The women in Ministry Tea attracted guests from various backgrounds. The April 8 gathering was sponsored by the ACLC which was founded by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, the hosts were Minister Reiko Jenkins and her husband Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins. Photos: ACLC

The American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) honored women who have taken on the tremendous task of ministering with a “Women in Ministry Tea” in early April at the Washington Times building in Washington, D.C. Guests from many walks of life were present and proud to support the gathering.

ACLC was founded in 2000 by Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon with a mission to unify clergy from various denominations in the “work of God.”

Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad, author and Student National Fundraising Director of Nation of Islam and longtime aide to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, was invited to speak at the empowering event among other speakers. Another speaker included Apostle Dr. Flower Briscoe. She is the founding pastor of God’s Prophetic Army Ministry and is the national president of My Life Theological University.

Standing before over 200 guests Sister Claudette Muhammad said, “We say in the Nation of Islam, no nation can rise no higher than its woman. We all work together and that’s why our Nation is so successful.”

From left, student Mid-Atlantic Regional M.G.T Captain Saadiqa Muhammad, Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad, and Minister Reiko Jenkins

She thanked Minister Farrakhan for his service and helping his teacher, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, uplift women to their highest potential.

“You see a Muslim woman standing up in front of you, but when I go to bed at night and before I close my eyes, I raise my hand to heaven and I say, ‘Sweet Jesus, come into my life and make my life pleasing to God by Your power.’” She told The Final Call that she was very honored to speak during the “Women in Ministry Tea” and that she was received very well.

Student Mid-Atlantic Regional M.G.T. and G.C.C. (Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class) Captain Saadiqa Muhammad was invited by Sister Claudette Muhammad to attend the tea. “It was a beautiful event,” she told The Final Call. “My experience was more about watching Sister Claudette represent the Nation, watching how she represents the Nation. She is a real ambassador for the Nation because she makes an opportunity very graciously to give the greetings on behalf of the Minister (Farrakhan) without any reservation to everyone in the room,” she said.

“We’re taught to make friends so that’s what I saw Sister Claudette continuing to do,” added Sister Saadiqa Muhammad.

She referred to the demonstration of love and the power of friendship that the Minister Farrakhan extends, particularly to the ACLC. The Minister has addressed the organization many times over the years and was received well by those who listened to his messages.

Sister Saadiqa Muhammad said that Sister Claudette Muhammad represented the same spirit as the Minister. “Just having the opportunity to watch her work even at her age, she gets such joy out of speaking the Minister’s name. And she knows how to make everybody feel comfortable.”

The gathering’s host, Minister Reiko Jenkins was happy to see women of different backgrounds come together during the tea.

“It was beautiful, a wonderful experience. I am so glad Sister Claudette could come. We had all different Christians, and pastors. It was really beautiful. We wanted to do something after COVID. We really enjoyed it. It was the perfect time to celebrate spring, coming together,” she said.

Her husband, Reverend Dr. Michael Jenkins, told The Final Call about the April 8 event, “It was so uplifting to see women of all faiths coming together and strengthening the role of women in the family. She (Claudette Muhammad) demonstrated such a love for all Christians and encouraged all women that were there. She also testified to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and I was able to follow her message.”

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From left, student Mid-Atlantic Regional M.G.T Captain Saadiqa Muhammad, Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad, and Minister Reiko Jenkins.