“Many of us who pursue a profession in life never give a second thought to the fact that ‘farming and agriculture’ is the first profession that Allah (God) introduced to man. If we study the Book of Genesis (2:2), it represents the beginning of this world and also represents the beginning of every nation. In Genesis, God—after He worked six days creating the heavens, the earth, the rivers, the lakes, the fish, the cattle, the herbs, the insects, the trees, the birds, the bushes—He lamented, saying, ‘And there was no man to till the ground.’ So in the second chapter of Genesis, verse 15, it reads: ‘And the Lord God took the man’—that He had made—’and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.’

According to the dictionary, ‘to dress’ means ‘to make or set straight; to prepare for use or service; to add decorative details or accessories to; to trim, to ornament or adorn; to cultivate, to tend.’

God gave Adam earth, but in the ‘breathing into Adam of His Spirit’ (Gen. 2:7), He had to give him the knowledge of ‘how to do’ what He asked him to do. If Adam was to ‘dress the Garden,’ he needed the knowledge of how to cultivate what he had been given. So ‘The Gift of God to Man’ is earth; and, also, the knowledge of how to dress it. And ‘the fowl and the cattle’ that are on that land (Gen. 2:20) teaches us that the second profession after ‘farming’ is animal husbandry. The point that we are making is that the first profession, as the basic support for all labor and all divisions of human labor, is the labor of tilling the ground—‘farming,’ ‘feeding oneself’—and taking care of ‘the gift of animals’ that The Creator has given for the benefit of man. So ‘farming’ and ‘animal husbandry’ are the first professions and are the engine of every nation.”

—The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, “Farming Is The Engine Of Our National Life,” from The Time And What Must Be Done, Part 36, September 14, 2013


A recent ABC News article announced that the “USDA approves first ever ‘cell-cultivated meat’ for two American manufacturers,” synthetic meat companies that produce and sell “chicken grown from animal cells in bioreactors.” The June 22, 2023, article points out that cell-cultivated meat will officially become part of the U.S. food system. UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat are the first cell-cultivated chicken meat producers to be approved for commercial sales nationwide.

The article further states: “The food and agriculture manufacturing industry has hailed this as a ‘historic’ moment—after years of investment in UPSIDE Foods from Bill Gates, (British billionaire entrepreneur) Richard Branson and Whole Foods founder John Mackey—as scientists tout the lab-cultivated meat as a possible solution for global warming, inhumane treatment of animals and growing global hunger.”

Bill Gates Photo: MGN Online

On the surface, the hype sounds good, but here we have the leading depopulator Bill Gates popping up again to use his billions to take us down a fake food path. But is the fake meat industry an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to feed the world? According to recent studies, lab-cultured meat is worse for the environment than cattle in animal-confinement industrial facilities. As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, researchers at UC Davis warn “there’s a big environmental downside to lab-grown meat” that isn’t part of the “global warming” conversation. And is this lab-cultured artificial meat even safe to eat? Or is it toxic? And why is the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approving the production of fake food instead of promoting actual “agriculture”? Is the USDA working for the farmers or the biotech “food” manufacturing industry?

By definition, agriculture is “the science, art, or practice of cultivating the soil, producing crops, and raising livestock and in varying degrees the preparation and marketing of the resulting products.” But this lab-grown “meat” is not an “agricultural” product, because it is manufactured from “cells” in “bioreactors”—not on soil and not from livestock.

Daniel R. Glickman is described on Wikipedia—not as a farmer but as “an American politician, lawyer, lobbyist, and nonprofit leader (and) CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America.” Yet he was the head of the USDA, serving as the Secretary of Agriculture under President Clinton from 1995 until 2001. Glickman—like Gates—has no training as an agriculturist, yet he is pushing this “fake meat” as a member of the GOOD Meat Advisory Board. He said after the USDA’s fake-meat approval: “I commend the agency’s current leadership for working collaboratively with their FDA colleagues and the GOOD Meat team to reach this significant regulatory milestone … . Today’s approval demonstrates that the United States is a global leader in the promising alternative protein space while also continuing to support family farmers’ efforts to feed the world through conventional food and agriculture techniques.”

So how does the replacement of farm-grown livestock with “alternative protein” from “bioreactors” support family farmers? Why is Dan Glickman on the board of a fake meat manufacturer? He is the same Glickman named as the defendant in the Pigford v. Glickman class action lawsuit against the USDA, the federal agency that had racially discriminated against Black farmers in its allocation of farm loans and assistance from 1981 to 1996. What’s more, GOOD Meat is a division of the food technology company Eat Just, Inc., which in 2015 was recognized by Klaus Schwab as a World Economic Forum “Technology Pioneer.” He is the same Schwab that formed a 40-year-plus friendship with Henry A. Kissinger, author of the National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM-200), wherein the Secretary of State argued that for America to control the strategic resources of Third World nations it must actively reduce their populations by millions of lives. The depopulation agenda outlines, among other actions, weaponizing the global food supply. The April 1974 memo, by the way, was addressed to the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Central Intelligence—and the Secretary of Agriculture, among others.

These men, government agencies, and corporations are trying to usher in a “brave new world” of “food” manufacturing without farmers or land. In fact, although thousands of acres of land are being bought up by Bill Gates and others, there is a strong indication they don’t intend to farm this land at all. Witness a cnbc.com article published on October 2, 2022, titled “How John Deere plans to build a world of fully autonomous farming by 2030.” This article states: “The autonomous 8R (self-driving, driverless tractor) is the culmination of Deere’s nearly two decades of strategic planning and investment in automation, data analytics, GPS guidance, internet-of-things connectivity and software engineering.” So, what will crop farmers do after John Deere has trained their AI (artificial intelligence) replacements?

It seems that crop farmers, dairymen, and livestock farmers have fallen into the category of “useless eaters,” and their children will go the way of the children of Black farmers, who were put out of business by the racist, predatory policies of the USDA. Will the American government herd the white farmers into cities and feed them Bill Gates-financed fake meat and gene-spliced crops engineered with his beloved vaccines? Is this his move to override America’s growing “vaccine hesitancy” now that the poisonous “COVID-19 vaccines” have killed at least 35,443 Americans?

Texas farmland Photo: MGN Online

So, after White farmers rejoiced in getting the land of the displaced Black farmers, it seems that the USDA, FDA, Bill Gateses, Klaus Schwabs, Henry Kissingers, Richard Bransons and Dan Glickmans of the world have something in store for White American and European farmers. European farmers in the Netherlands and now Ireland are protesting their government’s attempt to force them to kill “God’s ‘gift of animals’”—their cattle—to “reduce global warming.” We showed the fallacy in blaming global warming on cattle, in our previous Final Call article titled “Future of Food: Control the Food, Control the People.” Fox News just reported on a new strand of the “bird flu virus,” found in South Africa—just in time for a mass culling of farmed birds and the rollout of the fake chicken now ready for the global market. Coincidence?

This latest, fake-food attack on farmers is clearing the land for the planned “food” manufacturing facilities and these “fake food” companies will make billions of dollars feeding you something that never had any wings or feet and was never alive—a lab-cultured, artificial “abomination.”

Well, who will you say your prayers to when you “bless” your meals, God or Gates?