Dr Christina Parks
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The Testimony of Dr. Christina Parks

[Section Editor’s Note: Physicians, vaccine-injured people, and medical whistleblowers spoke recently at the Mississippi Capitol building demanding an end to the deadly government injections claimed to be “vaccines.” The medical freedom organization Mississippi Against Mandates (MAM) organized the Mississippi Medical Freedom Conference in Jackson, Mississippi.]

Among the expert witnesses sharing gripping testimony was Cellular and Molecular Biologist, Dr. Christina Parks, who arrived after attending Saviours’ Day in Chicago the day before. Here are Dr. Parks’ remarks on behalf of science and the people of Mississippi.]

My name is Dr. Christina Parks. I received my Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan and did my graduate work in the area of cytokine signaling. The degree that I hold is very much involved with how to manipulate genetic material as was done in the production of these new gene-transfer vaccines for COVID.

Recently Pfizer has been in the news due to a Project Veritas video that brought into question whether Pfizer was doing “gain-of-function” research. People tend to understand that “gain-of-function” research might result in the creation of a more virulent form of the SARS CoV-2 virus. Thus, most people recognize this as a dangerous and unethical avenue of research.


However, it seems that we’ve missed seeing the hazards and immorality in using “gene-transfer” technology for vaccines. The issue we should be focusing on is why our scientists and government decided to force millions, if not billions, of people to be injected with a product that forces the body to produce a toxic, foreign viral protein when they knew this would cause the body to attack the cells producing it, as the cells producing the spike protein would be seen by the body as “foreign” invaders. You don’t need a Ph.D. to recognize that this is an astonishingly bad idea.

Not surprisingly, an avalanche of data is coming out showing that tissues throughout the body are expressing the toxic, foreign spike protein for many, many months and that immune cells are infiltrating and causing inflammation and destruction in areas where the spike protein is being made.

Pfizer’s own data show that their nano-lipid particles [a part of the mRNA vaccine] are absorbed by fatty tissues. So, we have areas like the bone marrow, the adrenal glands, the ovaries and the heart making spike protein and then being infiltrated and attacked by the body’s own immune cells.

We absolutely need to stop injecting people and especially children with this technology until all safety signals—such as myocarditis, menstrual issues, miscarriage, neurological disorders and cancers—have been thoroughly studied. All medical procedures should be accompanied by informed consent and individualized care.

However, there hasn’t been any attempt to consider the specific needs of people of African descent during this vaccine roll-out. The work of Dr. Gregory Poland from the Mayo Clinic established that persons of African descent respond more vigorously to vaccines containing RNA viruses and may need a lower dose.

Persons of color also have high rates of gene mutations that are protective for malaria but may compromise the body’s ability to carry oxygen when the body is stressed, such as following receipt of a COVID vaccine. Were any of these susceptibilities screened for prior to vaccination? No. Does our government really care about Black people? I would say the answer is a resounding ‘No.’ Many Black Mississippians may have heard stories of their family members being experimented on in prison in the past.

And Anthony Fauci has continued the legacy of using Black people as guinea pigs by using healthy Black orphans to test toxic HIV medications. The WHO (World Health Organization) recently ran a “Tetanus vaccine campaign” in Kenya, but the vaccine being used was found by independent labs to contain the hormone necessary to sustain pregnancy. Women who got it would have made antibodies to their pregnancy hormone, rendering them sterile.

In the wake of marginalization and exploitation of Black people in America and around the world, it is now Mississippi’s turn to decide how it will treat its Black citizens. Will Mississippi legislators pull back on all mandates until concerns about this experimental technology are thoroughly researched, or will they demand that their residents BE the experiment?

Will they demand that YOUR children be the experiment even though they know the vaccines have not been tested for their effects on fertility and cancer? Will Mississippi legislators demand true informed consent and individualized medicine, or are they comfortable with medical authorities stream-rolling the legitimate medical concerns of Black Mississippians yet again?

In 2014, CDC Senior Scientist Dr. William Thompson came forth as a whistleblower and admitted that the Centers for Disease Control had shredded data showing that Black boys were around 3-4 times more likely to be diagnosed with autism if they [following the CDC’s vaccine schedule] were vaccinated with MMR on time, rather than late.

I commend him for standing on truth. However, our Black boys are STILL getting this vaccine in amounts and according to a schedule developed using their white counterparts. It will take more than one person standing on truth to change this system. It will take you. Will you stand for the truth? Will you stand for righteousness? Will you stand for the future of our children?