[Editor’s note:  This article contains additional edited excerpts of the Saviours’ Day keynote address delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sunday, February 26, 2023, at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois, titled “The War of Armageddon Has Begun.”  To order this message now available in its entirety, please visit store.finalcall.com.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

In the opening address at Saviours’ Day, Brother Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad shared with you excerpts from Part 22 of my lecture series “The Time and What Must Be Done” (2013), in which I spoke on the Synagogue of Satan’s schemes to destroy the First Amendment right to free speech through the charge of “anti-Semitism,” and what that charge leads to, and their efforts to modernize the government persecution of individuals and groups.  Please study my words:

“The First Amendment of the United States Constitution reads as follows: ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.’  And so, I would like to put before you the following questions:

Audience applauds during Minister Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day 2023 message.

How does one go from engaging in free speech, that we assume is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, to finding oneself facing possible criminal penalties?  How does such a wicked claim of ‘anti-Semitism’ move the accused one from speaking or writing the truth to then legal jeopardy? 

What is a legal mechanism by which these ‘attack dogs’ of the Synagogue of Satan activate the governmental apparatus to seek out, punish and destroy those that are labeled as an anti-Semite, or as a hate group, and destroy their right to free speech in the process? 

We want to look at the criminal effect of being labeled ‘anti-Semitic.’  We want to look at how these private Jewish organizations who do the labeling, like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, manipulate the government law enforcement agencies like the FBI and the IRSto target and harass those who are so labeled. 

Then, we want to see how they work to affect their scheming with the disproportionate number of members of the Jewish community working as district attorneys, federal and state prosecutors, and judges, in the United States court system where these cases will ultimately be tried. 

The title of the Minister’s message delivered February 26, 2023 was, “The War of Armageddon Has Begun.” Photos: Cartan X

It begins with someone, anyone, who holds a controversial view, and speaks or writes about it in public.  ‘Controversial’ means contrary to the popular version of the truth.  However, instead of engaging in honest and open public dialogue and debate about the issue that the spokesperson raises, as is called for and encouraged by the United States Constitution, private interest groups start with the labeling (‘He’s a hate teacher, with a hateful message’),

And then the group he belongs to, if they don’t repudiate the spokesperson fast enough, they also get called ‘a hate group that promotes intolerance.’  They don’t have to prove it, they just have to say it over and over again—and then the ‘drumbeats’ get amplified by their brethren who control the media. 

And if that person does not apologize quick enough after that, they start to pick away at his supporters.  And those who would defend that person, if they are not strong enough to stand up to the slander, they begin to fall away and distance themselves; and some may even start repudiating and apologizing for their former friend and ally.  Still, if he refuses to bow down, they connect certain inflammatory terms that are intended to generate real hatred, and even retribution, against the person who is speaking these controversial points. 

They start with ‘He hates!’ ‘He’s intolerant!,’ and that escalates to ‘He’s threatening, and he incites hatred in others!’  Then the word ‘violence’ gets thrown in, and then ‘hate crimes’ are mentioned; and ultimately, you hear the words ‘domestic terrorism.’  This is all calculated to get the public to put so much pressure on that individual, that they, and their supporters, relent, apologize, and retreat.

“If we continue to stand on our principles and exercise our freedom of speech, these members of the Synagogue of Satan then get their brethren in the judicial branch of government, in the IRS, and their brethren in the Congress and the Senate, and even up to the White House or the Justice Department, and they begin to act in a conspiratorial manner to charge, condemn, try and punish—and even kill—those who are so charged.  This government persecution of individuals and groups who speak boldly about the wrongs in American society was started under J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI Counterintelligence Program” (COINTELPRO)

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Although that Program was exposed, and it was said that certain ‘controls’ were ultimately put on the activity of the FBI, yet those wicked policies still continue even up to this very moment—of course the Synagogue of Satan stepped in to reestablish the worst of Hoover’s illegal operations.  …”

Did you know that this false charge of ‘anti-Semitism,’ or labeling someone ‘anti-Semitic,’ is a trick?  “During an August 14, 2002, interview on her show Democracy Now! (democracynow.org), host and executive producer Amy Goodman interviewed former Israeli [Communications] Minister Shulamit Aloni.  Pay attention to Miss Goodman’s words introducing her guest: 

“Yours is a voice of criticism we don’t often hear in the United States. Often when there is dissent expressed in the United States against policies of the Israeli government, people here are called ‘anti-Semitic.’ What is your response to that as an Israeli Jew?”  Look at her response.  First thing comes out of her mouth: Well, it’s a trick, we always use it.

When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country,” the United States, “people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic. And the organization,” talking about their own, “is strong, and has a lot of money, and the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and they are strong in this country, as you know. And they have power, which is OK. 

