[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint that was published online November 9, 2004.]

It’s written that Allah will produce special signs of His presence at this world’s end. Those signs would take place daily in every part of our planet but especially here in America among the mentally dead Black man and woman. We are in the final count down of this ending now.

“We will soon show them Our signs in farthest regions and among their own people, until it is quite clear to them that it is the Truth. Is it not enough that thy Lord is a Witness over all things? (Holy Qur’an 41:53)

The signs of Allah are facts, which come in many magnitudes and forms. You, of course, will determine for yourself whether or not, what I’m about to present, constitutes a sign of Allah.


Suppose we walk into a room and see an object–a piece of paper, an ink pen, a hammer–whatever–on a table. It’s a fact. But what does such a fact mean? We must get into the mind of whoever placed the object on the table to gain the meaning of the fact (object) on the table.

With this simple illustration, consider that between October 13th and the 17th the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad and I each made a public statement that included, in a special way, the number “10,000,000.” On the 17th Mother Tynnetta mentioned the number “10,000,000” in her introduction of Minister Farrakhan. He mentioned this same figure, later, in the course of his Saviours’ Day address. I quoted the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s use of the “10,000,000” in the article I wrote for The Final Call on the 13th of October. It was e-mailed to The Final Call the next day.

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad did not hear Minister Farrakhan mention the “10,000,000,” until he spoke it on the 17th during his address. He didn’t learn that she mentioned the “10,000,000” until someone told him of her statement over dinner. It was on October 23rd, in the course of a telephone conversation with Minister Farrakhan that I first learned that he and she had mentioned the “10,000,000” on the 17th. I then informed him that I also mentioned the “10,000,000” in my article, which up to that moment he had not read. Especially for the sake of the critics and mathematicians, I’ll detail this later.

So what? Billions, around the clock, mention numbers, including the number 10,000,000.

It was my original intention for this article to take up some of the diversions and distractions that bombard the minds of the American people in a manner which prevents them from seriously viewing the events of today that tell all that this is the Day of Judgment.

I was turning the TV channels looking for a certain documentary when I came across a world series ball game between New York and Boston. The camera was focused on a few faces of those in attendance who had their fingers crossed. Others held their hands in a prayerful position as if calling on God.

I thought of the following from the Holy Qur’an: “Their reckoning draw nigh to men, and they turn away in heedlessness. There comes not to them a new Reminder from their Lord but they hear it while they sport, their hearts trifling. And they — the wrongdoers — counsel in secret: ‘He is nothing but a mortal like yourselves; will you then yield to enchantment while you see?’ He said: ‘My Lord knows (every) utterance in the heaven and the earth, and He is the Hearer, the Knower.’ ” (21:1-4)

This passage teaches truths of the masses of the American people; of the current secret plotting of those seeking to ruin and/or assassinate Minister Farrakhan and wipe out those with him; and of the Divine Supreme Being’s total awareness of everyone and everything.

As I looked at the TV I decided right then to write what I did in my last article–including a quote from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on the “10,000,000”
in relation to Minister Farrakhan’s work and other factors (weather, etc.) that will help him bring in that number–plus. I decided to place this material following an excerpt from an interview I conducted with Minister Farrakhan about two and a half years ago.

What I learned from Minister Farrakhan on the 23rd of October and then in a telephone conversation with Mother Tynnetta Muhammad on the 25th obliges me to continue that line of thought.

There was no prior knowledge by the three of us that any one of us was going to mention the “10,000,000”–especially during the time we did. Is this significant?

Consider your reaction. One day I was blessed to have dinner, with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and three other Brothers. During dinner he spoke a little on the power of the Divine Supreme Being. He included His power to tune in or read the minds of everyone simultaneously–at the same time; at once; all-together. The next day one of the Brothers came by the home of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to complete some work. The three of us had a short discussion about the Brother’s work that day. It ended with a question by the Brother of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The Brother asked a question, in a manner that showed he doubted what the Messiah taught us the previous night, on the power of the Divine Supreme Being to read everyone’s mind simultaneously. He manifested his own confusion and unjustified doubt, which was deeply rooted in his arrogant comparison of his conception of the Divine Being to that of the Messiah, who met and was taught directly by Him.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad calmly and with a beautiful smile responded to the Brother with, “Yes Brother, if He couldn’t do that He would not be the Divine Supreme Being.”

So let’s honestly look at what we really think, in the “privacy” of our minds, on what I’m presented in this article and the next. Get facts first then seek meaning.

Minister Farrakhan’s call for upwards to 10,000,000 Black people next year, on the 10th anniversary of The Million Man March, as he said, “be it the will of Allah,” can’t be intelligently dismissed.

What’s the reaction of powerful white people? Increased hatred? To Negotiate? Negotiations mean discussions leading to reparations? Read Message to the Blackman page 172: Put Muslim Program To Congress.

As of this writing, (October 28th) Minister Farrakhan is going to Baltimore to make a public address on “Reparations.” When this article appears, be it Allah’s will, a president will have been elected. He will be facing the full reality of “the acceptable year of the Lord” and some powerful prophecy of the book from Revelations.

Allah is Self-Sufficient. He is also efficient. The Messiah said he had many Hassans; and many Alis, and he mentioned other great Muslim names. But, he said, he “had only one Farrakhan.” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told only one man–Minister Farrakhan–that “through you I will get all of my people.”

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More next issue, Allah willing.