Performers as young as four years of age performed at a music performance presented by the Ministry of Arts and Culture on June 17

CHICAGO—The Ministry of Arts and Culture of the Nation of Islam was proud to present a springtime music performance featuring young musicians on the violin, cello, piano, and vocals. Host Farrad Muhammad helped  put together the performance, which was held on June 17 at Muhammad University of Islam (M.U.I.) on the grounds of The National Center of the Nation of Islam. 

“It turned out very well,” he told The Final Call. “Every time it gets better, the level of excellence goes up.” Brother Farrad said that the performers who were as young as four years of age are star-quality students. “We really do have some of the best musicians in Chicago right here,” he continued.

“It was all live music and an accompanist was there. They were able to do a five-minute run through. … They perform with these institutions that produce these musicians. I would argue that you would experience better because we have the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.”

Brother Farrad believes that artistic expression is also a means to reach the youth and community and help make our communities safe and decent places to live. He hopes to host another musical performance through the Ministry of Arts and Culture later this year.