They are talented people, and they have power and money, and the media and other things; and their attitude is ‘Israel, my country, right or wrong’ … and they are not ready to hear criticism. And it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli government as ‘anti-Semitic,’ and to bring up the Holocaust, and the suffering of the Jewish people, and that is [to] justify everything we do to the Palestinians.” 

How many people have been destroyed on account of such a trick?  … It’s really amusing to Satan when he can tell a lie and we operate on that lie, and act in a manner that we would never act if we had only known the truth.  They are entertained by playing tricks on unsuspecting, ignorant people, and this is why it is an imperative that the Synagogue of Satan must be called out, and Satan and his Synagogue must be made known.”

The stranglehold on Black thought, Black talent

Reflect on the words of evangelist Billy Graham to U.S. President Richard Nixon: “You know, in the Bible, in the Book of Revelations, there are two types of Jews.  Now, there are Jews that observe the Torah, and there are other ‘Jews’ who don’t want to live by the preachings and teachings of God.”  Mr. Graham then spoke on “Jewish power,” and labeled the abuse of that power as a “stranglehold”: “This stranglehold has got to be broken, or this country is going down the drain.” 

Jewish power is what has all of our people of knowledge and wisdom and talent afraid.  Afraid to say what?!  People come to see me; they like me, but like Nicodemus (who feared retribution), they have to come “by night” when nobody is looking because they can’t allow the enemy to see them coming to me.  It’s in the Book of John, Chapter 3.  Who did you think it was talking about?  Not Jesus of 2,000 years ago, but The Jesus that is walking among you to-day!

America is falling, now; and in her fall, she wants to take as many down with her when she goes.  That is what COVID brought about: In a short time, they manufactured a “vaccine,” and look at how they use Black leaders and Black people that we admire.  “Well, it’s good for us.  I’m gonna go on television and take the shot.”  (Take the “o” and put an “i,” and say, “I’m tired of taking the ‘you-know-what’.”)  These damn people …  And here, our great Black athletes:

Hank Aaron takes the shot, and a few days later the brother is dead.  The great middleweight boxer, Marvin Hagler: In good health, but he takes the shot …  They’re trying to make all the football and basketball players take the shot!  They told Kyrie Irving, “You’ve got to take the shot,” but Kyrie said: “No, I really don’t want that shot”—and look at how they threaten him: “Well, if you want to play basketball, you’ll have to take that shot!” 

See how they use the power that they have over your desire to have money and fame, and you don’t want to sacrifice?  The Synagogue of Satan is using them (those in fear of retribution), now, as “troops” to fight against my teacher and me; because the Synagogue of Satan does not want Moses and Aaron, or The Messiah and The Mahdi, to break up their stranglehold on power.

“Can you do that, Farrakhan?”  Oh, why do you think they don’t want you to listen to me?  I am standing for God and for you, and for the liberation of all human beings!

I was in Baltimore one day, and Carmelo Anthony, the great basketball player who is from there, was told by NBA commissioner David Stern, a Jewish man:  “No, no, no, no, no!  You don’t go to hear Farrakhan!”  So, he didn’t come.  However, the next day, he visited me in my hotel.  I said to my brother, “Brother, aren’t you a college graduate?”  He said, “Yes.” 

I said, “Why do you think that man does not want you to hear me?  If what I am saying is so outrageous, don’t you think that what they taught you would help you to just dismiss me?”  I said, “Don’t you ever let no White man tell you who you can listen to or who you shouldn’t.”

Just look at what these people control!  These demons…  At every door that leads to power, they have a sentinel on watch.  And let’s be honest, there is not any Black person who has made it in this world that were not helped by some members of the Jewish community.  Not one of us! 

I played the violin, you know; and when you’re playing that violin, (you recognize that) Jewish people have mastered that thing!  In 1946, when I won a competition to play on the Ted Mack Show, they said to me in the rehearsal: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I said, “I want to play my violin like Jascha Heifetz,” who is the god of the violin. 

Now, what’s wrong with me wanting to be God, or to be like God?  I didn’t know anyone who played better than Mr. Heifetz.  He was a Russian Jew, but I admire him.  Do you know, that for me to even say that on national television in 1946, they would not allow that; and since I had won all my track events that season, they took note, and instead asked me:

“Oh, so you’re a track star?  Well, can you play as fast as you can run?”  In other words, “Dribble, n—a.  Run, n—a.  Don’t aspire to something beyond what I put out there for you!” So I said, “Well, one day I hope I’ll be able to play my violin much better,” but I could not say I wanted to equal myself to the best that they have in the world.

There are Jewish people who are so afraid, that if you say something that says “you are out of the box,” “you’re going to lead your brothers and sisters out of that box,” then when you are with them, you have to learn how to “get along.” 

The stranglehold of 40 years of character assassination

Beloved brothers and sisters, the Constitution of the United States of America has been under assault for a long, long time.  All presidents know that there are other powers that they must listen to, they have to bow to.  In England, the prime minister—I don’t care who they are, behind the door there is a group that they bow to. 

