters. He said even this would help to develop love and unity among us.

A few months earlier my minister at that time, Brother Philbert, took me with him to Jackson, Michigan. He was showing me pointers on spreading Islam in places where it was either not yet taught or was in the very early stages of being experienced.

We stop at a coffee shop. He called the waitress, “Sister.” She got indignant. She said, “I ain’t one of your sisters.” He responded beautifully while planting the seed of “family.”

Minister Farrakhan generates the concept and spirit of “family.”

One day, here in Phoenix, among his followers, in May 1989, he made a symbolic demonstration of the fact that we were family. Two days later in Chicago, at the end of a huge Laborer’s Conference he did the same thing.

Later that year, in San Diego, on the afternoon of his first Respect For Life speech, I showed him a book. I asked him if he had ever seen or heard of it before. He said no. I asked him to read certain pages. He did.

At a certain point he must have read what I wanted him to read without my telling him what it was or why. Have you ever read or seen something that so caught you by surprise that your body reacted by a sudden movement? That’s what he did. He was surprised.

The passage that he reacted to described an occasion when Muhammad (of 1,400 years ago) did what Minister Farrakhan did in Phoenix and in Chicago.

Like Joseph of the scriptures, Minister Farrakhan is making family by the help of the living God.

In an article I wrote for The Final Call, on December 13, 1992, I wrote:

“Former President Jimmy Carter was interviewed last night on the Larry King Radio program. At one point a caller reminded him of his campaign promise to have all government files relative to the ‘UFO’ phenomena released to the American people. The caller indicated that he did not believe that Mr. Carter had kept that promise. The caller ended with these words: ‘When you were elected, what stopped you from fulfilling that promise?’”

“What follows is a transcript of an excerpt of the interview, which contained  his words,  in response to this question.

“Mr. Jimmy Carter: I presumed they have all had been released. I wasn’t aware that they hadn’t.  I became very famous about that be-cause I saw a UFO back before I got involved in politics, and so I’ve been in all the UFO magazines and so forth. But so far as I know during my administration they were released.

“A moment later, Mr. Carter described his encounter with the ‘UFOs’.”

Why didn’t Larry King question Mr. Carter to clear up obvious flaws in his answer? For instance, how could all of the government’s UFO files be released, which, among other things, would have verified Mr. Carter’s experience with these planes, and it not be reported big time in America’s media? How could Mr. Carter be in doubt about whether or not these files were released?

Remember, he was so sure of his experience, with these so-called UFOs, that he publicly told of his UFO-experience. Could he have been that casual about the when, etc., of the release of the files on these planes? His experience so impacted him that he promised he would release the secret government files on them, if elected, during his campaign for America’s highest political office. He had a deep personal interest in the release of those files.

The following is an excerpt from an interview by Brother Cedric Muhammad (of Blackelectorate.com) of Dr. Greer of the Disclosure Project–a group of distinguished Americans who are working to get the government to come clean with the public on the truth of these planes.

“Cedric Muhammad: When I spoke to Attorney Sheehan, he gave me a history that goes back to that 1977 conversation between then-President elect Carter and then CIA Director George Bush and which led him into an interaction with the Jesuits and the Vatican. Could you summarize all of that and bring it all the way up to your interaction with the Vatican?”

Here is a part of Dr. Greer’s response.

“Dr. Greer: Yes, it is interesting, because Mr. Sheehan shared this account and we have an interview that describes this. Once President Carter was denied access to this information by then CIA Director Bush–the current President’s father, of course–he was told to go to the Congress and get it.

“Well, eventually Mr. Carter made an inquiry through the Congressional Research Service’s Science Division and what they did was ask Daniel Sheehan, who at the time was Chief Counsel for the Jesuits in Washington D.C., to make an inquiry to the Vatican on behalf of President Carter and the Congressional Research Service to get information that the Vatican had.”

More next issue, Allah willing.