The great cause of our illnesses is not eating right and eating too often.

ALLAH (GOD) wants us to live longer and the only way that He can lengthen our lives is by us obeying Him and eating right.

You will feel remarkably better if you would just eat one meal a day. Do not try to start eating one meal every two or three days at first, because you may not keep it up. First try to get used to eating one meal a day.

These are important things to remember–to obtain and maintain good health and long life. Do not eat too much food at any time. Do not eat too frequently. Eat the properly prepared right kind of food.


EATING ONE meal a day or one meal every other day is the key to long life–if you eat the right kind of food. The right kind of food has been described in this article many times.

Cook your food done, but not to a “mush.”

Stay away from the hog. And stay away from those “old blackeyed peas,” field peas, lima beans, baby butter beans (which are nothing but baby lima beans) and corn bread. Keep them off your table.

CORN BREAD CAN be eaten, but you may not want to prepare it as it should be prepared. Allah (God), in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever, taught me that corn bread should be baked two or three times and put away and soured each time with yeast. Let it set in your mold two or three times. You should bake it and sour it again. And Allah (God) said you should put onions in the dough. So, I think you should be very careful in preparing corn bread for eating. It requires a lot of baking.

If you want to add flour to the corn meal, do not use white flour. Use 100 percent rye flour.

WHEN YOU BAKE rye bread, or prepare corn bread, let it rise two or three times with yeast, bake it, let it set, and then add more yeast to it and bake it a second time. You do not have to add any additional flour or meal to rye flour.

There are many vegetables that you can eat, but please do not eat the wrong vegetables.

(Text from “How To Eat To Live, Book Two, 1972).