How To Eat To Live

IT IS very hard to find pure food that is not poisoned by the enemy for the purpose of making it unfit for our lives, when the enemy has access to the food and freedom to do so. He admits that he has poisoned the poor old cow’s grass and now has poisoned the water and the atmosphere, which is also hunting him. It is a shame. But, as David says in his Psalms, let them be caught in the trap that they set for others.

A MAN should pay for such evil planning against innocent people. He should suffer the same as that which he would like for the people to suffer.

WE HAVE a Just God on the scene today, and His Greatest Desire is to Make everyone bear the consequences of their own evils. For the American white people to do such evil things against the lives of men and of animals, beasts and fowls, is a dirty shame.

EATING one meal a day will prolong your life. Try and get the best foods you can. And, eat it in the Name of Allah. This will prolong your life. If you eat one meal every two days (every 48 hours), you are adding more days to your life than when you eat 24 hours. But, get away from that hog. Get away from grinding out your stomach with rough corn bread and with peanuts and all kinds of nuts. Keep these things out of your stomach. They will kill you and shorten your life, and will cause you to start looking old quickly.


THIS IS a “nut” civilization (the white world), because of their habits which were taken up four thousand years ago and beyond. When they were in the hillsides and caves of Europe, they ate the foods other wild beasts ate. That is why you see white people eating all kinds of foods today. It is due to their inheriting it from their fathers. As you know, they will eat anything. Only a few of them reach 100 years of age, when they should be reaching two or three hundred years of age. To ignore the Divine Law, which God Has Taught you and me, is to ignore your own life.

EAT TO LIVE. Eat the right foods.

Allah has said that no wild game should be eaten at all. Regardless as to how you love deer meat, the deer is not good to eat. No game that runs wild in the woods or birds that fly, with the exception of baby pigeons that have never flown away from the nest where they were born, (called squabs) should be eaten. Please do not eat coons, opossums, turtles, turtle eggs, or frog legs. None of these are good for us.

MILK AND BREAD that has not been robbed of its value is good for us. If you must have some type of fat take the fat from milk (butter). Cheese is also good for us. Some people will make a meal of cheese and eat it as though they were eating bread. But, we should not eat too much cheese. Please do not eat corn bread, and do not fry your foods.

NO NUTS, whatsoever should be eaten. Allah taught me that they take away five years of your life every time you eat them. And stop eating that concrete-like peanut butter.

Do not eat popcorn; eat fresh corn in its milk stage (known as milk corn). And do not eat hominy grits.

DO NOT EAT crackers. As long as you have good bread at home, eat your own cooked breads. Eat crackers whenever you are traveling. This kind of food is made to keep you together until you can get to your own cooked foods. Eggs are all right to eat in some cases, but do not try to eat all that the hens lay at one time. (smile)

(Text from “How To Eat To Live Book 2“)