[Editor’s Note: This article was previously published online on October 13, 2002.]

Here are the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s concluding answers to the May 1st interview.

Brother Jabril: “Now, we come to all of these sciences from another angle, or I should say from the ultimate perspective.

 “One day you told us that the subject of love came up between you and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. You said he was deepening you (and the others there) on this subject. You said he raised that question to you: ‘What is love?’ You gave an answer and he then went on to teach that it was freedom, justice, and equality.


“Now, of course, you know he taught us that freedom, justice, and equality was related to the sun, stars, and the moon, in that the sun, the stars, and the moon were symbols or signs of freedom, justice, and equality.

“So, Brother Minister, since freedom, justice, and equality undergird our successes in the use of the other six sciences, on which you’ve just commented, how then, is freedom, justice, and equality love?”   

Minister Farrakhan: “It would seem to me that freedom, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, is essential to life. So is justice. So is equality. These are basic essentials to life.

“Since God is the Author of life, He is the Source of these basic essentials of life–freedom. Everything He created always starts from a seed, or something small and insignificant. But in order for us to see what it is, that it may glorify the God Who gave it to us, it must be free to develop. Once it develops, it justifies its existence and is equal to all things in creation.

“Since He created everything out of this awesome power of love, then He created all things to be free, to be justified, and to be equal.  It is only when we help people to develop the best that is in themselves–so that they may justify their existence and thus become equal to everything else that justifies its existence–that we demonstrate that we love.

“Naturally, parents love their children. But freedom is not license. Freedom has to be within the sphere of a law that regulates the behavior of the creature so that it does not destroy the life that it has been given. So there is no love without freedom and there is no freedom without love that restricts us from that which is destructive of our being and that would disallow us to justify our existence, thus making us equal to all things in creation.

“So love is life and life is love. There is no life without freedom, justice, and equality. And there is no love without the same.”

Brother Jabril: “How–not only are human beings–but how is anything that He created justified?  In what way is it justified?”

Minister Farrakhan: “From my understanding, a thing is justified by being itself. Being itself means developing in accord with the nature of its creation. When it develops along the natural lines for which it was created, it fulfills its purpose for creation, thereby, justifying itself.”

Brother Jabril: “How, in this great diversity of life forms and things, throughout creation, is anything equal?”

Minister Farrakhan: “It is equal in that, from the tiniest atom, to the hugest planet, they all function in accord with a law.  It is by means of that law that they are in existence and perpetuate their existence. So the atom is equal to the far planet even though the atom is microscopic and cannot be seen with the naked eye and the planet is so huge that it cannot be mistaken, you know. (Both laugh.) But they both are equal by means of love.”

Brother Jabril: “Freedom, justice, and equality–Islam. What is Islam’s relation to these other sciences that we were not taught, but now we have to learn in order to benefit self and others? What is Islam’s relation to the other sciences, that we have been taught, but have not yet learned how to properly apply?

“Would you say again that–and you’ve said it different ways–this that is called Islam, which is freedom, justice, and equality, which are essentials of life–is that which we must master, in order to make proper use of all these other sciences? Please comment on these relationships, especially now that we are right on the threshold of the birth of a brand new world.”

Minister Farrakhan: “ ‘This day have I completed my favor on you and perfected for you your religion and chosen for you Islam as a religion.’

“To me, Islam, as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, is the completion of God’s favor and it offers to us the greatest degree of freedom because it gives us the greatest knowledge of the offer of freedom and the greatest knowledge of our connection to Him that we now are made free to grow into Him.

“So this Islam that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gives us represents a new sun, a new moon, a new star, a greater freedom, a greater justice, a greater equality, which will supplant the old freedom. And the old freedom is the old freedom because it was not sufficient in the knowledge that it gave and the understanding that accompanies that knowledge and the guidance that came with that knowledge to perfect the human being and grow the human into God.

“So he was not yet free to justify himself. And I believe that’s why one writer said he (the Jesus figure) thought it not robbery to equal himself up to God, in the sense that now he was given the knowledge to be what God had created him to be and the freedom to be that.

“That is why none of these sciences can be made as useful as they will be made except through that wisdom that was brought to us by Master Fard Muhammad and taught to us by the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.”


This ends the May 1st interview. It began in Volume 21; Number 35. If you’ve not read the whole, please get back issues of The Final Call or visit http://www.writtentestimony.com/.

My interview of Minister Farrakhan, which preceded this one, started in Volume 21; Number 17, and ended in Volume 21; Number 32. Again, please get the back issues of The Final Call or visit the same web site for the wisdom in them of Minister Farrakhan.

I also intend to give Minister Farrakhan’s answer to the “why” of the six women and one man, who were at the foot of the cross, when Jesus was being crucified.


In a very humble manner, Minister Farrakhan asked me, why I asked him such questions. I gave him a short, respectful, and loving answer. He nodded his head and smiled. I’d like to share that answer. It has everything to do with “the explanation of all things.”

Many may ask, are Minister Farrakhan’s brief and simple answers, in this interview, the explanation of all things?

The Holy Qur’an says it contains “the explanation of all things.” Christians claim this for the New Testament.  In certain places, it reads that way.

I began this series by noting the physicists’ (scientists’) efforts to gain “the explanation of all things.”

More next issue, Allah willing.

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