[Editor’s note: The following message was delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on “The Ummah Reflects” podcast, livestreamed via the Podbean app on Thursday, March 23, 2023, which marked the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan observance for Muslims in the United States.]

To each of you who are listening: Ramadan Mubarak.  I pray that Allah will make this one of the best experiences in your Islamic life; that this Ramadan will be the best for you and your family in such a trying time as this.

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.  All praise is due to Allah, The Lord of the worlds!  We thank Him so much for His intervention in our affairs in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, The Great Mahdi, Who is expected by the Muslim world—but we have received Him.  He came to us in North America.  And the words and the work of Master Fard Muhammad through His servant, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, testifies to His Presence among us. 

The War of Armageddon begins with The Presence of God, The Presence of Truth


On February 26th, which is the birth day of our Saviour, I was inspired by Allah with two words that formed the basis of our talk, and they will form the basis of my talk this morning to you.  The first word that He gave me was “anti-Semite,”which has been dogging my footsteps ever since we started rebuilding the work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.  The withering heat of the dislike of our strength and our stand caused me to be labeled from the time that Reverend Jesse Jackson [during his 1985 presidential campaign] asked me to open my mouth, that the people may receive whatever Allah was giving me. 

I have been labeled by members of the Jewish community as a “new Black Hitler,” and an “anti-Semite,” and they have gone throughout the world dogging my footsteps; coming behind me with evil, going in front of me with evil.  But here we stand. 

This blessed Ramadan, I want to remind us that the War of Armageddon has already started.  The “War of Armageddon” is a holy war: It is a war that God Himself is very much a part of; and He is The Commander of the forces of righteousness, and He is The Commander of the army of Allah who now must unite and be ready to take on the unrighteous rule of Satan.  The Bible told us that “Satan has deceived the whole world.”  So he has used the freedom that God has given him, through rule, to deceive the world through a masterful use of tricks and lies, so the War of Armageddon begins with the Presence of God and the presence of truth. 

The Holy Qur’an teaches us: “And mix not up truth with falsehood, nor hide the truth while you know.”  Truth is the most precious quality of our lives—and we must avail ourselves of the truth that Almighty God Allah has given to us through The Great Mahdi, that will guide us and aid us to get through this dark hour that we have entered.

The War of Armageddon is gathering all of the nations, and preparing the men of war to fight.  And the Bible tells us that they should take their instruments of cultivation and turn them into instruments of war.  “Take your pruning hook and turn it into a spear,” take the things that you use to cultivate the earth, and turn it into a weapon of war. 

All over this Earth today, every nation is buying weapons of war and destruction, because it is that time.  A “holy war” is a terrible war because it is a war to decide who will live on this Earth after this war is over.

Seek refuge in Allah Whose Power is greater than any carnal weapon

The Muslims in the West who have been guided by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who was taught by The Great Mahdi, we do not have any carnal weapon.  The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us, “Do not use the carnal weapon of this world.  He (Master Fard Muhammad) came to protect us, and He brought a Weapon with Himself”—a Great Wheel, that is seen throughout the Earth, now.  It has visited all of the installations in America of atomic and nuclear weapons; and some of them It put out of commission, to show America that we have the power to shut down what you have made for destruction.  This is a Great Wheel that is like “a city in the sky,” and that Wheel is referred to in the Bible as the “New Jerusalem.” 

The “old Jerusalem” is finished as a guide for the human family.  Even Mecca has been hit with torrential rain in the desert, something that we have not seen before!  So I want to call to attention those of us who have been blessed with life, look at the weather that has turned the Earth upside down.  They have to bring new terminology to describe the weather: a “bomb cyclone,” an “atmospheric river”; that over our heads, they see a “river of water” that is now being dumped on the planet.  The glaciers are melting!  The waters around America are rising; The Pacific is rising, The Atlantic is rising, The Gulf is rising!  And soon, those waters will overspread all coastlines of America, and the people of America will be pushed into the center of the country. 

Ramadan Mubarak: This is a time for all of us to seek a refuge in Allah, because there is no refuge anywhere!  People are digging places out of the Earth, bunkers; trying to dig deep into the Earth to hide from the wrath of God—go down into the earth and hide, and watch Allah meet you there with His destructive power; go up in the cloud and see if you can escape His wrath!  The airplanes, now, are meeting terrible turbulence, because the air has become violent.  And even though the pilots are well-trained, and they try to find a place of refuge in the sky from the terrible pulses of air that are beating the planes (and they are being beaten up!), only Allah makes it safe for them to go from one city or town to another. 

This is a great month of Ramadan, but this is the time when we, who want to live after the War is over, must change and clean up our lives.  And nothing will help you clean up your life better than 30 days of The Fast of Ramadan! 