Any president that you look at is not the boss.  What good is your vote if the man you voted for has to go to somebody that you never elected, behind the door, to get instructions?!  I would like to tell you how Jewish power has a stranglehold on the government of the United States; that not only did Billy Graham not have the power to handle it, neither did the president. 

Brothers and sisters, the international bankers are a very heavy class of people from Europe.  The Rothschilds: They run European economy and political destiny, yet they stay behind-the-scenes.  Years ago, you couldn’t find Jews out front in media, because they didn’t want us to know the tremendous control they have. 

Now you look on your screen, everywhere you look, if there is a talented Jewish girl or boy, they have a job; because they don’t give a damn whether you know it or not.  And if you say it, they’re going to say, “See?  You’re an anti-Semite!”  And you don’t want to be labeled as that because it carries censure; it carries a weight of persecution.

Do you know how long they have been on my case?  When I first got started, in 1983, I didn’t know anything about Jewish power.  I knew about God’s power …  At the 20th anniversary of the March on Washington, the organizers gave me one minute to speak.  …  When I got to that rostrum, and I said “As-Salaam Alaikum!” that was it!  I mean, I spoke for six minutes, and they were trying to pull my coat, you know? 

“Get down!”  But it was too late (smile); the place was shook up …  And the next day, in The Washington Post, they said “Farrakhan did in six minutes what Dr. Martin Luther King did 20 years ago,” when Dr. King was not supposed to be the main speaker, but when he got finished, they didn’t even remember what nobody else said.

So now, I’m on the world stage in 1983, and my brother, Reverend Jesse Jackson, asked me to come by the church that he was speaking at that night.  When I got there, Reverend Jackson said, “Brother Farrakhan, I’m going to run to be president of the United States, and I would like you to help me.”  Wow …  So I said, “Okay.  I’ll take it up with a board that I have of brothers and sisters who are knowledgeable of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,” and I put it before them. 

They said, “That’s good!  Go ahead and help him.”  So, I told Reverend Jackson I’m onboard.  You don’t know this, but at that time I was rebuilding the work of Elijah Muhammad, and I wouldn’t talk to the media.  When the media said, “Uh, Farrakhan …,” I said, “I can’t talk.  I’m pregnant.”  They wanted to know what I meant, and I just wanted them to know “something was cooking in an oven,” and I wasn’t going to talk about it.  I went underground for seven years… 

When I committed to Rev. Jackson, I went to help my brother, because to me, Rev. Jackson was the bigger picture.  Reverend Jackson was the man of the hour, and he was my Christian brother.  So, I went out to talk for my brother!  The first interview that I gave was with NBC, Jamie Gangel.  She asked me some questions, and I gave her the answers and little did I know, I was going to meet the struggle that I would be in for the rest of my days. 

My brother had a chance to do something big for all of us.  He deserved that chance.  And do you know, when Rev. Jackson said he thought the Palestinians should be treated more fairly, that’s all he said!  But right then, he was labeled an “anti-Semite,” and Jewish power started ratcheting up such a negative campaign against him, that I was concerned that they would create an atmosphere that they would kill my brother. 

So, I stood up to defend him!  He had a defender in me; and I could show Christian preachers how to stand up and defend your brother.  You know how to talk about Jesus, but you don’t know him!  But Rev. Jackson: he is your brother, trying to do something that would help all of us, and you don’t know how to represent him.  But I had been representing a Black man named Elijah Muhammad for all those years, so I knew how to teach them how to represent Reverend Jackson!  And that’s the first time I ran into a conflict with members of the Jewish community. 

Reverend Jackson: We became brothers, we became friends.  And there I would be with my brother when he was speaking.  And he would allow me to speak; and, of course, there’s something about Farrakhan …  Maybe you should allow me to speak, because God has anointed me.  And any of you that know Farrakhan, I don’t have to prepare like somebody (unstudied)—those days are long gone.  God is with my tongue.  God is with my mouth.  God is with my mind and my heart and my spirit.  … 

Now here I am; I’ve grown, now, to be the “No. 1 Black anti-Semite” in the world.  And I have been labeled for 40 years.  Many of you could not withstand that kind of an attack on you and your character; when you and your family could suffer just by them calling me an “anti-Semite.”  My wife had to bear that!  My children had to bear that!  The Muslims had to bear that!  But they were with me, and God was with me, so I kept getting stronger.  I’m saying that to say this to you:  God cannot use you if you’re not willing to lay your life down for what God is asking you to do.

Jewish power has destroyed the Constitution of the United States

In 1910, six men met on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia, the most significant of whom was Paul Warburg, an international banker, a Jewish man.  In that secret meeting (they don’t ever talk about it), they decided to set up a “central bank” in America, and take away from the U.S. Congress their constitutionally-commanded right to print the money.  And just before Christmas in 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. 

