What should you know, what should you do, and what is your place in this change of worlds, governments and people? You have the best offer; better than that of any other human beings who have ever lived.

You have been taught for the past 34 years from the mouth of Almighty God, Allah, through His Messenger that you are first and the last and that you have been loose in what He (Allah) calls a wilderness—a place of sin and evil doings opposed to a civilization of righteousness and the doings of good. For the past 400 years you have been robbed completely of the knowledge of self and kind and of Almighty God—the Creator and Maker of the heavens and the earth. We are the direct descendants of God, while those who have mistreated us and still do are the direct offspring of a rebellious scientist of God.

A scientist who grafted and made the White man an enemy to us. From the rebellious spirit of their creator, they have deceived, murdered and ruled the righteous, who are of the original Black Nation of the earth. This has been made very clear. Being born and nursed by the enemy of righteousness, you have fallen in love with them.

The history of the life of your fathers reveals an evil, murderous condition that they had to undergo. The treatment you are receiving now and have received should bear enough witness to the truth. Your love for this unalike people and their wealth which they have robbed you of and the majority of your people now makes you want to be one of them and desire to intermarry with such people, while history has recorded them as burning your actual living flesh at the stake out of the law of justice.


We live in a government that has always yielded and sided with the murderers and those who slay us and our people at home and abroad—anywhere the Black man may be on the earth. You should realize that your Black brother is your Black brother wherever he is on the face of the earth. Look at your brother in Africa who has been dominated by the Europeans and other White races of the earth. He is fighting for a chance to shake off the shackles of the open enemies, while you here in America profess to be their friends. Are not you ashamed of yourselves, seeking love and intermarriage with them?

Your brother is trying to regain the power of his own country. You are playing the part of a hypocrite to yourself and your kind—wherever they live—by appealing to the murderers to accept you as one of them, as their sons-in-law. What a fool you are making of yourself without the knowledge of self and the time in which you are living.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

This is the time that justice has come to you to settle the injustice done to you by your enemies and separate you from such evil people and give you a place somewhere on this earth that you can call your own. But you do not want a place of your own; you want to continue to live in a place with the murderers and crushers. What a silly people you are.

At the same time, he is shooting and killing you in the open eyes of the world, showing that he is your worst enemy and hated you from the very beginning and will always hate you as long as he is a human being made in nature which he is.

The Prophets were, unable from Moses to Muhammad, to reform him into a God-like person to deal justly. He cannot be reformed unless you graft him back into that which he was graft-ed from. As Jesus said to Nicodemus, “By no means can you see the kingdom of heaven unless you be born again.” This refers to the whole Caucasian race. They must be born again. Not just a change, but a change in the very nature of them.

You are lying at their gates and footsteps begging, fighting and bleeding and falling from their blows and gunshots. You are trying to get them to accept you as their equal and as a free person. There is no way that you can settle the price of justice between you and your open enemy but by your entire submission of will to Allah who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad; come follow me, your brother Elijah Muhammad.

(Reprinted from “Message To The Blackman In America,” 1965.)