It is useless to keep repeating to you the same truth day and night, month after month, and year after year when you have it written in your book, the Bible. The main meat that our people like to eat is what they have been taught not to eat–the cheap and filthily-raised hog.

This is a divinely-prohibited flesh. This truth has been before our eyes ever since we have had permission from the White man to read the Bible. Nothing good is said about it in the Bible in Leviticus. The priests of Israel were warned not only against the eating of this prohibited, poisonous flesh, but that they should not even touch its carcass. But now the Christians, who claim they are better than all the religious people of the earth, not only touch the carcass, but eat the carcass–and then advise you and others to do the same.

Then, they say they are followers of Jesus, the son of God, while he himself was against the eating and the touching of this hog.

You can read a parable concerning this filthy swine: Jesus found a man possessed of evil spirits, and wanting to relieve the man of such evil spirits, he sent the evil spirits (devils) out of the man into the swine. The preachers (representatives of the son of God) and the priests know this to be true, but they preach that it is all right now to eat swine–and still say they are the beloved of Jesus. How could they be when they broke the laws of God by eating the swine? Nowhere in the scriptures does it bid us to break the law that God set up for this prohibited flesh.


The Christians laugh at my followers and me for not eating this filthy animal, as though they have an option from God and Jesus to eat it. It is the filthiest, ugliest and silliest animal, in whom nature did not put any shyness. Those who love to relish his flesh have very little shyness, as you can see today in the Christian Americans who love to go half nude and say that they are all right with God.

They say this with a stomach full of divinely-prohibited flesh, intoxicating drinks and now, on top of that, dope or drugs. Should America boast that she is a people following Christ or Jesus? Americans are making a mockery of God and His prophet Jesus. They hate His law of righteousness, health and decency.

The hog is a grafted animal, so says Allah to me–grafted from rat, cat and dog. Don’t question me. This is what Allah has said, believe it, or let it alone.

You have witnessed that the rat is involved in the grafting of this hog in Isaiah 66:17. “They that sanctify themselves (self-claiming righteous of the Christians), and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine’s flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the Lord.”

He will kill them. He doesn’t want them willfully and knowingly eating such flesh, which is filled with poison in the shape of worms (trichina or pork worm) which gradually destroy humans as termites destroy timber. This filthy, evil worm can stand a temperature higher than any known flesh worm. He can’t be seen with the naked eye. You have to get the microscope. Put a little piece of his flesh (fat part), or just grease a glass slide of the microscope with his flesh, take a look, and you will see him crawling around.

These worms begin in the stomach, weaving themselves to breed their families in the walls of the stomach; from there into the walls of the intestines; from there into our muscles, and from there into the spine and brains where no medicine can reach them and the victim dies with the disease that they produce with their presence.

White Christians represent pork as being good for you to eat. This is enough to teach you that they never wanted to obey the divine law, nor do they want Black people to do so. It is one of the most commercialized meats in America, and wherever they can sell it.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book One, 1967.)