[Editor’s Note: This article was published online on December 16, 2002.]

Surah 16, verse 125 of the Muhammad Ali translation of the Holy Qur’an, reads: “Call to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them in the best manner. …”

Verse 127 reads: “And be patient and thy patience is not but by (the help of) Allah, and grieve not for them, nor be in distress for what they plan.”

Verse 128 reads: “Surely Allah is with those who keep their duty and those who do good (to others).”


In footnote number 123, to this verse, S. Abul A’la Maududi wrote: ” The one who discusses things with people in the best manner, does not resort to accusations, crooked arguments, taunts, nor make fun of the opponent in order to defeat him and to win applause for his own superiority in argument. For these things will produce obduracy [stubbornness, inflexibility, mulishness] and obstinacy [unreasonableness, wrong-headedness, persistence in the wrong direction]. In contrast to this, he will try to convince the other in a simple and humble way, and when he feels that the other person has come down to crooked arguments, he will leave him alone lest the other should go further and further astray in his deviation.”

The words in brackets are from dictionaries.

Now, there are many wise and insightful points that others have made in their commentary on the divine command in this passage. However, I can say, with truth, that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan exemplifies this divine commandment.

Those who resort to half-truths; crooked arguments; who take advantage of the ignorance (lack of information, etc.) of others; who resort to casting “evil suggestions in firm resolutions” and who speak and write from envy (Qur’an 113:4, 5); who sow the seeds of slimy slander into the hearts of others (Qur’an 114:4, 5) and when that fails to produce their wicked desires, they shout at the top of their lungs and work harder than ever, with their demonic companions, against the man of God and his followers; they disqualify themselves as Muslims.

We are warned over and over and over again to be careful about speaking that of which we have no knowledge. For example:

“And follow not that of which thou has no knowledge. Surely the hearing and the sight and the heart, of all of these it will be asked.” (Holy Qur’an 17:36)

“Behold! You are they who disputed about that of which you had knowledge; why then do you dispute about that of which you have no knowledge?” (Holy Qur’an 3:65.)

On page 89 of Message To The Blackman, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote, “If we have the true knowledge of the Bible and Holy Qur’an, we could agree on the truth of God, devil, religion and the people of Allah.”

On other occasions he both wrote and stated that these two books, the Bible and the Holy Qur’an, are not two enemy books, when we understand them. [Emphasis mine.]

The proof of this principle is essential to the scientific explanation of all things I am bearing witness to, which Minister Farrakhan gave at the end of the May 1st interview we did, as you’ll see.

The following is from page 64 and 65 of Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive???

“The last week and day of Jesus’ life takes more space in the Bible (the part called Gospels) than all of his life up to that point. There is little mentioned of his actual birth. Next to nothing is written of the first thirty years of his life. There is brief notice given of an incident when he was twelve. Nothing else. Little is mentioned of the first year of his ministry. More is given of his second year. Still more is given of the third year plus.

“Then, eight of the 28 chapters of Matthew; six of the 16 chapters of Mark; nearly six of the 24 chapters that make up Luke; nearly 10 of the 21 chapters that make up the book of John, cover from his last week through what is said to be his rise from the dead and his ascension. But even most of this space is taken up by the events of his last week.

Please note that seven of the 10 chapters of John which deal with Jesus’ last week, focus on the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life on earth–which constitute 33% of the gospel of John! Why?

“This makes one think there is some significance in this arrangement.

“What happened the last week and hours of his life? … Jesus came into Jerusalem, riding on a colt or an ass; … hailed as the king of God’s coming kingdom, violently driving the traders from the temple; arguments with his opponents; É the last supper; his prayers … the betrayal; the arrest; brought before the high priest and other officials É the mob that cries for his life; some spit on him, beat him; he is mocked; a crown of thorns was put on his head; nails are driven through his hands and feet; his agony; the intense darkness; his death on the cross. But, they also say he survived death and rose up to meet God in heaven. Did all of this really happen back then, 2,000 years ago?”

Christians expect Jesus’ return. They refer to him as Messiah. Muslims the world over think Jesus, whom they call Messiah, is to return with the Mahdi. Jews expect the Messiah.

On page 54 of this same book I wrote: “Misunderstanding and deceit are at the root of the confusion about Jesus’ death. It is at the root of the mix-up over who is to return at the final destruction of the devil’s power at the time of the setting up of Allah’s government. However, this does not get to the root. That root is in the mind of Allah, Who neither misunderstands nor deceives.”

“And We made the son of Mary and his mother a sign.” 23:50. Elsewhere (19:21), Allah says in the Qur’an that He made Isa ‘a sign to men … .’

“Muhammad Ali’s opinion (note #1537a) does not go to the real reason why Allah made Jesus a sign.”

In fact, have you ever come across any scholar’s comments, on why Allah taught that Jesus and his mother were signs that equal the explanation given by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has made plain that the knowledge of whom Jesus and his mother were made signs, is the key, that unlocks the entire meaning of Jesus’ life and death and casts clear light on–among other things–the root of the confusion, the upheavals and the wars taking place throughout the earth today.

This is the time Daniel predicts that would be the most dangerous time that ever was or will ever be. President Bush does not see what Minister Farrakhan sees, of which he has warned.

Now, what is the relation between this most dangerous of all times, or what’s called World War Three or Armageddon, and the scriptures’ teachings of The Murder of Jesus, as Mr. John F. MacArthur calls it?

More next issue, Allah willing.