[Section Editor’s Note: Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay holds a doctorate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and is the Director of Toxicology and Molecular Biology for Toxicology Support Services, LLC. She shared her opinions and analysis with Charlene Muhammad of The Final Call about what’s really behind a massive new effort to vaccinate millions of children—dubbed

“The Big Catch-Up”—the Chelsea Clinton-Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-World Health Organization push for mass child vaccination in Afghanistan, Brazil, North Korea, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Mexico, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the nations of Africa. This interview was edited for brevity and clarity.]

It is very alarming that there is such a campaign (The Big Catch-Up) to give so many children multiple shots of vaccines that have never been tested for toxicity.

At the World Vaccine Summit a couple of years ago, it was brought out that toxicity studies have never been done in the proper manner on any vaccines. Vaccinated people also were not followed long enough to indicate if they had any adverse reaction. In many cases, they were only followed for a few days instead of months to years, as they should have been followed for neurological or cancer outcomes; nor did they monitor whether the shots given to pregnant women negatively affected their babies.


And then the adjuvants (toxicants, such as aluminum, added to the vaccines to “stimulate and enhance” the body’s immune response) and the combination of the adjuvants given together when multiple shots are given together, and multiple different brands given together were never studied.

It was something that the head of the World Vaccine Safety Summit said that they wanted to do in the future, because they noticed that patients were losing confidence in the vaccination program and so were doctors. Doctors and physicians were losing confidence in the vaccination program, because they couldn’t provide to their patients studies which showed that these important toxicity and safety studies had actually been done. And patients were starting to ask for them.

Brian Hooker Researchgate

So this is very distressing, because all of us thought that this had already been done! We were assured that this had already been done and of course—the ‘safe and effective’ line for vaccines has been touted for years.

Well, now we have studies by Brian S. Hooker and Neil Z. Miller and others that have followed the partially vaccinated, the unvaccinated, and the highly vaccinated for many years, and have looked at both acute and chronic health conditions in these populations. And what they show is startling!

They show that amongst the most highly vaccinated, these are the people that have the chronic health conditions! Heart conditions, auto-immune conditions, skin conditions, asthma. While those who are partially vaccinated have less of those conditions and autism, of course. And then those who are not vaccinated have barely any of these conditions! That is not an endorsement for this [childhood vaccination] program!

Neil Miller Photo: Researchgate

And, of course, we’ve moved from just four shots when I was a kid to, in total, 72 by the time they’re 18. You can’t just keep adding shots. I know, because I helped develop a vaccine in the ’90s. [In the 1990s Dr. Lindsay worked as part of a research team on the development of a vaccine that unintentionally caused auto-immune ovarian destruction and sterility.]

I immunized a number of animals. You can’t just keep giving shots and not expect the immune system to become impaired. You can’t keep piling on one shot after another shot—and then to give these to babies! Their immune system is not even fully functioning until they’re 4 to 5 years old. And they’re giving all these shots to babies with non-formed immune systems, where so many things can go wrong.

And now we know that these shots are contaminated with DNA from the cells that they’re grown on, and sometimes a male- and a female-aborted fetus cell line is used to grow some of these vaccines. And residual DNA is present in these vaccines, and who knows what kind of harm that can cause to a young baby, when everything is so plastic and so easily modulated?

It’s really distressing. I don’t think we’ve gone forward with our vaccine program. I think we’ve gone backward. I think we’ve stopped considering things in a scientific manner. I think taking away liability from the pharmaceutical companies was a huge mistake. [Pharmaceutical companies and vaccine manufacturers are not liable for injuries or deaths caused by vaccines.]

Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay Twi

You take liability away from a car manufacturer but you mandate everybody to buy the car—what incentive is there for the car manufacturer to make a safe car? There’s none. Zero! They’re not going to have any liability for it, so why shouldn’t they cut corners and increase their profits?

So, I guess that Chelsea Clinton wants to go to places like Africa—that didn’t have very much uptake of the Covid vaccine—and touch these kids up on all the vaccinations that they may have missed. Just while we’re really questioning whether these kids really need these vaccines at all! I think it’s poor timing. I think there’s no benefit. For the Covid vaccines, there’s no benefit at all. They’re harming immune systems.

They’re toxic. They’re contaminated! … The Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines are heavily contaminated with the plasmids used to create them … They’re contaminated—they [the Covid vaccines] should be pulled off the market. Period. Anytime you have a contaminated medical product!

And now it’s been confirmed by three labs that these shots are contaminated and the mRNA is degraded and our U.S. Food and Drug Administration is doing nothing. So, we are going state to state, talking to the attorneys general and giving them the evidence of the contamination and saying, ‘You have to recall these shots.’

Children standing near a concrete fence. Photo: Pexels

I don’t care what your opinion is on vaccines, genetic vaccines, what have you—nobody signed up to get contaminated shots.

…We started an initiative: “We The People 50—Recall the Shots.” It’s wethepeople50.com for anybody that would like to find out more about it. We’ve got several doctors and scientists that are involved in this, that are behind this, to let people know these shots are contaminated. The genetic vaccine platform is dangerous. We have more deaths. We’re up to 35,443 deaths that are in the CDC’s VAERS system (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) now. We’ve never seen anything like this.

Recall that other vaccines were pulled: the Swine Flu vaccine was pulled after 26 deaths. The Rotavirus vaccine was pulled after 10 cases of bowel obstruction. We’re at over 35,000 deaths in excess and nobody’s pulling these shots! What in the heck is wrong?!