When that became law, they took over the printing of U.S. notes.  At one time, a dollar bill was called a “silver certificate,” and you could go to the bank and give them the paper, and they’d give you $1 in silver.  Just before the federal reserve gained power to print the money, the debt of America was in the millions.  President Andrew Jackson didn’t like that debt, so he sold off some of the land that America owned to reduce the debt of our government.  By the time World War I came, the federal reserve had to print money. 

Every time there is a war, it takes money to fight a war.  So, every time there is a war, America borrows money from the federal reserve bank.  The Jews have become wealthy just by loaning money and charging you interest …  So, when America joined the World War I, they started lending America money to fight the war because America had to borrow money to turn their factories into producers of armament for the fighters (thus increasing the debt owed). 

I want to show you just how they destroyed the Constitution of the United States, and Mr. Nixon could not do anything to break the stranglehold on America.  I want to show you how printing money robs you of all those other freedoms.  See, the Federal Reserve was set up in 1913.  In the same year that that was set up, the Anti-Defamation League also was set up. 

Jewish power that would cause you to turn on your brother

Heed these words from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, written in “Message To The Blackman in America” on page 281, the section entitled “Make America Know Her Sins.”  The Messenger was talking about how America, like Babylon, had fallen: “The doom of America approaches, and there are many people who do not [really know] why.  There are also many who would not like to know.  As I have always said, truth hurts—especially the guilty.  It is the expressed purpose of the coming of God, whose proper name is Allah, to make manifest the sins of a people who[m] He would destroy, justifying His destruction of that people. 

America represents herself as a Christian nation.  This means that they are followers of Jesus, whom they call the Christ and say that they are crystallized into him and God and have become one.  As they say, God the Father, Jesus the son and the Holy Ghost.  They profess to be a friend and defenders of all peace-loving and freedom-loving people. …,” but today, America’s doom was “set like a die.” 

In Revelation 18:2, John The Revelator saw an angel talking (with a strong voice): “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, because she has become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage for every unclean and hateful bird.”  This is talking about America.  She has become the dwelling place of devils.

Are you a devil?  Well, let me define a “devil.”  A “devil” is one who knows God, says he believes in God, and does the very opposite of what God commands, and leads others to do the same.  That’s a devil.  The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad started talking about the way the people live in America.  They were “sweet-hearting” with the same sex; you could go in any city, you see them walking the street, boys with boys, girls with girls, men with men, women with women, and they say they are happy.  The country has become a cesspool. … 

People don’t want to bother with the Anti-Defamation League, because they have “juice.”  Well, from now on you’re gonna be troubled.  We never bothered you all.  You say I am a “hater,” but you can’t find one Jewish person that I, or any of those that follow me, have hurt or harmed.  We go to your stores; we like Kosher food.  Now, we have Halal food, but we enjoy going to get Kosher food from you because Jews and Muslims that are trying to live the Torah, we can eat their food and they can eat ours.  See? 

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, a great brother, has written some favorable words to the Jewish community.  And so has Brother Ben Chavis.  I don’t want to say anything negative to you, my brothers, but I want to say this; that when the ADL became “the voice” not to get anybody that defamed Jews, but “the voice” to point out anybody that told the truth about them, to censure them, now everybody is afraid of them! 

But they have been eating my flesh for near 40 years, now: How do I look to you?  Do I look worried?  Do I look afraid?  When the ADL did that, they became “The Synagogue of Satan.”  And The Synagogue of Satan are not just Jewish people, but there are a lot of people who have joined the Synagogue of Satan; some of them knowingly, others tricked. 

According to the Holy Qur’an, Pharaoh was fighting against Moses and Aaron.  Right now, that is taking place.  When Moses and Aaron were becoming so strong and powerful among the Children of Israel, listen to what Pharaoh says: “Send summoners in all the cities, and bring to me every skillful enchanter.”  When the enchanters showed up, they knew that they were supposed to fight Moses and Aaron; some of them knew in advance …  And Pharaoh promised them wealth and nearness to him.

Once this thing gets hot, what Farrakhan said at the Wintrust Arena, they are going to call all my brothers, and tell them: “You’ve got to say something about Farrakhan!”  And some of you are going to come out and attack me, because you think I shouldn’t say anything like thatYou don’t have my Assignment. 

Satan sent for you, he raised you up, he gave you money, he promised you fame and nearness to him, now here is the price: “That damn Farrakhan is the worst anti-Semite that we know, and we’re gonna take him down.  We may arrest him”—and they want to kill me!  Well, my God: He sits in heaven, and He laughs. 

I offered God my life, and He has made me the mouth of my teacher.  My mission is to expose Satan, uncover him, so that you may fall away from him, and come back to God and come back to yourself so you can escape the doom of this world.