Student Minister Abdul Hakeem Muhammad, European Regional Representative of the Nation of Islam, with international delegation that attended May 11 special program held in London honoring the 90th birth anniversary of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Photos: maexhair©JetBlakInkTM

LONDON—The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan celebrated his 90th birth anniversary in Chicago but celebrations were had all over the world, with a monumental event held in the United Kingdom. The day was filled with love and the spirit of Allah as believers from the European Region gathered to not only celebrate the Minister’s birth anniversary but to also honor him for his 68 years of sacrifice and service to the Nation of Islam.

On May 11, over 200 believers came together at the Regents Lake Banqueting Suite located in Bow, East London, to commemorate the momentous occasion. Attendees journeyed from various locations, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Huddersfield, and Leeds, representing a wide geographic range.

The event’s significance and grandeur were underscored by the presence of attendees from various locations, including France, Holland, Belgium, and Zambia. In addition, family members from Serbia, the UAE, and Ivory Coast participated remotely via Zoom, further highlighting the global reach and importance of this auspicious occasion.

The spirit in the room was electric, setting the tone for the day’s program, which commenced with a captivating presentation titled, “In the Beginning Was the Word.”


This immersive journey delved into the history of the Nation of Islam in the UK, highlighting how the word of Allah (God) transcended the obstacles and malevolent forces that sought to impede the progress of Black men and women in the country, even during the ban imposed on the Minister in 1986.

The venue was filled to capacity with believers, supporters and guests.

It was through the medium of a cassette tape that the power of Allah’s message persisted. From the late 1980s until the present, the attendees had the opportunity to reflect on their remarkable journey thus far and celebrate the significant milestones achieved over the years. These achievements were made possible through the unwavering love, sacrifice, and service of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Amidst the joyful camaraderie shared by the believers, a three-course meal was served, accompanied by the soulful melodies of a saxophonist. The occasion provided a precious opportunity for those who hadn’t seen each other in years to embrace and engage in heartfelt conversations with their spiritual brothers and sisters. The atmosphere reverberated with a profound sense of love and unity.

The pinnacle of the day, eagerly anticipated by all in attendance, arrived when the Minister delivered a powerful and timely message. Despite being physically situated in Chicago, he connected with the audience via Zoom, delivering his words live and direct. It was the highlight of the evening, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present. The Minister’s words rang true to a captive audience.

“Life is like a vapor; it appears for a short time and then it vanishes. I realize the shortness of the span of life, but I am so grateful to Allah who has ordered our steps and we have been blessed by Allah to bring the message of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to the world,” he stated.

Minister Farrakhan smiled as he said, “You look so beautiful to me, and I have missed seeing you, but this auditorium looks to be completely filled and I am so thankful to Brother Abdul Hakeem, who called me and told me what he wanted to do for my birth anniversary was to invite everybody that is a Muslim, whether they are absent or present or whatever, let’s come back together and celebrate the Ministers birth,” he stated, referring to Student Minister Abdul Hakeem Muhammad, European Regional Representative of Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. (See Final Call Vol. 42 No. 33 or to read the edited transcript of the Minister’s message.)

Audience applauds during program that was held at the Regents Lake Banqueting Suite located in Bow, East London. June 6, 2023

The Minister thanked Student Minister Abdul Hakeem, F.O.I. Student Captain Jeffrey Muhammad, M.G.T. and G.C.C. Student Captain Francesca Muhammad, Sister Sylvena X and Sister Andrea X. “I wish I were there to just shake your hands and look into your beautiful, beautiful faces. I thank Allah so much for you and you have already made this birth anniversary the best one I’ve ever had just by being in London with you,” he said.

Believers showed a range of emotions as they took in all Minister Farrakhan had to say. The bearing of witness, laughter, smiles and some tears of joy were shed as the believers’ spirits were fed from the cup that continues to runneth over.

As the evening neared its end Student Minister Abdul Hakeem addressed the audience, emphasizing the profound significance of our dear brother Paul Muhammad’s Janazah (Islamic funeral service) earlier in the year. That momentous occasion served as a catalyst, bringing believers from various parts of the country together and igniting a deep sense of unity among those present. With the upcoming birthday of the Minister rapidly approaching, it was unanimously agreed that May 11 would be the ideal date to gather and celebrate Minister Farrakhan’s extraordinary life and teachings in each other’s company.

Attendees sent beautiful messages of thanks and gratitude after the event. “Thank you very much indeed, may Allah continue to bless us in all our endeavors,” said Sister Wendy.

“All praise is due to Allah. Please send our sincere love and appreciation to Brother Abdul Hakeem (and) our brothers and sisters of South London for their continued dedication and hard work. It was indeed a tremendous blessing. Proud to be a participant responding to the call of Allah,” said Sister Barbara.

“This beautiful event was a success and was much needed according to believers in attendance. There was such a great outpouring of love and unity, and to top it all, to hear directly from the Minister, our Messiah, was just awesome!” Sister Dorrett Muhammad exclaimed.

Brothers and sisters were overjoyed to be together, and the European region was blessed on this spectacular day to bask in the spirit of Allah and celebrate the life of the man who saved their lives and called them to accept their own and be themselves. What a time to be alive!
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