We are living in the time when dissatisfaction is 100 percent throughout the world of man and mankind. Therefore we are living among the dissatisfied persons, daily and nightly.

No one is satisfied though they may be righteous. They are not satisfied because they are living among unrighteousness. So the whole entire world of the wicked and the righteous is upset due to dissatisfaction.

The dissatisfied are gaining everyday more and more among the people whom they hope to bring into the same condition that they are in. And today nothing is made so clear to the chiefmaker of dissatisfaction.

The Black people in North America, who are up from slavery, are the target of the White slave-masters’ children who wish to keep them here and deprived of their salvation, if possible. The White man holds out promises to the Black man only to deceive the Black man. The White man fascinates the Black man and tries to do that for the Black man that the White man does not want to do. But nevertheless, he does these things in order to get his hold on the Black once—slave; to go to the White man’s doom with him. The devil is the open enemy of the original Black people of the earth.


Temptation—The White man is trying to tempt the Black man all over the earth to take part with the White man in evil and filth. Here in America, if you will bear me witness, sex talk is the topic of conversation twenty-four hours a day on the radio and the television. These public broadcasts to the people contain some of the most filthy talk and some of the most filthy actions on the screen than we ever dreamed of hearing from a neighbor even in private … not to think of in public.

The Black man in America is on the radio twenty-four hours a day. The White man loves to weigh the Black People out in his filthy language of sex to see how many of our Black People he can get to go to hell with the White man by persuading them with his sexual talk. The Holy Qur’an is 100 percent right. Read it, and try and find something in there that is not true.  If you think that you have found something come to me and I will show you and the world that it is true.

Black man, this is the end of the rule of the White man. Allah (God) came to Kill them for mistreating the Black once-slave here in America. Allah (God) says in Isaiah (Bible) that He will kill our enemy and call us by another Name. Black Brother, this is going on right in your eyes, but you still think that the time is prolonged to the distant future and that you will not live to see it. But, I say to you all, in truth, that you are living in it now.

The scientists of America know that America is on her way out. And since you, Black man, are the righteous, perhaps all of you will be saved; for you are bound to submit when you see what is coming. Allah (God) will take you and me and call us after His own name. As I have preached to you for years, as long as we go in the name of the White man we are his people to serve him and to go to his doom with him.

The White man is stripping you of decent clothes to wear. Many of you come out in the public one-half nude. He is making you shameless. You are doing something that you did not know you would ever be able to do. But, it is in you, that you would like to obey the devil and not obey Allah (God), the God of righteousness, truth, freedom, justice and equality. It is so shameful for you to sit and let your voices be heard on the radio and television answering the filthy questions that the White man is asking concerning your own personal self and the way that you think.

The White man is only trying to choose you to go to hell with him. That White man knows that there is no heaven for him. There will be a remnant of them saved, but the majority are going down and they are taking a fighting chance of it in the way of deceiving you to go along with them. That is the reason both Books, the Bible and the Holy Qur’an, teach us not to let the archdeceiver deceive us.

But the devil is doing it night and day. Why do you think he has these twenty-four hour talk shows talking among you and with you, if it is not to get you to agree with them so that you will go along with them to their doom?

Certainly they hate me and the Muslims who follow me. But their hatred does not make any difference with us, just as long as Allah (God) does not hate us. Their hatred goes for nothing if Allah (God) is not hating us. As it is written, “He whom Allah Befriends is not disgraced.” Allah (God) has always backed up His people, who are of the righteous and who believe in Him from ancient time, until this day.

Fear not. Lift up your heads in the pride of truth and love for you Black man and the God of the Black man.

The dissatisfied must be removed from the satisfied of Allah (God) and His people of righteousness. The lost-found Black aboriginal people in America have the greatest gift coming to them of any people who lived in the past. They will have a new growth put into them and they will be changed in the twinkling of an eye, as it is written in the Bible and in the Holy Qur’an. This change will take place after Satan has been conquered and cast out of the earth from among the aboriginal Black people to whom the White man is no kin.

(Text from “The Fall of America,” 1973.)