By Billy Muhammad

We all need the right foods for physical health and wellness. The proper food and intake of those foods are essential to the body’s survival. We have a general knowledge of the proper foods but what about the intake (digestion) of those foods? Do we consider the proper chewing (mastication) for swallowing foods? Let’s take a look at our chewing time (mastication). Do we chew fast and swallow whole amounts of food at one time with a little saliva and moisture mixing in the mouth? If we don’t, then we might have bad digestion, which means the ability to eliminate the waste becomes a problem. All good health is based on the elimination and separation of that which we don’t need.

Billy Muhammad

Our spiritual health is directly connected to our physical health. We probably have heard of the mind making the body sick or diseased. First, let us attempt to examine our thoughts to see if they are in accord with the natural order of things. In other words, do my thoughts make me feel good and happy? Do I have peace of mind? If the answer is yes, then maybe we are on the right course for spiritual health. If not, let us begin seeking for right knowledge and guidance to create proper thoughts.

The old thoughts (waste) must be removed and, of course, like the digestive system the thought process is impeded with ideas and thoughts we don’t need. A new idea is hard to accept, like eating proper foods, fruits and vegetables, some of which we may not like. A proper spiritual diet takes time (mastication) to process and understand, which requires study and reading. The new idea will be opposed by the old (waste) unneeded substance. This is where the brain becomes a part of the process of achieving spiritual and mental health. If we place the right thought (idea) in the brain it will force out of the subconscious that which it doesn’t need or desire. The constant intake of the right thoughts and ideas will produce a new mind and body.


We will see it and feel it. The fight for spiritual health is great and requires patience (time) which is the same as the physical digestive system. When we find the right thought or idea let us take the proper time and not rush or force understanding that we have not acquired. This is bad spiritual digestion and we will not have the ability to analyze and act accordingly. What we understand must be practiced to prove the idea’s validity. Practice to be sure!

In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Please read “How To Eat To Live, Books 1 and 2,” by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for more information on proper nutrition and good health.

Brother Billy Muhammad is a registered member of the Nation of Islam and attends Mosque Maryam in Chicago.