Audience member speaks at Appointed Local School Council (ALSC) meeting June 5 at Lindblom Math and Science Academy in Chicago. Photos: Haroon Rajaee

CHICAGO—Lindblom Math and Science Academy’s athletic director, Christina Davis, has come under increased scrutiny for her alleged incompetence and questionable actions. The school, known for its academic excellence, is now facing a difficult period as more information uncovers financial discrepancies, inadequate oversight, and instances of student endangerment within the athletic department.

These allegations are coming to light as support for the school’s former principal continues to grow. Instead of being applauded for excellent problem-solving skills, former Lindblom Principal Abdul Muhammad has been the target of rumors, undermining, and religious bigotry and was eventually ousted from the school allegedly with the help of Ms. Davis, his biggest critic.

His removal sparked an inquiry by U.S. Congressman Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.) who called into WVON 1690-AM radio station on May 28 during an interview to express his support of Principal Muhammad. “I will do anything to help you. Just let me know,” said Rep. Davis.

As reported in the June 6 edition of The Final Call (See Vol. 42 No. 34), Chicago Public Schools (CPS) removed Mr. Muhammad from Lindblom after a sloppy, one-sided investigation on March 31—only eight months into the school year. This included 82-plus unsubstantiated complaints from five primarily White teachers and that did not include statements from parents, other faculty, students or Muhammad.


A narrative and timeline emerged after The Final Call reviewed a series of reports, documents and email correspondence. The investigation into the athletic department started when Mr. Muhammad noticed that ticket sales reports for the homecoming dance and game were never provided to him. On September 26, 2022, a request was made to the clerk, LaConda McDaniel, for the ticket sales report, but no response was received.

Principal Abdul Muhammad

A follow-up email was sent on September 29 to multiple recipients, including Athletic Director Davis. Ms. Davis eventually submitted a report stating that $1,200 worth of tickets had been sold, but no records of the sales were kept. Further investigation revealed that funds from previous games were also unaccounted for, in violation of CPS policy, which requires timely submission of reports and funds within 24 hours of an event, explained Mr. Muhammad.

Principal Muhammad confronted her about missing funds from a football game in a meeting on October 27. Initially, Ms. Davis denied the existence of the funds but later claimed that the money was her own and she did not have to turn it in. Eventually, on October 29 via email, she admitted to not submitting the funds and handed them in on October 31, almost two months after the incident. This is all documented in a series of emails Mr. Muhammad provided to The Final Call.

Another troubling revelation involves the non-compliance of 37 coaches with regulations set by the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). It is the responsibility of the athletic director to ensure that all coaches are in compliance. However, Principal Muhammad chose not to involve the Law Department for a formal investigation.

Instead, he sent an email to Ms. Davis on October 20, requesting her to fulfill her duties and ensure compliance. The persistence of non-compliance, as evidenced by an email sent on October 29, raises questions about Davis’s management and oversight of the athletic department.

The most alarming development arose in relation to the cheerleading program. On December 6, 2022, multiple parents lodged complaints with the CPS Sport Administration, alleging that their daughters had been injured during an unauthorized off-site practice. Ms. Davis had approved the practice without Principal Muhammad’s knowledge or consent. In a subsequent meeting, Ms. Davis admitted her failure to communicate with Principal Muhammad and claimed ignorance of the unauthorized practice.

Upon hearing about the unauthorized practices, Principal Muhammad contacted CPS officials, organized meetings with affected parents, and worked to rectify the issues caused by Ms. Davis. “Had I not rectified the situations, these incidents by Davis could have resulted in multiple lawsuits against CPS,” said Mr. Muhammad ,who felt that trying to solve the problems without firing faculty would best serve the stability of the school.

Critics argue that Athletic Director Davis’s lack of accountability and refusal to adhere to proper protocols raises serious concerns about her ability to effectively lead the athletic department. Supporters speculate that it was Principal Muhammad’s professionalism, diligent oversight and expectations of accountability that led to his being targeted by a small group of White teachers at the school.

“It’s not about Black and White, it’s about wrong and right,” said Lindblom alumni Sa’ad Alim Muhammad (formerly Berve Power Jr.), whose father, Berve Power Sr., taught at Lindblom for over 30 years. “Principal Muhammad was selected but never was given the opportunity to do what he wanted to do. We are not just fighting for Principal Muhammad, we are fighting for justice,” he said.

As Lindblom navigates these challenging circumstances, calls for a thorough investigation from parents, the community, Congressman Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.) and others have grown. Supporters want to completely uncover the extent of Athletic Director Davis’s alleged misconduct and its impact on the athletic department. The school must prioritize the well-being of its students, restore trust, and implement proper oversight to prevent further mishaps—all of which Principal Muhammad was doing before being relieved of his role as the principal by CPS, his supporters argue.

Nearly 200 Lindblom students and alumni, as well as former students of Principal Muhammad, co-workers, community advocates, and members of the community-at-large attended a town hall meeting and press conference to express their support for Mr. Muhammad at St. Sabina Church on May 18.

“Where are we in the investigation of everyone?” asked one parent during an Appointed Local School Council (ALSC) meeting held in early June. “Are parents now being interviewed as to what they witnessed over the past few months? I’m praying that justice comes quickly,” the parent said.

“Lindblom has a diverse student body. We acknowledge that our teaching staff does not reflect that diversity. We know that students do better socially and academically when teachers reflect their culture, needs and values,” said Edward Hershey, a science teacher at Lindblom, speaking at the ALSC meeting on June 5. “We acknowledge and take accountability for the ways we have made missteps, past and present.” Mr. Hershey has not responded to an inquiry from The Final Call asking what those missteps were and are.

“In my 17 years as a professional (educator), I’ve never seen a situation where from the very beginning, we as parents have seen Mr. Muhammad’s authority undermined,” said Mark Dryer, a White male parent of two Lindblom students. “As a Christian, myself, this Islamaphobia has got to stop.”

The Final Call has reached out to CPS and Athletic Director Davis with no response by press time. For more information, visit