The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Photo: Final Call file


“Blessed is He who sent down the Criterion to His servant, that he may be a warner to humanity.” —Holy Qur’an 25:1

James G. Muhammad Contributing Editor @jgm3000

We cannot thank Allah (God) enough for the blessings He has given our people through the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the publication he has produced to carry his message of uplift and warning throughout the world.

Today, the Minister is the last man standing to represent unadulterated truth in the face of an enemy who seeks to deceive and destroy Black people. And his publication, The Final Call newspaper, continues to carry his message of resurrection to the spiritually, mentally, and morally dead of humanity throughout the world.

We must salute this humble human being on his 90th birth anniversary for his courage and concern for our people that propelled him to crisscross the country for more than six decades of his life spreading the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The Minister has called on our young people to “Stop the Killing;” he has spread the economic message of “P.O.W.E.R. at last and forever” (People Organized for Working for Economic Rebirth); he has warned us that “Politics Without Economics is Symbol Without Substance,” and so many more messages of empowerment.


The Minister, through The Final Call, has warned the U.S. Government of the consequences of their plans against Black people, particularly our youth. He has warned America to “watch the weather” as Allah has increased the destruction through the forces of nature, the weapon the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught would be used to bring America to her knees.

And he continues to warn about that other weapon that Allah would use, the dreaded Wheel, a reality the U.S. Government once classified as “Above Top Secret,” but now openly admits its existence. Instead of calling it a U.F.O., the Government now calls it an Unidentified Arial Phenomenon.

We must celebrate the man who has stood to defend every Black leader the enemy has targeted for humiliation or destruction—even leaders who have spoken against him. The Minister often tells his followers, “It’s about the bigger picture.”

The question to be answered is, who is behind the curtain demanding that our leaders denounce their brother for his good works? Who hates the rise of the Black man and woman so much that they would target every Black leader who preaches self-determination?

Who inspired our prominent Black leaders to disinvite Minister Farrakhan from speaking at the 30th anniversary of the March on Washington to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Who commanded a Black owner of a Black bank to demand that Minister Farrakhan withdraw $5 million dollars that was deposited to be used to produce personal care products for Black people and create jobs? Who was chanting “Ruin, Jesse, Ruin” outside venues where Rev. Jesse Jackson was speaking during his 1984 presidential run, creating an atmosphere for Rev. Jackson to be harmed?

And what amount of love would a man have for his brother that he would stand up to defend him—when others wouldn’t or were too afraid—taking the arrows away from Rev. Jackson and causing himself to become a target of the enemy’s hatred?

What kind of man would instill so much love into his followers that the men would then walk into public housing areas and disarm drug dealers to create a peaceful environment for our parents, grandparents, and children? And what enemy of Black people would then demand that Congress withdraw funding from security companies led by these peacekeepers?

There is not one leader among us who could call one million men—and two million show up— to Washington, D.C., on a Monday for a day-long gathering calling on the men atone for their sins and to protect their women, only to be condemned for such a gathering by the enemies of the rise of Black people. Who can we point the finger at for instigating Black preachers to work against such a gathering, only to get on board after they realized that the train had already left the station?

There is not a man among us who could then take this message of atonement and responsibility to the nations in Africa and Asia and be received as a head of state by heads of state and their people. No man except the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Like no other Black leader, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has developed a relationship of deep love with our brothers and sisters in the world of hip-hop, calling on them to inspire our youth with moral messages in their music.

It was Minister Farrakhan who gave the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the organization founded by Dr. King) thousands of dollars to keep it afloat when the SCLC was at the brink of closing. Facts!

Despite all the hatred spewed at him from the enemy and even his own brothers in leadership, the Minister has always advised his followers to look beyond the jealousy or fear of Black leadership and focus on the enemy who throws the rock and hides his hand.

Minister Farrakhan is that precious Black stone among us who has sacrificed himself, his family and denied the wealth offered to him by this world to stand against Satan and bring an end to his rule. For that we say Happy 90th birth anniversary, Minister Farrakhan, and may Allah (God) bless you with 90 times 90 more blessed years of life.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

— John 15:13