In Mecca, now, the floods have hit the Ka’aba; the floods have hit the roads going into Mecca.  The floods have pushed trucks and cars up on themselves as the water is raging.  It’s like the water is angry, because the floods are coming in succession, one right after another, storm after storm.  And it’s not America alone, Asia is getting hit; Japan, India, Pakistan … 

Everywhere on the Earth where you think you were safe yesterday, there is no safety today.  Allah is rocking the earth under our foot; where we used to put it down and feel the firmness of the earth, now earthquakes are shaking the Earth!

Al-Mahdi: The Only One Who can solve the problems among The Ummah

My beloved brothers and sisters, I don’t want to keep you long, but I want to keep you strong, with God’s help; because no one, no one, is safe in this time from the wrath of God.  No one!  So the kings and the rulers have to get it together. 

Can you imagine Muslims sitting down with the great president of China, who is acting as a peacemaker for Iran, and for Saudi Arabia—a non-believer in God is sitting down with factions of “the belief in Allah,” helping you to solve your problems with each other?  That should tell you that if you have lost the way to solve the problems of our disunity, and someone who is not necessarily a believer in God will come and put you together, that means you have lost the path.  And that is why Al-Mahdi (“The Guide”) is what you need to solve your problems. 

The Great Mahdi is among us.  He is with us!  When I was blessed to be in Iran, I represented to the Supreme Leader of Iran that The Master of this day of judgement is present in the world.  Al-Mahdi is present in the world; He is guiding us inside America, and we are rising as this world is falling.

So beloved, this war is to decide whether we and our progeny remain.  The choices that we make today will sentence the line, the lineage that we represent—it will cut us off, and there never will be anything from our line ever coming back up to walk on God’s Earth if we don’t make the change that Ramadan offers us all.

Ramadan is a prescription from God for a sick people and a sick world.  We say to the kings and the rulers: Stop a moment and consider what you are planning, what you are thinking, what you are doing, because The War is on you now!  You will not duck the consequences of the mistakes that you are making because you are not guided aright.  The Guide is here; He is offering us life.  He is asking us to submit our life into the hands of The Guide, and your life will be made better and more prosperous and successful as we go through this hour. 

Do not neglect the path of righteousness; ‘this is the final call to Islam’

I thank you so much for allowing me this privilege to talk with you.  The Wheel is above your head.  I represent a “trumpet.”  The Messenger of God told me to have a trumpet coming out of the corner of the page of the paper called “The Final Call.” 

And this is “the final call”: You won’t get another one if you don’t hear the final callLike when you go and rush to the train station, when they tell you on “track so-and so and so-and-so” a train is about to take the passengers away—and you are late because you did not start on time.  So, the final call catches you, when you should have been ready and prepared for the journey!  Now this is “the final call,” and it is the final call to Islam

I am not talking about the “Islam” that you think you know, I am talking about the submission to the Will of God that is being offered by The Great Mahdi through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his minister, Louis Farrakhan.  Take it or let it alone!  This is a Holy War…  And none will survive except those that Allah chooses for life. 

So, as Moses was talking to Pharaoh, he said: “This day, I set before two signs: one of life, one of death.”  Choose life, that you and your seed will live!  Or choose death, and you and your line will be cut off, and will never have a foot to walk on God’s Earth living in unrighteousness.  This is not a joke.  President Biden needs to think!  America is $31.5 trillion dollars in debt, and you are arguing with your brother, the Republicans, to raise the debt limit.  Because the only thing that can keep up “the front” that America has been keeping up for all these years is to raise the debt limit; so you can press the Federal Reserve to print some more paper so that you can hide in paper what you are being manifested as. 

There is no hiding place for none of us today from the wrath of God, so accept life.  “Life” is submission to the will of God!  Accept life!  Change!  Satan has got you spinning like a top; you don’t know up from down, right from wrong, east from west.  It’s a terrible condition.  And our world is like that today.  Accept life, that you and your seed may live.

Thank you for listening, and may Allah grant to all of us the light of understanding, that we may choose life for our self and our family, and walk away from death, and walk away from Satan.  Satan has no power whatsoever to guide you aright!  His power is to deceive; and in the Holy Qur’an, he boasts to Allah that he will “make all of us deviate from the path of God.”  And Allah says to Satan, “Whoever follows you, I will certainly fill hell with you all.” 

“Hell” is kindled, now: Many more bodies are to fall into the pit of hell if you continue the path that you are on, neglecting the path of God. 

Take this Ramadan to heart.  It is a prescription for those who want to guard against evil.  Take the fast!  Make our prayers!  Clean up our lives!  And offer life to our friends and neighbors, our family, because soon the destruction will get worse and worse, and a hot war will be raging on the Earth—and it will go to nuclear war.  Only your obedience to Allah will cause this nuclear conflagration to avoid us.

Thank you for reading these words, and may Allah bless all of us with a peaceful, and safe, productive Ramadan.  As-Salaam Alaikum.